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A warm welcome to all of my readers. Here you will find a vast portfolio of articles that deal with medical topics...pharmacology, space sciences, paranormal, fiction, as well as those that entice the deepest areas of the imagination. My articles are not only meant to inform and educate, but also to entertain. So sit back, relax and please by all means - enjoy and stay awhile!

I currently reside near the Hamptons of Long Island, New York. By day I work as a medical consultant for a Bio-Pharma company, and by night or in my spare time, I love to write whenever I find a moment or two. You could say I have a passion for the arts, particularly writing, poetry and music.

Some of the following are recreational activities, as well as hobbies I have develped over the past years. Among those are kayacking, hiking through nature trails at various parks. These in turn, are just a few of the activities I enjoy.

As well as listening to a variety of music, when I am not writing. Also enjoy birdwatching and observing the heavens, when weather permits. Probably most importantly-love to share a good laugh as much as I can, with others.

Overall you could say that I am a lover of the earth and all of the beauty contained within it. That must be because of being born under the zodiacal sign of Taurus. Though I do not rely too much on Astrological interpretations, or believe in them either.

Through the words that I share, in the articles that are crafted by me...I hope to teach others within the community about the things that I am encouraged and inspired by. And in return hope to learn just as much, or not more from my fellow hubbers, about things that I have overlooked along the way.

With Warm Regards,


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      • Meteor Showers

        Meteor Showers

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        Decrease In Traffic And Earnings Over Past Weeks?

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        Click fraud

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        Thirty Hubs In Thirty Days Comparison To Similar Program

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        Apprenticeship Program

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        Another member offering to sell backlinks to hubpage writer's.

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        Leaving your accumulated earnings to a fellow hubber or family member

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        Broken links on older hubs

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        generateearnings.com website

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        Stats Icon

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        Hub Karma

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      • Copyright Symbol

        Copyright Symbol

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        Alternate websites to use in conjunction with hubpages.

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        Multiple Hub capsules within article

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        Writing artilcles for Suite101.com

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        Hubpage views accolade

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      • Title Text within a Hub changed

        Title Text within a Hub changed

        6 years ago

        I noticed something peculiar on one of my recently published Hubs. The title of that article published on 4/19/2011 was called-"Pet Cock-A-Poos and Skin Allergies" When I clicked on my account today, it had...

      • Hubpages Referral Tracker

        Hubpages Referral Tracker

        6 years ago

        Hi:  I still don't quite understand how to copy and paste my unique Referral tracker. It seems simple enough, but for some reason, when I am in the edit mode of my profile page, I try to paste it there beneath or...

      • Unverified Person/Comment

        Unverified Person/Comment

        6 years ago

        From time to time I get an email from Hubpages team, informing me that an unverified person has left a comment on one of my Hubs. My question-Is there anyway to find out who left me the message and on which Hub? Because...

      • Broken Links

        Broken Links

        6 years ago

        Occasionally I get a broken link on one or more of my Hubs from time to time. When I click on the broken link acolade it gives me choices of either ignoring it or fixing it. I usually ignore it. My question is, should I...

      • Writing Contest

        Writing Contest

        6 years ago

        Hi:   When you submit an article for a writing contest, will it be entered exclusively for the Hubpages contest team to view. Or will others be able to read this Hub as well, who are not connected with judging...

      • Helping out others within the community

        Helping out others within the community

        6 years ago

        Even though I am still fairly new to hubpages and am somehat familiar with getting around on the site. My question is where can I go on the hubpages to assist or help out other, newer hubber, with questions that they...