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Hi friends, I was a visitor to this site but ended up becoming a member. I felt like sharing a few things whatever little I know, with all of you. Professionally am an MBA , specialized in Intl Business worked as a business analyst, but I had a penchant for writing since childhood. I graduated with Zoology hons and am very fond of animals.

While in school i started writing poems. Literature has had a major influence on my life and Shakespeare and Charles Dickens are my all time favourites. I didn't mention any poets name because i didn't follow any of them so closely or maybe did not want any influence on my writing, fearing i may unconsciously adapt someone's style. Only thing common that I found was their views. Poets think alike, their expression of words may vary. Also passionate about music. Devotional chants are my favourite.

As a kid a quote that inspired me the most was :

"Always be optimistic and look for opportunities coz if you accept everything then you will be a commoner and not a prominent glass which leaves its impression every rock."

I don't know the author who wrote such inspiring lines. Many great lines come from people who go unnoticed and are not very famous and we bestow compliments to some nonsense uttered by celebrities. Anyway wanted to share this with those who are shattered in life and are trying to pick up pieces to stand again on their feet. Life can be very difficult and traumatic at times but never say die. Another quote that inspires me is :

"Be like an ocean rock standing amidst the lashing waves but never yielding to its rage."

For me the rock signifies a strong will power not a stubborn mind.

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