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Keith D. Engel is a philosopher, motivator, and life coach. His writing consists of providing insights into life through structured philosophy and a deep understanding of the world and life from his studies and analytical thinking.

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    • HubView Number Going Down?

      HubView Number Going Down?

      5 years ago

      This isn't about the google issue. Yet, I want to know how the view thing works in my Statistics. Earlier today at one point I had 225 views calculated for the day, now it is down to 165, over a 1k views for the 7 day...

    • Broken Link in FAQ section

      Broken Link in FAQ section

      5 years ago

      I would like to report a broken link in the FAQ section of Hubpages. The following link learning more about Referral Trackers and the HubPages Affiliate Program is broken taking you to 404 page....

    • Please Separate Philosophy and Religion

      Please Separate Philosophy and Religion

      5 years ago

      Philosophy and Religion aren't synonymous yet when going to the "Philosophy" and Religion select Category all the options available are religious. Also, not all Philosophy is Atheistic or Agnostic.It is quite...

    • Providing Facebook Profile Link In Hub?

      Providing Facebook Profile Link In Hub?

      5 years ago

      I was going through the learning center a bit and didn't come across this. I just finished creating a public profile page on facebook to begin promoting myself and my writing, and I don't want my private profile...

    • 6 Days with Earnings Still Pending?

      6 Days with Earnings Still Pending?

      5 years ago

      I know the message is asking us to be patient, yet it has been six days with the same message and no earnings have been posted for 6 consecutive days. It is difficult to gauge if some of the many changes I have been...

    • Link Violations?

      Link Violations?

      5 years ago

      So all of a sudden two of my hubs get notification of violations with in them. I click on them to find out what the violations are, and I am told that they are link violations and my hubs contains more than one link to...