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hello all...

wow... 20 months on this site and still active, that's new for me. It has been a really great experience so far... I know i am a little slower than most in publishing hubs but i try and keep it updated...

Lot of changes have come in my life... Moved cities, came to college, away from my family... but one thing remained the same... my love for poetry. And it will continue to grow and nurture. And i will try my best to better my poetry with time...




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  • Japanese Catastrophe-A Poem on Japan's tragic Incident

    Japanese Catastrophe-A Poem on Japan's tragic Incident

    5 years ago

    It was a black day, A black Thursday. When a catastrophe occured, Which man may, Never be able to forget. When an earthquake hit Japan, With all it's might. The sea was shook beneath the floor! Oh God! What...

  • A Teenage Girl

    A Teenage Girl

    5 years ago

    She is cute, she is naive, She is as pure as a pearl. She is cute yet confused, She is a teenage girl. She has will, she has passion, To stand in a large queue Outside malls and stores, Who have just launched ranges...