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I'm a research maniac that opens wide and tells it the way I see it. I care about people more than money and love to debate with those who know their stuff!

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  • Beware of Smart Meters

    Beware of Smart Meters

    19 months ago

    What you don't know about Smart Meters could destroy more than your electrical system, it can destroy your home and your health.

  • Beware Jim Richards' False Doctrine

    Beware Jim Richards' False Doctrine

    19 months ago

    Jim Richards teaches that Jesus is a sinner. This smooth talking preacher has a dark message you have to see and hear to believe.

  • Natural Treatment for Acidosis

    Natural Treatment for Acidosis

    19 months ago

    Symptoms of Acidosis: Tired? Exhausted? Low back pain? Sore muscles? Chronic fatigue? Fibromyalgia? Interstitial Cystitis? Arthritis? Heartburn? Headaches? Increased heart rate? You may have Acidosis!

  • Andy Stanley, Gone Astray.

    Andy Stanley, Gone Astray.

    19 months ago

    Andy Stanley, pastor of the 3rd most influential church in America is under spiritual pressure to lead the flock in the wrong direction! Has he already fallen into New Age doctrines?