How to Get Hired as a Call Center Agent

Customer Service Representatives

This Job Might Just Be For You!
This Job Might Just Be For You!

Landing a Job as a Customer Sevice Representative

Just graduated and looking for a job? TIred of your current occupation and would like to explore new and exciting fields? Then maybe you should try applying as a Customer Service Representative. Nowadays, almost everything is being outsourced. Several industries have already followed suit such as manufacturing, industrial, and also the field of customer service. With this increased role of third world nations, high demand has sprung for Customer Service Representatives (CSR's) or Call Center Agents in many countries such as India, Southern America, Mexico, and The Philippines among others. This can be the job for you, so read on and get some tips that might help you land this job.

  • Computer I.Q. - First of all, almost 100% of the job entails working with computers, so computer skills is extremely necessary. You must be able to know how to operate and use a personal computer. You won't be programming or creating Java games, so just the basics will do. Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel are musts that every aspiring call center agent must have. If you aren't that good with MS Office then go on over and visit the world wide web. There are countless tutorials and trainings which can be found online. One good site is, which offers free online courses and tutorials on a number of topics. Most examinations or assessments when applying as a call center agent also tests computer knowledge, thus make sure you are ready for this before you start applying.
  • Communication Skills - As a Customer Service Representative, you are tasked to talk to customers from all over the world, and the primary language which is used is English. To become a call center agent, mastery of the English language is of utmost importance. Grammar, fluency, and intonation are some of the skills that must be adept at. Again, if you are not a native English speaker and you wish to brush up on it, try going to, or, where you can improve and practice your communication skills. If you don't have the luxury of having a computer with internet access, you can go ahead and turn on your TV and start listening, observing, and imitating the personalities on English programs. You can likewise pick up english books, novels, or magazines and do some self-learning on the subject. Same as computer skills, Language and communication skills are also assessed, thus give yourself and advantage by focusing and improving yourself in this category.
  • Customer Service is First - As the title goes, you are a customer service representative, thus providing customers with quality service is your primary goal. if you do not have any experience in customer service, get to know the field or similar jobs. You can research on testimonials by other call center agents, or you can try interviewing people with similar occupations such as Front Desk Associates, Fast Food Employees and Hotel Staff. You can learn a few tricks and tips to ensure that your customers will be satisfied and to help you transition into the position. Having a good attitude and pleasing personality will go a long way in this profession.

If you have these three qualities then surely a job as a Customer Service Representative will be waiting for you. If you follow these tips, then surely any test, assessment, or interview will be a walk in the park and pretty soon you'll be on your way to receiving, entertaining, and satisfying customers. Good luck and happy hunting!

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Marilyn 19 months ago

Very well said tips, my brain is much full of infos, my dream job hopefully to achieve...thanks a lot

mbuloran 2 years ago

thanks for giving tips while applying in a call center, this will help a lot!

shaira 2 years ago

I'm interesting for this job because is not myself but i want to learn how to speak in English. .

shaira 2 years ago

I'm interesting for this job because is not myself but i want to learn how to speak in English. .

Mcg:) 2 years ago

It was a great info .. I learned a lot and I just hope it will help me,, I am planning to apply as a CSR .. Thanks a lot

id 2 years ago

i want to experience call agents how they do it ^^

ABBY MINA 4 years ago

thanks for the helpful information .. GODSPEED!

GlobalLink BPO 4 years ago

Before applying in a call center industry you need to evaluate and assess yourself if you are capable in taking the task as a Customer Service Representative for you not to waste your time on the day of your application. You need to know more about the company that your planning to apply and study possible questions as much as possible, you can search those questions over the internet. Basically there's no need for you to be a computer savvy or internet savvy, however you need to know the basics about computers and internet. You need to be conversant, spontaneous, the tone of your voice should be moderate and mostly your comprehension and listening skills. But this can be learned and develop all throughout your training as you got hired. www(dot)globallinkbpo(dot)com feel free to visit our site to get more information.

jhen_Icandoit! 4 years ago

tnx a lot!..ive got all d a I need to know and learn..

monique_denys 4 years ago

tnx it's such a help

lets do business 5 years ago

thanks for the tips :D

JOnrey 5 years ago

Thanks a lot.... I Learned something on it..

RAL 5 years ago

thanks to your blog...I'll learn a lot more about the call center industry....

pretty katot-era! 5 years ago

thanks hahahahhahha! we?? not all are true!

Helios 5 years ago

It will be interesting to read anything more concerning this article.

Thank for giving that information.

escorts liverpool 5 years ago

This is great for school leavers to read and take note of all the relevent information super

Chester escorts 5 years ago

yes i really enjoyed this article i found it really useful and full of valuable info thanks

Kiev ecort 6 years ago

Great story you place here.

It will be interesting to read anything more concerning this article.

Thank for giving that information.


passer by 6 years ago

actually i was amazed even though the tips i have red were short. anyway, thanks for your helpful tips.

marjo 6 years ago

thanx for this great tips, but i think i am not qualified for this job..i don't have enough confidence to talk people in a smart way.

Bloget profile image

Bloget 6 years ago from Minnesota

Great Information and Tips! Thank you...

Manchester Escorts Bolton 6 years ago

Great tips, I wish all call centre workers followed these though, I've been hung up on a few times by call centre workers!

Tip: always take down their name!

amp 6 years ago

gosh. this is helpful especially in my situation. i am planning to apply as a call center agent. im still studying but i only have 2 subjects this sem. worried on how to maximize my time, i suddenly felt this urge of being productive by applying in this industry. and i really can't wait to be hired. i just hope i'll be able to pass the screening. this is really exciting!

liminal 7 years ago

Then, after two years or so, when you're completely burnt out and your quality sucks, you'll find it even easier to quit a CSR job!

I really don't think that the happy model in the picture is truly representative of the average CSR.

stanleyfer profile image

stanleyfer 7 years ago from Mumbai

Good stuff. Call center is a booming industry. Many people round the world are employed in these jobs.

admin@london_escorts 7 years ago

Great tips! This are all very helpful information especially to those who just finished school. =D

Reynolds_Writing profile image

Reynolds_Writing 7 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

Good information and tips for entry level- job seekers. Also, call centers usually offer great career paths if you want to get into management.

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