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If you shop and have your car or truck serviced at Firestone Complete Auto Care centers you may have the opportunity to participate in and complete their customer satisfaction survey and feedback online. This auto service company provides a complete auto care experience. You can buy tires, battery, windshield wipers, filters and more. They are also very well known as a place to get an oil change on your automobile. Their service is valued by many people who like to keep their car, truck or vehicle serviced on a regular basis and in good working condition.

This company has been servicing vehicles since 1926 and millions of people have relied upon Firestone Complete Auto Care centers for much of the auto servicing needs such as an oil change, tire rotation, tire balancing, radiator flush, transmission fluids, batteries, tires and much more. You may be able to participate in their customer satisfaction survey and give them feedback. This one way that they can keep in touch with their customers' experience at Firestone. They value the feedback that customers provide.

Firestone Customer Feedback and Survey

When you begin the survey you will be asked for a 12 digit code in order to begin and participate in the feedback assessment. You will find the 12-digit code and survey invitation on the bottom right side of your auto service invoice. Put this information in the space provided to begin and complete the customer feedback and survey process. It does not take very long to complete and they value your candid responses to your experience. You can see the website for the Firestone Complete Auto Care Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.firestonesurvey.com.

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Ginger Francis 6 years ago

Firestone survey

Paul & Barbara Mason 6 years ago

They are very good with our service.

billy johnson 6 years ago

good service

billy johnson 6 years ago

good service 006017-101102

billy johnson 6 years ago

good service

kathy 6 years ago

great service

Shelby W. Beaty 6 years ago

I received service today 12/28/10, at the Broadstreet Firestone as I have been doing for 7 years plus. They did an excellent job as they always do, however, I was shocked when I inquired how much it cost after the windshield wipers were installed. He said they cost $37.00. I think that is very high for them.

Stella Burts 6 years ago

The service was okay but very expensive. I had to return to have a gasket replaced that should have been replaced before they put the gas tank back in place. This took an unexpected two hours out of my day and I had to ride to and from work smelling gas fumes in the car. I was there a few months ago and had a new air filter installed and they busted the housing and did not tell me. They still have not replaced the air filter housing!!!!

Russ Phelps 6 years ago


My recent Firestone service was done in a timely and professional manner.

dumas e bennett jr 6 years ago

I received very good service once I was acknoweleged. I was told what maintenance need to be completed in the future.

Richard Morin 5 years ago

Very good service.THANK YOU

Rod Trostle 5 years ago

Took my SUV in a little over a year ago for a timing belt and a life time water pump and a tune up and I have had a noise since then and I have had two other mechanics tell me that it was the water pump making that noise, well I took it back to Firestone and after a new pulley and a new radiator and an additional $600. 00 later it is still making the same noise as when i took it in the first time.

Bill Stewart 5 years ago

oil/filter change quick effient friendly service-A-1

m weiler 5 years ago

oil change and tire rotation completed in timely fashion

Art Cooper 5 years ago

Great service, I will come back.

Richard McCally 5 years ago

Great service, very timely.

marites talento 5 years ago

Great service, excellent .

Daniel Perreira 5 years ago

I had some work done on My jeep and I was very impressed by the way the shop Manager kept Me informed and answered all My questions.The Firestone in Swansea,Mass. is the best run Firestone I have ever been serviced by.Highly recommended.That shops manager is a Manny Farai go talk to Him about Your auto troubles and He'll have the best advice and service for your situation.

Emma Patton 5 years ago

Have always been treated with respect and the repairs and service were great.

Robin Manor 5 years ago

Very friendly service, bought tires and since then have had them rotated. Shop is clean. My Firestone shop is on the Little Rock Air Force Base, and I highly recommend it.

alonza wyatt 5 years ago

I have used firestone tires on my jeep and had no problem getting them fixed or replaced for free with lifetime warranty.

bernard 5 years ago

fine service

Ralph Preyer 5 years ago

Very friendly service,bought tires and a oil change.Great service I shoud know,was a ASE Cerified tech for 25+ years.Keep up the great work!!

Jean Schumaker 5 years ago

Always get excelent service and friendly help. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Stanley Oleksik, Sr. 5 years ago

Recently I had my oil changed and received prompt and courteous service. I will take my SUV back to Firestone for service. Thank you.

Edie Esteban 5 years ago

Friendly employees; shows caring for customers; takes time to explain what will be done; goes the EXTRA mile to keep customers happy.

Thomas 5 years ago

Went for oil change based on uncle's recommendation. He was correct. Job done well and in a timely manner. Good customer relations.

james e. haase 5 years ago

I recieved service today at the Conway, AR store and they completed evrything timely and satifactorily.

Barbara Graves 5 years ago

The service is prompt and efficient. The staff are very friendly and professional. I am confident bringing my car in and not being pressured to do more than needs to be done.

Richard Morgan 4 years ago

service was quick , and the shop was clean Rudy gave good advice and I will return.

Luisa Roche 4 years ago

I went to firestone at the Roseville, they did a great job, was fast then I expected. Jordan Ojeda help me, he was very nice.

They just did a excellent job! God Bless you Guys. Thanks.

Tabitha Nzioka 4 years ago

Well i can say i have been going to Firestone for sometime now and i enjoy their customer service and how friendly they are, i really like that they keep time, if they say oil change is 30 minutes you will be done in 30 minutes without delay. Am gland i found firestone.

Mimi Woods 4 years ago

I have been going to Firestone on Bush River Rd. (and others before). They do excellent, courteous work and are very honest about what I need.

Rose 3 years ago

Went because tire pressure light was on. Was very pleased and surprised there was no charge. The low pressure was caused by the exemerely cold weather recently. Very good service.

Stan Czajkowski 2 years ago

I had the company car serviced at the Firestone Store on route 59 in aurora, Illinois. Excellent service and reasonable priced. I will be back.

Ruby York 2 years ago

My service was completed at the route 59 location in aurora, I was totally impressed in the detail that shown during my oil change. I highly recommend Firestone.

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