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I am starting to get the hang of this interweb thingy at last and appear to need to add some links so other people can find me 



Why they should want to is however beyond me as I write only to satisfy my own ego with my poetry and to vent my anger at what I perceive to be injustice within our truely flawed society.

Many would say I am a left wing Trotsky spouting activist while others would put me slightly to the right of Genghis Khan.

My views are often flawed when child abuse is mentioned as I believe we all of us as human beings have a duty to keep them safe and innocent for as long as possible.

So too my thoughts on Immigration I believe that every soul is the same whatever the colour, however there are many who are helped beyond their means by incompetent officials which only serves to swell the amount of bigots within the country. As a rule I believe those who benefit the society should be allowed free passage but as I do not believe in a European super state the amount of foreign workers flooding the country freely due to our continued membership riles me.

As you can see I am a complicated little soul but I welcome you to comment freely on anything I may write, good or bad I will automatically allow its distribution for the world to see.


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  • We need a revolution but it won't happen yet

    We need a revolution but it won't happen yet

    5 months ago

    Update:::::Thanks to Panama leaks the at this moment prime lying parasite ( David Cameron) I making it clear by his actions that he will not last after the EU referendum if indeed he lasts that long!

  • The death of democratic accountability

    The death of democratic accountability

    6 months ago

    When parliament took charge of all its affairs from the crown there was hope given to the ordinary men of the country they were informed that they would in future times be sanctioned to actually choose who was to govern...

  • A beginners guide to chipmunks

    A beginners guide to chipmunks

    6 years ago

    Chipmunks are fast becoming a favourite pastime in the UK, this beginners guide should help get you started. It will also allow you to consider whether they are a pet you really want.