HDR Photography -- The Advantage of Having High Dynamics

HDR Photography
HDR Photography

HDR Photography

HDR Photography or High Dynamic Range Photography refers to a technique used in Digital Photo Editing that combines three different exposures of the same composition in order to maximize detail. Usually, even in the higher end cameras that claim to have high dynamics, the sensor is not able to present the shot with complete detail because of limits in the dynamics of the exposure. This means the range at which it is able to recognize signal from noise or overexposed areas. 

Usually if you choose an overexposed setting you will only be getting detail in the foreground. With a setting that is underexposed, you can only get data in the background parts. I think this is best portrayed in shots where the background is a sky with clouds. Usually, you can't get the subject and the background with detail because either of them will be over or underexposed. This is why HDR techniques are applied in post-processing, combining three or more levels of exposure in one photo.

HDR Software
HDR Software

HDR software

There are many different softwares with HDR process or effect. Some are even able to simulate the effect even without the use of multiple exposures. The color effect of HDR is due to HDR toning that are supported by most software and recently by Adobe Photoshop CS5. Other popular software used to create or simulate HDR photography are Photomatix and Dynamic Photo HDR.

Since it is a multiple exposure shot of the same composition, you will be needing a stable tripod. You will also want to avoid moving objects because it will be harder to edit. Although there are different techniques that can be done in order to take out ghosting in the multiple exposures... 

High Dynamic Range photography creates very attractive and surreal photographs this is why it is popular among digitial photographers and photo editors. The amount of detail in the shot becomes so unreal almost like a computer generated image, I would say. And this aesthetic quality in HDR photography is really amazing and can enhance your photographs.

High Dynamic Range Photography
High Dynamic Range Photography

High Dynamic Range Photography

You do not need an expensive camera or other photography equipment in order to create HDR photographs. All you really need is a tripod and some knowhow in photo editing softwares and surely you will easily be able to create your HDR photographs in no time. Ideally, with some softwares, you don't even need multiple exposures because there are ways to simulate the HDR effect. There are a lot of tutorials on-line on how to create this kind of photographs.

So what are you waiting for? Try making HDR photographs as soon as you can. Imagine all the beautiful shots you will be able to create because of HDR photography. The earlier you start learning about it the earlier you will be able to publish stunning HDR photographs that people will surely love.

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raquiellet 6 years ago from California

Thank you for this article on HDR. Personally, I adore Photomatix! http://stock-background-texture.com/

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