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Do you think a 6 mo. male toy poodle, 9lb (rescue) is a poor match for our rambunctious 42 lb. dog?

Our dog is a female poodle mix. From what we know about our dog and the poodle, they are both very social, lively and love to play, so they will probably get along well. What I'm concerned about is the fact that our Izzie is very rambunctious when playing (she's only 13 months and forgets herself) and I'm concern she might unknowingly hurt the toy poodle. The woman who is fostering the toy says he seems to really hold his own with her two standards, and that the little guy is pretty sturdy for a toy. We are going to meet him soon with our dog. Do you think this could be a poor match?

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framistan says

6 years ago
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dana825 says

5 years ago
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