How to Make a Tunic Top Using an Old Scarf

How to Make a Tunic Top

A tunic top has to be one of the easiest things you could make and you can use either new fabric or as an easy alternative, an old scarf. The directions in this hub use an old scarf such as a large pashmina.

Take your pashmina scarf and fold it over so that the two short ends are touching.

Cut along the fold as neatly as possible, I like to use Black and Decker Cordless Power Scissors to get a good straight edge. Take one half-piece that you want to be at the front of your tunic top and decide on what type of neckline you would like.

You could take the measurements from the neckline of another favourite top, but remember the seam allowance.

Things You Need

· Scissors

· Wide and long scarf/pashmina – this will be turned into your tunic top

· Sewing machine (this could be hand sewn – very easy!)

· Same colour thread

The Neckline of Your Tunic

Cut out your neckline shape and hem up. A nice extra here is to use something like a matching colour strip of velvet or ribbon and stitch this along the neckline.

Now take the two half-pieces together again, right sides facing in.

Stitch along the top, which is where the shoulders will be.

You could do a double stitch or a zigzag stitch to reinforce the area if you don’t have an overlocker.

Decorate Your Tunic Top

Ok, now this is where you could get creative. If you want simplicity then all you need to do is turn your tunic top the right way out, line up all edges and make two short stitches at both sides of your tunic top. Leave a lot of room for the arms and don’t stitch it all the way to the bottom, that way you will have two side splits.

Or, for a bit of creativity, you could use a gathering stitch and pull it to gather up the sides or you could leave the sides unstitched and just tie a belt around the middle.

There are many designs for you to play around with. You can buy a decent scarf for so little these days it would be worth getting a few and trying out different styles.

Good luck making your Tunic Top.

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