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I am a hubber from the United Kingdom, ho keeps sheep and gardens in his spare time,

You can find my serialised novels online at my blog - entirely free of charge

And some of my other writing can be found here:

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  • Lawn Too High? How to Cut an Overgrown Lawn

    Lawn Too High? How to Cut an Overgrown Lawn

    19 months ago

    When you inherit a lawn after it has been left unattended for some time, it is often necessary to deal with an overgrown mess. You’ll need a bit more patience than someone cutting a well-maintained lawn. Getting...

  • Looking after Heather

    Looking after Heather

    5 years ago

    Heather can be a beautiful plant, but it can get untidy after flowering. Many gardeners therefore choose to trim heather back in the summer. There are two main types - bushy and tree heather. They respond well to...

  • Easy things to draw?

    Easy things to draw?

    6 years ago

    cartoon Drawing can be easy and fun... but sometimes you struggle to decide what to draw. So, here is a list of ten things you can draw around without going spare: 1. Mickey mouse and other cartoon characters ...