Fiat Returns to America via Chrysler

The Italians Save an American Institution

I wonder if the Italians will have any better luck than the Germans did in saving Chrysler? Remember, Mercedes pretty much owned Chrysler. It was them that saved it the first time. Now, its Fiat. It is almost like Chrysler is some sort of low life car being passed around the international car manufacturers with their own motives. The motives are the same: breaking or expanding their presence in the American car market.

Fiat was here until the mid-80s. The Fiat cars were also known as : Fiz It Again Tony (Fiat). Their cars seemed to need repairs more often than not. Not exactly true. I owned a  1986 Fiat X19 and it was very reliable. My problem was finding someone who worked on them and finding parts. Owning a Fiat is like owning a British car. Parts are hard to find. Dealerships are few.

Now, Fiat will be in 3,200 US showrooms across the US in Chrysler showrooms. The first cars coming over will be the infamous Alfa Romeo's, they were cool looking 20 yrs ago, they are even better now. Their lower end car, the Cinquecento, which means 500 (surely, they will change the name for the American tongue) is akin to the British Mini-Cooper and is popular in Europe for the past two years will cost $12,000 and assembled in Mexico. None of the Fiat cars will arrive until 2011. The Mini-Cooper costs $25,000. Fiat will also send its MiTo, ca compact car and another one called, Milano.

Fiat's door into America has opened again with it owning 20% of Chrysler. The Chrylser Sebring will be revamped with Fiat technology used by the Alfa Romeo. For Chrysler, their cars will now be sold in places like Brazil, Russia and India.

inside the 500
inside the 500
the 500
the 500
the alpha romeo mi to
the alpha romeo mi to

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