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Hello, my name is Tim Gunter and I make my home in western Arkansas. I am former student from the Univ. of Central Arkansas. I have worked for a manufacturing plant that produces refrigerators and now, I am taking some time to write stories.

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  • Crowding and Crowd Behavior

    Crowding and Crowd Behavior

    6 years ago

    Crowding, due to the growth of population, can indeed have a wide range of negative behavior and negative human effects. For example, crowding in prisons has been accompanied by negative psychological reactions and...

  • The Legend of Maize

    The Legend of Maize

    7 years ago

    His parents, Tonacatecuhtli - lord of our flesh, the sun - and Tonacacihuatl - lady of our flesh, the land - were much fond of him, since he was beautiful and very wise, completely distinct to his other brothers;...