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Irma Cowthern is a novelist and a graduate of Woodbury University. In addition to being a lifelong student of Metaphysics and Egyptology.

Irma loves to read science fiction, detective mysteries, suspense novels, world history, and spiritual literature. Moreover, Octavia Butler and Rod Serling are two of her favorite authors. She also enjoys watching old movies as well.

Irma has published an ebook entitled, "The Awakening of Caramel Jenkins." A roller coaster fantasy novella. Which is set in Harlem during the late 1940s. The novella pays homage to the pulp fiction, movies, and pop culture of that era. And   is listed on Amazon ( a fast read - 85 pages).

At this time, the writer is currently working on two novels and can be contacted at: further.insight.2@gmail.com

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