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Hotelier and writer, sometimes one takes over the other. I live on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, where I explore the area and write about writing. I have complete my first memoir about growing up in Nova Scotia, I hope to be traditionally publishing as I continue to work on my next memoir about working and living in resort towns.

Thank's for reading and supporting the creative flow. I look forward to connecting with you.

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  • Trust your writing

    Trust your writing

    8 months ago

    Trust and faith are part of your creative life and persistence helps as well. Creativity wants to work through you and at some point you have to step a side to let imagination take over.

  • Writing Whenever & Wherever

    Writing Whenever & Wherever

    8 months ago

    Writing is more than just putting words together to create a different world. Creativity is a way of life - sometimes you have to step out of the and let creativity take over.

  • Fog


    8 months ago

                    Fog Further into the slide of doom my thoughts linger with the fog of the morning tide - I think I made you up as I shut my eyes and let the flashes of light dance freely....