my bunny doesnt like me. :( what should i do?

today she came up to me and bit at my heels. i can tell its not bcs shes playing. she keeps doing it, and its getting really annoying. so today i sort of lashed back at her, and she got really scared, ran away, and thumped at me. :( idk what to do cuz i think i ruined it from day one. my mom and dad got her for a surprise, and i knew KNOTHING about rabbits so i sort of overwhelmed her. i got her almost a month ago, and shes not spayed. can anyone help cuz i love her so much but dont want to give her away. ;(

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heavenbound5511 says

6 years ago
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ttrash says

5 years ago
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QuincyDaWonderDog says

6 years ago
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