How to built your skills in Designing

Can you Design?

If anyone asks me anyone can design? I will say yes!

Designing can be explained in many terms. There are Architectural design, Graphical design, Sewing patterns design..etc. Here I am dealing with Simple Sketch designing with markers or graphite pencils. I have published my previous Hub on How to Sketch with Markers and Graphite Pencils. Now here I want to explain how you do the designing work. I love to create new techniques in designing, simply by markers or HB pencils. You can design various things including what your ability is in! Say for me, I like to do lots of Leaf and Flower work while i design. Then I link faces and places in the design and present on the paper.

You can make whatever designs that suits your imagination. While you sketch designs, you should be very careful not to link ends. It's one of my tip for you to design in a better way. I have put some designs and will explain you what I mean by not linking ends.

Design 1
Design 1
Design 2
Design 2
Design 3
Design 3

Examples on Designing

Design 1

Here I have done Art work on leaves, flowers and ferns with a 0.5 pinpoint black marker and shaded some regions that highlight theirs features. Then I made a girl's figure and worked again on it's designing details.As I said about not joining ends, So here I had finished ends like a way I have given a pointed feeling to all the delicate things! Like here I drew the girl's hair for example, I had made it's ends pointed and not joined any two ends. Similarly, I had done to the Big flower that the girl is watching, not any petals are connected to each other giving the ends a clear look! Now I want to say something amazing, I have created some obstructions for the girl to watch the flower, like the small needle like leaves.

So you can use your own Imagination to build your own design. The basic knowledge in designing is that you should try to work on curves if you want to do designing!

Design 2

Here I have created an eye, which is the center of focus in my design. Though it looks like a tattoo (my mom said to me), but I still give it as a design. The trick is - You can also make your design into a tattoo! Now for the great part in design 2 is that I have done some fire flames and flora that covers the eyes from every directions. I have done this to show how you can mix your imagination into two things (even though there is no connection between eyes and fire).

Design 3

I have done some work on designing the back look of the princess over here. Thorns on one side while Flora on the other side. It give a strong feeling on imagining stories!

So keep sketching and visit my hubs for more tutorials on real sketching!

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