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Sunil Kunnoth (aka ‘sunilkunnoth2012’) loves reading and writing.  He is also a blogger.   His writings appear both in English and Malayalam, his mother tongue.  You could see more of his creativity here in HubPages, which is his current great passion.  His other interests are Quiz, Travel, Music, History, Arts and Technology.  On the travel path, he is more inclined towards pilgrimage for spirituality is what keeps him moving peacefully.   For his day job, he works as Commercial Tax Officer (formerly Sales Tax) for the Government of Kerala.

He is ready to help anyone on what he wrote here.  Readers are at full liberty to get in touch with him at any time.  Kavitha (spouse) and two children named Amal Dev and Atul Krishna are what form his family at ‘Gokulam’, their  home at Kallai on the Malabar soil of Kerala better known as “The God’s Own Country”!

And now to his creativity displayed (he has already written  more than 100 articles for HubPages, the USA alone) below (snippets) …….

©All works are the properties of sunilkunnoth2012 (Sunil Kumar Kunnoth) and must not be reproduced without permission.


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