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Updated on January 8, 2011

Walgreens Feedback Survey

If you shop at Walgreen's Pharmacy for medicines, health products, photos, foods, cosmetics, beauty, household goods and mother merchandise, you can participate in their online survey. When you participate, you will be entered into their monthly cash sweepstakes and could be a winner. To participate in the Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey you will need to visit their official survey website at When you get to the customer website, you will need to choose the language to take the survey in, choose either english or spanish. You can then proceed to take and complete the questions of the survey.

Walgreens is a national pharmacy with in-store sales as well as online shopping. They have thousands of pharmacy retail stores around the U.S. Within these pharmacies, not only do they provide prescription medication fulfillment services but they also offers over the counter medicines, health and wellness medications, vitamins and medical devices. The retail stores also provide other products and services such as photo processing and digital photo services, batteries, foods, beauty and cosmetic products and other merchandise. Many companies like this one will offer some type of customer or client survey and feedback system. This helps them to better manage and run their stores by keeping track of customer experiences in the pharmacy stores.

Walgreens Feedback Website Information

When entering the website name, it will send you over to the url at ( Once you are at the Walgreen's feedback and satisfaction survey website and started the process, you will then be asked to enter your survey number and your password number. You will find both of these numbers on your sales receipt. The customer satisfaction program survey will take about 20 minutes to complete. Once you have completed the survey form, you will be entered into their monthly cash sweepstakes where you could win up to $3,000 cash. You can also see the website for contest and sweepstakes rules or you can inquire at your local Walgreens Pharmacy store. If you plan on answering the survey questions, you should enter, participate and complete the survey within 72 hours of shopping at their retail store. The survey and sweepstakes opportunity is open to legal U.S. residents who are aged 18 years of age and older.

You can access and read the contest rules and regulations as well as access a list of past winners on the survey where you will entering your survey number and password. The links to the information can be found at the bottom of that page.


Disclaimer: The content of this page is not affiliated with the company names or products discussed, listed, presented or shown. The information provided is for general information purposes only and without warranties of any kind. Company names and products shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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    • profile image

      PHYLLIS M. 5 years ago


    • profile image

      MARY CERVELLO 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Mary DeSandro 5 years ago

      I love Walgreens! I shop there everyday. That's right, everyday. My job is in the same building as Walgreens at 1617 JFK Blvd. There pharmacy dept is the very best. I took all of my prescriptions that I take on a daily basis and there are five of them(I'm a breast cancer survivor) from CVS and took them to Walgreens and that was seven years ago. They are the must caring people. Of course I like all of the employees there. The young lady that has the cosmetic area in the store, Ariana helps me by showing me the newest products that come in. I love them all!! They are the nicest people. Mary DeSandro

    • profile image

      Amber Hollister 5 years ago

      Mar 9, 2012

      Horrible Experience! I went to Walgreens yesterday with my daughter to get 2 items: toothpaste and Afrin nasal spray. Toothpaste was no problem. A couple of weeks ago a walgreens Coupon printed out with my receipt for the Afrin for $5! And I saw that the march Walgreens coupon booklet had $1 off any Afrin. Now, neither coupon had any restrictions, except the size which said 0.5 oz. So I got the cheapest Afrin at $6.74, but the register wouldn't take either of the Afrin coupons. The manager that came up was crazy! He began the conversation by yelling at me that he wasnt sure about the origin of this coupon and that he would try it one more time and then "that is it for you!" then he changed his mind because he said that he couldn't tell if it was from Walgreens or not. During this rant, the other employees were trying to interrupt him to tell him that it DID say Walgreens, but he talked over them and me until I finally leaned over the counter and pointed at the LARGE Walgreens logo on the coupon and said "Wal-greens." Instead of acknowledging me, he said, "This coupon is too short, it doesn't look like ours. I can't take it because it's too short." I will admit it was short, but only because half of it had been an ad with a dotted line to cut it. The dotted line was still visible and obvious. This manager would not let me speak, he was loud and rude and spoke to me with obvious disgust. So at this point, he picks up my coupons and my merchandise and walks away. He said nothing to me, but shouts back to his employee, "Take the next customer!" then disappears around the corner. The cashier and I both look at each other, dumbfounded, until I said I would just wait near the photo area until he came back. When he returned, he had gotten a different Afrin (no-drip) to see if it would work because that was in the picture on the store coupon. Now let me mention that this was NOT the actual product in the picture, but another Afrin product that was no-drip. The coupon scanned for this product just fine, so he angrily begins to tell me that had I just gotten what the coupon was intended for, we wouldn't be having this problem. (Now, I want to take this moment to say that at this point in the conversation, I had barely been allowed to speak.) I said in response to him that I didn't see anywhere on either coupon that said it had to be for a No-Drip product. He said it said it was in the picture. I said that the product he had scanned wasn't in the picture either, and how are customers supposed to know what the store coupons are for? Just keep trying till something sticks? Then I said, "Nevermind, I don't want it, give me my coupon back." At this point he looks at me and snarls, "I don't know which one you want back." and THROWS my coupons down at me. So I pick them up, take the $5 Afrin coupon and give back the others. He rings up my purchase, and is VISIBLY angered when a $3 Register Reward prints out. As he hands me the receipt, I told him that I will be calling corporate about this, and that I wanted to be clear that I am not calling about the coupons not working, but about his attitude problem. Needless to say, this is the last straw with Walgreens. The employees are never nice, just tolerable. And this is the third time that I have had an extremely rude manager at this location, although this particular experience takes the cake! I don't know why he hated me. Maybe it was the fact that I had a couple of coupons. What I do know is that I will NEVER go back here.

    • profile image

      johnpennington 6 years ago

      they allways ask if you need anything I like that.

    • profile image

      Charmaine 6 years ago

      I go to the Delaware/Sheridan store. The clerks there are all very helpful and accommodating. Last night Juan D. was working on shelves - he dropped what he was doing to hurry to the desk to help me. I told him I could wait while he finished, he said "No, Customers come first. What a sweet young man.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and I had a new insurance card,so I gave the tech my new card and the tech was updating the information when the pharmacy manager told the tech that you don't update the insurance cards give it to the pharmacist and go on to someone else.That really made me mad so I asked for my insurance card back and my new presciption and I will go some place else. The pharmacist asked why and I said if you don't trust your techs to update the insurance cards then I don't trust Walgreens. I thought that was the reason to have techs working for you to deal with problems so the pharmacist can do other things. I guess I was wrong. I think its Walgreens because I did take my prescription some place else -TARGET- and there tech had no problem adding me to there computor and adding my insurance card without a pharmacist involved. Walgreens made a big mistake because I get 10 prescriptions a month.

    • profile image

      KIM 6 years ago


    • profile image

      David 7 years ago

      I always enjoy shopping at Walgreens. The stores are always clean and the sales people are always very helpful and kind. They do a great job with coupons that I always look for in their weekly shopping booklet. Go Walgreens !!

    • profile image

      Judy 7 years ago

      We have a 2nd home in Santa Cruz. Most people in SC are friendly, helpful, and pleasant. But all the ones who aren't seem to work at Wallgreens. To bad because it could be a great store. We live in Stckton and the personnel there are just great and very helpful.

    • profile image

      Greg Davis 7 years ago

      I had prescription from another state that i needed transfered to brentwood, tn. other pharmacies didnt want to or said they couldnt but the walgreens at moores lane and franklin rd had no problem with getting it done. THANK YOU

    • profile image

      Brenda 7 years ago

      It took over two weeks and five visists to get a prescription filled. First and second visits {this was after using automated ordering) they did not have the meds but no one bothered to call and let me know. Third visit I received 30 pills but was charged for 90. Called when I got home and was told to come in the next day that they did not have anymore of my meds (a blood pressure medicine)at that time. Went back two days later, my fourth visit, and was told they still didn't have it and not to come back until they called. Waited a week and went for my fifth visit. Still didn't have the meds but this time the lady was nice and appeared to care. She went to another Walgreens to get them. During this whole process, no one bothered to call.

      While waiting, I did a little after Christmas shopping, but when I went to check out, no one was at the register. Ask the lady in Photo and was told that she was having to do both. Since she had four other customers waiting at the Photo counter, I left and will not be back. Sounds like poor management.

    • profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago

      I love "MY WALGREENS".The pharmacy staff are very nice and helpful.Always ask if I found everthing I was looking for.When I leave...I go with a smile.( granite city on Madison Ave.)

    • profile image

      STEPHEN P. ARKULARY 7 years ago

      I shop at the Plaza Walgreens in Duluth, MN. The store handles most of my needs from a drugstore. I wish the store's buyers were more in tune with the environment. I purchase ball point pens from them and there are no pen ink refills. This bothers me because I am stuck with the plastic pen casing as soon as I run out of ink.

      I have a passion for recycling and reusing containers from items that I purchase.

    • profile image

      Theresa  7 years ago

      I visited the Walgreens at 1606 Del Prado blvd in the city of Cape Coral Florida looking for a better customer service since I got so upset at CVS and I was looking for some gifts items other cristmas stuff.

      I found this very nice lady Name Magda who was an assistant manager there that night,I have to said it she was very helpful,friendly,nice attitude and very professional walked with me to the aisles to find what I was looking for since I was not feeling good.and then at same time helping customers in photo then pharmacy, I will be transfering my prescriptions to Walgreens now.

      just wanted to said Thank you Walgreens for having employees like Magda at your store.

    • profile image

      Benjamin Abeyta 7 years ago

      The Walgreen store's Pharmacy at 2900 W Northern Ave Pueblo CO. has some sort of a telephone arrangement that when zero is punched to talk to an associate it goes to music then hangs up. A return call will just get a hang up.

      I needed some info on a drug that my wife was taking and could not contact the store where my prescriptions were at. I had to call another Walgreen store in town to get the needed info.

      This has happened at least 4 times.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Marie Zamor 7 years ago

      Seems like alot of these surveys to enter and win are a big joke, it is hard to find the place to enter the information and then they make a mess out of it, really makes a person angry.

    • profile image

      Lynne Schumer 7 years ago

      I was almost through a whole survey and it went to an ad and when I ntried to get back to the survey they wanted all my info again--very frustrating

    • profile image

      Patricia 7 years ago

      I had a very pleasant experience at Walgreen's today. I needed help finding a cosmetic item and the lady I spoke with (who was stocking shelves) came immediately to help me and was very friendly. I walked the store for a while and then discovered that Progresso soups were on sale, so I purchased 4 cans and saved several dollars in doing so. The gentleman cashier was very friendly and said he might try the soups after seeing how well priced they were and listening to me rave about this particular canned soup. I saved over ten dollars at your store today and the total experience was just great! Thank you!

    • profile image

      terri 7 years ago

      Shop Walgreen's very offend, even if it just to have a copy of an old picture that I don't want to forget. Walgreen's have a lot of sale items and everything you can need at reasonable price. I can get my prescriptions filled there and all eye products.

    • profile image

      DENISE GIMENEZ 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Elaine Hannagan 7 years ago

      I've always been treated with extreme courtesy and friendliness. Many of the clerks know me by name and are always so helpful. The pharmacy staff always go out of their way to be helpful. Thanks for such great customer service.

    • profile image

      Darryl Cruser 7 years ago

      I went to walgreens drive thru pharmacy window on Nov.3,2010 to pick up a prescription and was asked to wait a minute, and ten minutes later I drove away without my medication and no reason why I was not waited on.I went back the next day and picked up my medication for the last time from walgreens because I will not return again!

    • profile image

      Charles Byrd 7 years ago

      I shop at the walgreens inSkokie. Phone 8475881704.

      There is a cashier there named Andre. He is so helpful,courtious, and friendly. If you had more employeslike him, you would be in good shape. When you walk in the store he always speakes to you. I give him a 9 but I think he should get a 10.

    • profile image

      Kent 7 years ago

      @ Rob - past winners seen at:

      Don't know how often it is updated.

    • profile image

      Rob 7 years ago

      So I go to Walgreens at least twice a week and enter to win this survey. I wondered if anyone ever won so I googled it and there is a web site stating that there has been no hear or probably record of someone winning that money. I would like to know who has won. If this is true which I hope it is not you could get in trouble and probably loose a lot of money. I do plan on looking into this.

    • profile image

      Freddie Oneal 7 years ago

      I suffer a number of maladies that require a serious amount of medication each day. I have a primary store near where I live on the S.E. side of Amarillo, and a full service 24 hour across town I sometimes have to rely upon as well. Between my doctors, telephone refills, computer refills, dosage changes, insurance concerns, etc., I suppose I could be a customer that causes a great deal of trouble. Never once have the staff of either store disappointed me, but in fact sometimes go out of their way to do things without being asked. There are no other places, stores, restaurants, and the like that can compare to the service of my Walgreen people. They deserve and attaboy.

    • profile image

      Joseph Formica 7 years ago

      One clerk in Walgreens needs to be trained to be pleasant

      and greet customer with a smile especially being in front of the store.

    • profile image

      Sidney Kalishman 7 years ago

      I always enjoy shopping at Walgreens. The courtesy and help is outstanding

    • profile image

      Nancy Dalton 7 years ago

      I was in Walgreens on 10/15/2010. To get a prescription mixed.I was told it would.Be about two hours.And thay wound call me.The time i was there was3:08 pm.And no one had so i went down there to.See if it was done.But i was told at 7:26 pm.I was told it would be about two more hours or longer.I do think .You shoud tell some one . That someone something would. and it not be done.Thay shoud call them and tell. It will longer. Because thing i needed.I want so one tocall me on this. Thank you, Nancy Dalton 2055 Lonnie Circle Morriston, Tn 37813 Phone number: 423-586-7550 Email; ps:The store is on 1959 W Anddew Johnson Hwy Morriston

    • profile image

      lina torresi have been shop 7 years ago

      I have been shping at walgreens for my medecines and other things that I see there while waiting for them

    • profile image

      faith 7 years ago

      I always visit walgreen at 6401 w commercial blvd tamarac fl. The manager in the pharmacy there is the most courteous,understandable,intellegent,helpful and loving person I met. Customer services is 100%. I've been to a lot more but this is the best.

    • profile image

      lula 7 years ago

      i had my spbs at walmart for $4 something and i live closer to walgreens so i went in to see if they could fill it as it turns out the sub was not even $3 at walgreens i will go there first from now on

    • profile image

      tommy 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Norman Gilmore 7 years ago

      great deals and total satisfaction.

    • profile image

      Juan P. Leger 7 years ago

      I'm very satisfied with the attentions gived to me in this Walgreens Pharmacy.

    • profile image

      G. Valenzuela 7 years ago

      I have shopped at my local (Los Banos, CA) Walmart since it opened several years ago. Most of the people who work there are friendly & helpful. However, there has been many, many times that I find them out of an advertised product, only to find they have "more in stock" but no one bothered to re-stock the empty shelf. Even more frustrating is when I purchase an item marked down for "clearance", but it scans the regular price at check-out. This has happened more often than not, and I now make sure to watch the price of each item when it is scanned. Of course, then the clerk has to go check the price, which takes awhile, but it's better than noticing it on my reciept later and having to go back to the store and wait for the manager to correct the price and issue my refund. I was in Walgreens this past Saturday, and made a $95.00 purchase. Among the items I purchased were about 10 items on clearance. Only 2 of those items scanned the correct clearance price. The clerk had to keep checking clearance prices and voiding, while a long line of customers formed behind me. More hassel than it's worth to me for the amount of money I spend at that store (I also shop for my elderly mother and aunt.)

    • profile image

      nancy elliott 7 years ago

      Great stores! I shop at 2 and love them both for the best treatment and most information.

    • profile image

      Tony Cordasco 7 years ago

      Being an ex employee from yester-year I always try to

      shop walgreens. We use to keep extra supply's on items

      that were fast sellers. Regular under arm dodorant ( reg.

      DRY IDEA ) out of stock alot-- Now I have used Enzymatic

      cleaner ( Unizyme ) which seems to be discontinued.

      I than went to CVS who had an abundance of the product,

      I purchased two boxes of 12 tablets. There seems to be

      a problem with the merchandising on the shelves, enough

      space being allocated for items that move. Walgreen stock may suffer if some of these concerns are not


    • profile image

      eleanor gillis 7 years ago

      I have been complaining about the prescription drive through service at the Walgreens at San Carlos and Gladiolus for years thank goodness CVS is going to open soon across the street..the pharmacy employees at Walgreens refuse to use the phone and scream through the drawer at their customers, complaints have done nothing to improve this situation.

    • profile image

      Veronica Jones-Walker 7 years ago

      Nice checkout lady. Found everything I needed.

    • profile image

      Priscilla Haynes 7 years ago

      I enjoy shopping at Walgreen ,because the people who work there is very friendly and nice .They always ask are you finding everything alright.

    • profile image

      Pamela Fisher 7 years ago

      I shop and buy at the Walgreens in Sherwood, Oregon. I have always had good service and have been able to find products I need. I have no major complaints. Any problems have been very minor and only because of human error, which is to be expected in any shopping/buying situation.

    • profile image

      Steve Unwin 7 years ago

      The Walgreens Customer Satisfaction is a hoax, a complete turn-off, which has utterly destroyed my confidence in your store to satisfy my customer needs.

      Please don't waste my time. Stop printing this rubbish on your customer receipts and get a new web page designer.

    • profile image

      Mary Ann Johnson 7 years ago

      We were at Walgreen's, 9124 Broderick Blvd, Inver Grove Heights, MN this am at 10:40am to obtain a filled Rx. The pharmacy window was closed/locked, with the sign clearly stating it opened today at 9am. There were customers in cars in the drive through window unable to obtain their Rx's. The store clerks were very apologetic about "the pharmacist not showing up for work today..."they" called in another one (RPh) who should be here in an hour..." We left, returning at 3:15pm, finding the substitute RPh who offered that he got there at about 11:30am & that he was supposed to work at another store today. Our Rx wasn't filled (as the RPh had promised it would be done yesterday & to come & get it today). The on duty RPh looked in the system, finding that the pharmacy is out of stock of this med, it's on order & "hope" to have it in 2 days. He suggested calling the store prior to coming to obtain it. I think there is a definite need at this store to review job expectations about being on duty, customer service, etc.

    • profile image

      dufrantz leger 7 years ago

      the service was great.

    • profile image

      terrie 7 years ago

      luis is helpful and humerous

    • profile image

      edward 7 years ago

      It is a pleasure shopping at walgrens the emoldyes are alwys curtios and helpfull.

    • profile image

      Donna 7 years ago

      Mark -

      the Corporate address is:


      200 Wilmot Road

      Deerfield, Il 60015

      my beef is with the pharmacy at 7650 W Sand Lake Road in Orlando Florida

      When you tell me it's a 30 minute wait at 9PM with no one waiting - no one filling scripts - and all I can smell is food - then what you are REALLY telling me is that I have to wait while you and the tech take your time and eat your dinner.

      Hey Walgreens - give them a lunch/dinner break or shut down the pharmacy while they eat.

    • profile image

      Mark Socha 7 years ago

      Langsfor and Todd george store, Lee's Summit, MO. I went in for a simple purchase of Just for Men Hair Color and deodorant. The hair color was on sale for $5.99, versus the normal price of $8.29. I took the hair color and deodorant to the countyer, where the hair color rang up for. I said there was a problem, the item was on sale. The cashier paged a floor manager twice, and the line behind me grew. The floor manager said I needed a card to get the price, and asked if I had a card. I said no. I was asked by the cashier if I wanted to sign up for a card and I said no. It was at that point that I just walked out of the store without making the purchase, at 3:15 pm on July 23. I then went to HyVee, where the hair color was on sale for $5.98, and the deodorant that was selling for $3.49 (Speed Stick Irish Spring 2.7 oz) was selling for $2.74 at HyVee. Walgreens ende dup doing me a favor. Five years I've shopped at that store but they won't be seeing my face there any longer.

      I was going to write a letter to Walgreens, but not surprisingly, I can't find an address anywhere on the web site. I guess they don't want letters.

    • profile image

      Dorothy Mills 7 years ago

      Went to store in Decatur, Ala. on July 19,2010 for batteries on sale. Guess what!!! no batteries and the

      c. Still checking!!Clerk had to be forced to help me

    • profile image

      alacey1971 7 years ago

      I try not to shop @ the Walgreen's immediately by my residence (1320 East 47th Street), due to a friend of my father's I do not like. I reported this spirit to Walgreen's Corp HQ to an inappropriate comment she made to me. She's been flaky & ugly in disposition ever since. I return all attitude to this spirit. I'll wait in other lanes, so as not to even be bothered, but I won't relinquish the convenience of this store being so close to my residence because of her.

    • profile image

      Vicki K 7 years ago

      I must say " My Walgreens" on Power and McKellips Stre # 3215 is the best customer service store. Ashley has got to be the first reason I shop there. Always helps with a Smile, then offers assistance finding items or Sales and lets not forget the Coupons!!!! To have good people working for you with great PR skills is a huge plus. The employees at "My Walgreens" are the reason I go there and will continue to shop there. Mike also is always friendly and helpful. Its so nice not to be rushed and pushed along by those employees who take an extra 2-3 min to genuinely , Smile, say Hello and offer assistance. Keep up the great work Ashley and Mike! and the whole crew!!!!!

    • profile image

      Meleke 7 years ago

      I went to walgreens for shopping and they were very good to me and the customers.

    • profile image

      rachel g. esquivel 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Nancy Elliott 7 years ago

      I shop Wal-greens weekly and I love the way I an taken care of especially in the pharmacy.

    • profile image

      Helen 7 years ago

      Few days ago, I went to WALGREENS PHARMACIES at 2415 SW 75th St.Gainesville, FL 32608 to get my husbands pain medication prescription filled. My husband just got out of surgery and was in severe pain. We usually goes to Archer Road Gainesville, Fl. Walgreen because people there offered quality service and are very helpful and friendly but since my husband was in pain I chose the pharmacy closest to our place. Unfortunately, I had a terribe experience with the pharmacist manager, Varsha Chaudhari, who is very rude, lazy, and unprofessional. I wonder how she even got the job of being a manager with her bad attitude and big head. She is ruining the good name of Walgreen. This is what happened: First of all, the poor old woman ahead of me left the pharmacy without getting what she needs. This old woman was waiting for this pharmacist to check out the meds that patient wanted to buy and finally left the place without them because this Pharmacy manager was prioritizing her reading the news paper that her co-worker showed to her instead of doing her job. The old woman stated " Are you gonna check that out because my husband is waiting for me in the car and I don't want her drop dead because of waiting me for too long." Only then that she start doing her job and made poor excuses. But the woman so mad left without it. In my case, I had the other male pharmacy tech helping me out. Everything went well until this Varsha intefered. While the tech was preparing the meds and I was waiting in the counter this woman asked me what I need. I said I'm just waiting for my meds, I was being help already. She started asking the name of the patient which I nicely gave it to her then the insurance card. Even if the other pharmacist already checked them I still handed it to her without any questions. I had my BCBS insurance so I handed her a blue card, the card I gave to the other pharmacist that was helping me out first and the usual card we usually used when we go to other Walgreen in Archer Road. As soon as she saw the card, she threw it back to me and said "no, your meds is not covered by that insurance". It shocked me because we just used the same card at Archer Road Walgreen for my nausea meds a month ago and we didn't find any problem with it or told that there's a problem with the card. So I asked her what do you mean it's not covered? She started being rude and sarcastic. Said, that is your doctors insurance card and I need your medicine card. I had no idea what she was talking about so I said I have no other card besides this. Every time I purchased meds at other Walgreens, they accept this card without any questions. She continued to say " I told you this is not your medicine card and you need to call you employer to get the information about you meds card before you can get the meds. I was very upset because it means that I still needs to be on phone for maybe few hours while my husband was dying with severe pain. I asked if theres a way for her to check the information herself like the other Wallgreen pharmacy did but she insisted that she needed the other card. She then insulted me saying do you want to get your prescription back and go to the other Walgreen store you like. I said "sure" because I won't even come here if my husband is not on severe pain and just got out of surgery. As soon as she saw me almost broke down in tears. She then went back to her computer and said OK I already fixed it and you can have the meds in 2 minutes. The other male pharmacist that was helping me out first apologized for my bad experience but the woman who made me feel mesirable never said a word. My BIG QUESTION WAS: Why that stupid woman giving me hard time and made me cry first before she will help her costumers. I understand if she is just some lower rank personnel but she is a manager for God sake. She is supposed to be the best quality service provider. There were only 2 costumers during those time that I was there, me and the old woman and both of us was having a terrible time dealing with this woman. With this experienced, I would rather drive 1 hour away to get my meds or go to other phamacy than to deal with this horrible woman again. Shame on her. She is degrading the good name of Walgreen pharmacy.

    • profile image

      Gary Hackley 7 years ago

      My visit to Walgreens was easy, they had the products I needed. The only blemish was that there's generally only one cashier on duty and customers like to argue about flier specials, multiple discounts, etc. So, it takes longer than need be to pay for my two-item purchase. There should be a designated line for people using coupons or other means of modifying the shelf price for an item. Best Regards, GH

    • profile image

      Herb. Blankinship 7 years ago

      We have four Walgreens in Midland Texas they all are very efficent the one we use mostly is at Midland Drive and Wadley St. because it is nearer to our home.

    • profile image

      Patricia Goodwin 7 years ago

      My experiences at Walgreen's have always been satisfactory. I've never encountered an employee behind the counter or out on the floor who was too busy to help, and they helped w/a positive attitude. It's becoming increasingly difficult to visit stores where employees are not on their cell phones or act as if customers are bothering them, when asked a question.

    • profile image

      jeanne hansen 7 years ago

      very prompt and helpful clerks