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Follow Rwoman on Amplify! Learn more about the Squidoo lensmaster Rwoman and check out her Squidoo stats, Squidoo honors, newest lenses, and newly updated lenses. A rhetorician by trade, Rwoman is a wife and mother, teacher and student, writer, animal lover, reader, trivia fan, business owner, and gardener -- and enjoys sharing her interests and expertise here on Squidoo. Check out Rwoman's lensography to learn more.

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  • Summer Fun Trivia Quiz

    Summer Fun Trivia Quiz

    4 years ago

    Some of my best childhood memories come from summer fun activities. It seems that my childhood summers were spent swimming, playing baseball, and just hanging out with my friends. My family camped a lot when I was...

  • Metawriting for better writing

    Metawriting for better writing

    4 years ago

    Metawriting, a.k.a. metadiscourse, is writing about writing. Of course the real challenge of metawriting is the fact that in order to write about writing you must also think about writing. The purpose of metawriting is...