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I've been a teacher for the past sixteen years, first of English, then of art. Despite the fact that I don't have a medical background, I've had endocrine/hormonal imbalances for most of my life, and have done years of research and sought out many doctors for help in this area. As a result of this, I have found both insight and help into correcting these hormonal issues with a great degree of success. Yes, I've used myself as a guinea pig, so to speak, but at least my readers know that I have first-hand experience, and unlike some authors of hormone self-help books, there is no distance between me and my topics. With the help of a tremendously knowledgeable local doctor, I've come to truly understand the delicate hormonal cascade, and how the balancing act is nothing short of a miracle. If I can help others, as well as myself, through my research journey, then my time has been well spent.

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  • OCD and its Relationship to Hormones, Glucose Metabolism, and Food Allergies

    OCD and its Relationship to Hormones, Glucose Metabolism, and Food Allergies

    4 years ago

    OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is basically self-defining.Those who have it have an obsession or obsessions (repetitive thoughts one can't get rid of which cause stress ranging from mild to severe) and compulsions...

  • Hypoglycemia---All in Your Head?

    Hypoglycemia---All in Your Head?

    5 years ago

    Part of being human is going through changing moods--especially if you're a woman. What you might not know is those ups and downs can be pushed higher or lower depending upon what you eat. When one mentions...

  • Vulvodynia--There is Hope

    Vulvodynia--There is Hope

    5 years ago

    For centuries, women have suffered needlessly. In our modern age, with our abundant technology, research, and more widespread access to healthcare, one would think this suffering would remain in the past. Not so....