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I'm 27, an illustrator, and I have WAY too many hobbies.

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      • My very first hub is oddly my best

        My very first hub is oddly my best

        5 years ago

        Has anyone else had this happen to them? My top two hubs as far as score and views are the first two I had ever written, back before I knew anything about keywords or ads. It almost seems as though the more knowledge I...

      • AHH! What happened to my views?

        AHH! What happened to my views?

        5 years ago

        Did Google drop  me? last week I was getting above average views for my hubs, with around 300 for all of my hubs total (I normally get around 200, not a ton but not bad for how little I write imo). Today I gasped...

      • Export a csv over a long period of time?

        Export a csv over a long period of time?

        5 years ago

        Is there a way to export a csv of my hub views from the entire time that I've been on hubpages? Just curious to see how the changes in traffic occurred in my hubs to see if I see any patterns.

      • What stats do you look at most?

        What stats do you look at most?

        5 years ago

        Just out of curiosity. Sometimes I get confused because I always look at the number of views in one day and I feel like that isn't the way to go. When looking at hub views, do you look at 1, 7, or 30 days most? I think...

      • Question about keywords

        Question about keywords

        5 years ago

        I actually work at an advertising company so one of the girls who works there uses SEO for our clients when they want to advertise their websites, so I was asking her a bit about keywords because I really don't know a...

      • Where do you get inspiration for hub topics most?

        Where do you get inspiration for hub topics most?

        5 years ago

        I've seen this 30 day challenge thing and it sounds like a great idea, but how on earth do you think of so many things to write about? I thought it'd be interesting to see what kinds of things help people come up with...

      • What do you think is a good number of tags to use?

        What do you think is a good number of tags to use?

        6 years ago

        I never know how many to use. Could too many hurt your hub? What have you guys found to work best for you?

      • page views per day

        page views per day

        6 years ago

        This may be a dumb question, but I'm just wondering when each hubpage refreshes for the new day according to page views. Is it according to when you published the actual hub? Because I have noticed that it it doesn't...

      • adsense earnings for november?

        adsense earnings for november?

        7 years ago

        I know that you go to your affiliate settings to see your google earnings, and I can see aug-oct when I look in payment history, but I can't see november. Does it only do 3 months at a time or something? Or am I not...

      • just making sure..

        just making sure..

        7 years ago

        So I haven't made a hub in like 3 months, and I am having a brain fart when it comes to the whole post-publishing thing. All I have to do is hit publish and I don't have to do anything else right? As long as google...

      • Just introducing myself :D

        Just introducing myself :D

        8 years ago

        Why...hello all. I stumbled upon this website about a week ago and thought I'd give it a go. I don't plan on making much of anything, I've never thought of myself as that well of a writer, but hey? what the heck. It's...

      • Im confused

        Im confused

        8 years ago

        I thought I read somewhere that you have to post a code in your affiliate settings and make the affiliate active in order to start seeing ads show up, but I have ads that are relevant to my topic showing up on my hubs...

      • do you have to do all 3?

        do you have to do all 3?

        8 years ago

        Do you need all 3 affiliates in order for ads to start showing up on your page? Or can you just do Google and Amazon for example? Is it possible to do Amazon or the other one without even using google at all?Also, you...