Treat and Prevent Dry Cracked Paws

Some dogs seem to have naturally soft doggie paws not matter what they eat or what manner of environment they live in, but some dogs develop dry or cracked (if it gets bad enough) paws not matter how much care goes into their diet, etc. For the latter, vets may prescribe numerous creams, gels, ointments, vitamins and more -- but in some cases, none of that will cut it. If you're one of those people whose dog has simply never had soft sleek doggie paws, have I got good news for you.... there's a product that will turn your dog's paws all healthy and velvety after just a few applications (possibly one, as was the case with me!) Read on for the secret to beautiful doggie paws!

What doesn't work:

  • Vaseline -- This stuff will affect your carpet more noticeably your dog's paws. It may work in a pinch if you don't have anything else to soothe them with and need to get.
  • Creams -- These may look they do something spectacular the first time you apply them, but creams tend to absorb into your dog's paws too slowly, which results in most of it wearing off as soon as they start to walk around.
  • Gels -- Again, these will make everything look great until Fido starts to walk around and it wears off. Or dries up, whichever happens first.

What DOES work!

Musher's Secret is the most amazing paw care product I've ever seen -- and I've been through everything a vet can prescribe. This stuff is all natural and non toxic (meaning it's safe if Fido licks at it) and instantly transforms dry and cracked doggie paws into velvety, gorgeous doggie paws. In my case, it took one application and voila! (Note that the cracks were minor in my case, and not canyon-esque in size -- obviously it would take more than one application in those cases.)

Musher's Secret was created for mushing dog's in Canada, but it's popular with dog owners all over the world. And it's not just for snow -- this stuff is brilliant at protecting against hot asphalt and other things you wouldn't want your dog's paws exposed to. You simply apply the Musher's Secret and it will stay there for several days or more, depending on the weather and how often your dog walks.

Use it all year round!

You only need a little bit rubbed into each paw pad and the 200 g container would probably last several months (or more) for one dog. This makes it highly affordable, especially as a preventative measure. Use it year round to make sure your doggie never has cracked or dry paws again. I love this stuff and really can't say enough good stuff about it -- it's a miracle!!

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