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Hello I am your new friend MariRi, I speak fluent Spanish and english, Im form NY, and Relationships is my last name... I went through so many relationships experience that i can tell you the type of male or female you are dating and what they want, "not lying bros and sis" ive helped a lot of friends to have a successful relationships and some to realise they are wasting their time... Sex is a fun and very important subject too (can help on that too!). try me and you will see.
Also have gone through a lot of hard times and problems i can help you out with, im here to help with as much as i can, but most important to listen.
im in a great shape too "very proud of my body" i can help you with eating healthy, did i say i eat whatever i want and how much fun i have working out a couple of hours a week?

I can help you with all that and more, you can ask me any question and I'll be happy to answer as soon as i can.

I am just a human being with a lot of experience and would love to help you out and go through all those moments that will make you stronger.

kisses! MariRi

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