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Bronx by birth. Northwesterner by choice.

"If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing," (Kingsley Amis)

As the son of a World War II veteran and the nephew of 7 others, I'm interested in all aspects of the war. I have been able to meet veterans from all the major conflicts of the 20th Century and Holocaust surivors.

I've spent years researching and interviewing combatants from all theatres. Wanting to put that knowledge to work, I wrote two books on the subject. Hopefully, more to come

Growing up in the Bronx, history was all around me, not just something I read about at school. So it's always been important to honor those who have taught me so much.

If there are vets you know who would like to have their story told, please get in touch with me. It would be my pleasure to help.

Military stories are not my only endeavor, my love of sports and music drives me too. Baseball will soon be one of my primary subjects.

I'm the author of two books, The Lion's Path (novel) and Red Legs of the Bulge (nonfiction).

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