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Spring is on its way in Florida and my beautiful Azaleas are starting to bloom sporadically over some of the biggest bushes. It was 39 degrees this morning and all the little birds from the Northern states are still here visiting. I feed and take care of them with special treats during their stay in our yard. They make cozy and safe nest in our many trees surrounding our property.

Even KeeKee our cat shared his dry food with the birds that like to try it. I give them wild bird seed, an assortment of nuts (unsalted), sunflower seed and a variety of the smallest seed for the little sparrows. The Squirrels help themselves to the nuts and Sunflower seeds. I also spread corn in the seeds for Baby Crow and his family.

Spring is a wonderful season in Florida because we can once again plan ­more outdoor activities and the days become longer. It will soon be summer time and in Florida with its surrounding beaches is a paradise for water-babies like me.

As I write this---shadows of birds flying outside my window in the peach and pear trees. The Spanish moss is hanging from the Pecan Trees swaying in the morning breeze. The sun is shining although it is cold outside—it makes the birds happy as they chirp and sing all day.

I am looking forward to another wonderful year sharing the Florida fun and activities in the sunshine and saltwater with family and friends. My Sweetie Angel is asleep in one of his beds next to my chair and he is snoozing loudly for a little Pomeranian. He must be dreaming about running as his little feet are pawing through the air as he lies on his back. He is a little bundle of love with an attitude.

I wish a joyful year to all who reads this and may you enjoy each season where you live.

Barbara Purvis


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