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Creation and Bible Apologist. Here to earnestly contend for the cause of Christ.

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      • Bedbugs


        7 years ago

        With infestations on the rise, Please share advice and tips on how to get rid of these pests. What your theory on why bedbug infestations are getting so out of hands these days?

      • The Last Airbender

        The Last Airbender

        7 years ago

        Did anyone else like it?

      • The Nutcracker~

        The Nutcracker~

        7 years ago

        We have tradition in my family. Watch the Nutcraker! Which is your favorite version.Here's minehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6SV8EXw5jM

      • Where was the outcry!

        Where was the outcry!

        7 years ago

        The news we never heard~Tragic!http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=81459

      • TROLLS


        7 years ago

        Hello Christians,I pray you are doing well. I've been here almost a year, so I thought I make this forum post. It seems that the most religious people are the skeptics and atheist. Even with answering all their...

      • Santa Clause Causes Atheism.

        Santa Clause Causes Atheism.

        7 years ago

        After viewing the comments of almost every skeptic here and beyond.  I’ve noticed that when they get into a tight corner or really want to get off topic they bring up Santa Clause. It happens 99% of the time. I...

      • Please provide proof that atheism is true and correct

        Please provide proof that atheism is true and correct

        7 years ago

        "Absolute truth implies that truth cannot be subject to one's own mind, but is rather established by an absolute and common Creator, therefore proving God's existence. If there is no absolute truth, it cannot be...

      • Are You a Good Person?

        Are You a Good Person?

        3 years ago

        To find out, Take the test?Have you ever Lied?What do call someone who tell a lie?Have you ever Stolen anything?What do call someone who steals?Have you ever looked at a person with Lust(sexual desire)?Have you ever...

      • Cash for Clunkers

        Cash for Clunkers

        8 years ago

        Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) - Cash for Clunkers BillThe purpose of the bill is to remove older, inefficient cars from the road, and stimulate the auto industry, which has fallen on hard times. A similar program...

      • The Green Latern

        The Green Latern

        8 years ago

        As a huge fan of comic book films, I was excited to hear about the casting of The Green Lantern. Apparently it's down to four Ryan Reynolds, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper. Who you think will be the...

      • What If?

        What If?

        8 years ago

        This is just for reading, not for discussion or personal attacks. It's just something to mull over, I won't response to any comments just read and think. Let the words wash over you. "What if you're right?And He...

      • Favorite Animated Movie

        Favorite Animated Movie

        8 years ago

        What's your favorite animated movie and why? I'll go first "The Incredibles" hands down because I can relate the story to my own family minus the superpowers and Holly Hunter's voice was spot on for the...

      • First Word

        First Word

        8 years ago

        Open to anyone! What was first your word? What was your kids first word? What's the back story. Nostalgic baby time!

      • Gas


        8 years ago

        Gas Prices are back on the rise, around $2.59 here in the AZ. Who's to blame? How much is gas in your neck of the woods?

      • Shows that should have never been canceled.

        Shows that should have never been canceled.

        8 years ago

        I just heard that Comedy Central says it's bringing back animated TV cartoon show "Futurama" back from past cancellation for 26 new half-hour episodes.(yea baby!) It started to make me think that show should...

      • Ice Cream

        Ice Cream

        7 years ago

        I'm originally from Brenham, Texas, sound familiar? Well it should, there is where (in my opinion) the best ice cream in the country is made, Blue Bell. My favorite flavor in their Homemade Vanilla. I know I'm bias, but...

      • Earth 2100

        Earth 2100

        8 years ago

        I'm watching this special on ABC called Earth 2100, It's very interesting, the Bible has been speaking of these things for centuries and we're are just now figuring it out? A Rebellious Nation Isaiah's vision 2 Hear, O...

      • What's your favorite book?

        What's your favorite book?

        8 years ago

        I really love to read books I want want to see what the favs are out there. I'll start besides "The Bible", I'll have to say"The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein and a close second "Goodnight...

      • Are you a sleeping Christian?

        Are you a sleeping Christian?

        8 years ago

        I found this poem and thought I'd share it. "Are you a sleeping Christian?Can you not discern the times?If you were watching for Him,you'd surely see the signs! They mock our Christian morals,and hate our friends,...

      • What's the world coming too....the end.

        What's the world coming too....the end.

        8 years ago

        I went to see the new X Men Movie, I grew up with and was a huge fan of the franchise. I got 2/3 of the way through the movie and at the big climax where Wolverine meet his brother Wolverine says "I cut you G**...

      • Hello Ladies.

        Hello Ladies.

        8 years ago

        Hello Ladies<snipped repost of hub>

      • Love in the sinner hate the sin. Are you defined by your sin?

        Love in the sinner hate the sin. Are you defined by your sin?

        8 years ago

        Hello, I believe that all sin occurs when we give into temptation. Every sin is a choice and we make your own choicesFor example: I have stolen, lied, had permartial sex and I have a temper. All my sin started as...

      • Hello Ladies

        Hello Ladies

        8 years ago

        Does anyone seem to notice that we as women seem to have lost our way? Instead of saving ourselves for marriage, we are just giving up then expecting a man to respect us. Before you get all riled up I'm speaking for...

      • Jesus is Coming Back Are you Ready?

        Jesus is Coming Back Are you Ready?

        8 years ago

        God loves all of us, he just doesn't accept/condone sinful, deviant behavior from any of us. Just because he loves us doesn't mean he's going to overlook our sinful choices/behaviors(lying, stealing, homosexuality,...