My Experience Working For Ibex Global In Spring Hill Tennessee


The Application Process

This was not so bad- except for the fact that they offered mass hiring. Communication was often slow, but that is to be expected of a mass hire and a large telecommunications company. The initial orientation was held with a large crowd, with all pre-employment procedures being taken care of in mass. I originally start with a temporary position within the company, and moved to technical support which was a nearly duplicated hiring process for the position.

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After the hiring process and initial qualification class, I moved on to a three week training program. This program taught all of the basics of customer care while also ensuring that an employee is able to handle the technical support aspect of the call. There are many different rules and procedures to follow, as well as tons of information to be learned within this time. The pay was very decent compared to many jobs in the Spring Hill area; and it seemed like a really nice job initially. The trainers were absolutely wonderful, and breaks were generous. It was a very open and encouraging training environment! I absolutely loved the training, but I do believe it needs to be a bit longer due to the massive amounts of material that are covered.


Trainers, Managers, and Coworkers

For the most part, many of the hundreds of people who operate, manage, and work at this establishment are really wonderful. Managers tend to be incredibly helpful and friendly, and there are rarely workplace disputes. Since this company focuses on customer service and telecommunications, most of the employees tend to know how to treat one another with respect. This provides a very enriching and upbeat environment to work in. Should a fellow coworker need help, others are quick to assist them in any way possible; and if they are not able to provide answers, they are quick to point you in the direction of someone who probably does know the answer. Many of the employees are very happy to help one another; another great benefit to working in such an industry.

The First Week On the Job

After the training class, I finally went to the floor to start my new job. During the beginning, there are lots of people prepared to help. However, for those who are going to be technical support specialists, they must be forewarned that the very first few weeks of the job are incredibly daunting, stressful, confusing, and trying. It requires a very open mind and positive outlook, while being receptive to the information and tips that are offered. I myself was very, very stressed and felt very overwhelmed. I was not sure if I would make it through the first few weeks. Thankfully, managers are very understanding and will not leave their employees in the dark. There is always someone to help during the learning process. Without all of the wonderful employees there, I don't know what I would have done.

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Quitting Six Weeks Later

After six weeks on the job, I made the decision to quit. Several 11 hour days and extended periods of sitting in a cubicle with a headset on just was not for me. I am a writer by nature, but I could not sit for so long! I also became very ill at this location several times (In winter of 2012). This, I believe, was due to being in an area with many people who are falling ill, stress levels lowering immunity. I had to visit the hospital three times in a four week period, with a very severe cold that I did not visit the hospital over. I wound up incurring more in hospital bills from being so ill than I earned in wages; one of the biggest hints to leave. In addition, the company is an outsource telecommunications company. In other words, other companies recruit this company to handle their telephone customer service needs. This means that the company was not responsible for the demands on the employees; they were required to follow strict requirements set by the clients. This was a major downfall for many employees. While coworkers and management was great, I at times felt like employees were simply worker ants for massive corporations. This is perhaps why the pay rate was so incredibly tempting for many; quite a bit more than minimum wage, and employees were not required to do any actual labor. Every job has its downfalls; and this company had quite a few ups and downs.

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kidscrafts profile image

kidscrafts 3 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

I think any job in call center is hard on the system. I had one of my son who worked for a while in a calling center and he told me the same thing. In his case, the managers were not so helpful as in your case.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

kidscrafts profile image

kidscrafts 3 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

Good to know! Thanks!

angryelf profile image

angryelf 3 years ago from Tennessee Author

Anytime :) I hope the day goes well for you!

Lena Hodge profile image

Lena Hodge 3 years ago

I just moved to Columbia and several people recommended IBEX thank you for the information. I now have more to consider :)

angryelf profile image

angryelf 3 years ago from Tennessee Author

Welcome Lena!!!! That's pretty cool to know another hubber lives here :) And yes, it's got good and bad, like every other job. But there's a very good reason an entry level job is starting out at $12 an hour after training! lol

Bj 3 years ago

Well I had a terrible experience with Ibex as so has quite a bunch of people.For one they tell you that your doing great and all my numbers were good,my commission check was good had great save rate.Here's the shocker on 10/26/13 was told had a great month,on 11/01/13 I was told that I didn't have a job no more because of my save rate.Boy that's good management,also with in reviewing with a few others there are agents there that have 45-65 percent save rate.

By hopper 3 years ago

I worked for ibex for five months.Everything was great during 9weeks of training.which the only thing that went wrong was Megan never showed us about save attempts.So when you go to the floor you are already doomed,then your TL expects you to already know everything which is impossible.I was on day shift and my TL was on night save rate was 71.18 and the goal was 72' , Iam confused I'm not sure what really happened .i really need somebody to explain to me

angryelf profile image

angryelf 3 years ago from Tennessee Author

Hopper, I didn't work for that same section- I worked for a different one, so I'm not exactly sure what to say about it :/

Kali Shelton 3 years ago

I need a legit website to fill out an application. Or a phone number, something!!

no name 3 years ago

I worked for the other side of ibex doing tech support. I would not recommend working for this company they have a high turnover rate and treat there employees very poorly I wish I had not put must financial security in there hands. They are not shy in letting you know you are very disposeable

my name 3 years ago

Ibex is proving shoddy in their newest site in New Braunfels Texas. Me along with 40 others in training were never told it was sales at all. Just inbound customer service. And we are lied to our faces about people being certified to qualify for any chance of raises. But no certification, no raises or bonuses for sales. I can sell 20dsl lines a day and get nothing. Their bonus structure is a joke. Was told that I have to offer on every call. Including the people who have to downgrade because they can't even pay their heating bills! If a customer has a problem with their bills, e have to just throw them to another dept only to get thrown back to us. No chance of ever earning more than $10.50 we have to start with. Ask 10 different managers the same question and get 45 different answers. They have no idea what they are talking about. Was told from the main guy that every single manager, supervisor, trainer and leader have all been certified on their calls when in fact not one person in the entire building have been certified and if you ask if they are they just tell you "I don't know if I'm certified" I call bs. In training, we didn't even get on the computers until week 4 and no actual systems to work on, just videos to watch! Then on the phone in week 5!

Michelle 2 years ago

I worked here with telecommunications and I also fell very ill 600 build to be exact and the supervisors are less than helpful. Needless to say I never went back and my health it's pretty good now. I think OSHA needs to make a visit.

It's Just Me 2 years ago

About a year ago I had started my training for Tech Support, and really enjoyed it. I was excited to have this job, as customer service is my specialty. Friday of the first week came and the building was evacuated due to several people feeling ill (nausea and headaches). Fire Dept. cleared the building and said there was no problems. Sent everyone back inside. I went to my training class, and noticed the A/C wasn't on. Within 30 minutes I was starting to feel lightheaded and nauseous. Others were too, so they decided to get us out again. I was sent to the front lobby where a triage area had been set up. EMT's we're treating fifty or so people, with more streaming in every minute! Ended up over 250 people were treated that day! I was sent to the hospital in an ambulance, stabilized in the E.R. then sent home. The next day I was extremely sick, high fever, bad headache and trouble breathing. This went on for the next three weeks, had to see my doctor almost every day along with a lung specialist. A year later, I'm still feeling the effects. I have to use an inhaler on bad days, and I wake up every morning with sinus pressure and lung problems.

The sad part was that none of the HR people seemed to care nor understand my situation. They treated me as if I simply abandoned my job. They deducted the cost of the badge, headset and drug testing from my one and only paycheck (which I had to beg for). There was no way I could have worked in my condition, I could hardly breathe!

Apparently the company hired an environmental crew to inspect the buildings and they "found nothing". How is it that so many people could get so sick off nothing? It's terrifying to think others are still getting sick there.

It was a terrible experience that has probably scarred me for life, both physically and emotionally. It would have helped if someone had shown concern for me as an individual. They never took any responsibility for this incident.

I agree with the previous poster who said OSHA should visit.

Squeaker 22 months ago

I remember this "It's Just Me". I have 2 children that 'worked there' and a son in law to be that has worked there for years. I remember him calling and telling us about all those people getting sick and management not believing them. Whatever it was didn't affect him any but some of his friends were in that 250 that were affected. I don't know what it was but that is scary. The gm plant is right next door and it just so happens that just a month or so ago there were about 50 or 60 birds laying in the road dead after they flew over the mg plant. You mentioned the air conditioners were off. The AC could have been drawing in something in the air from the GM building.

Squeaker 22 months ago

".....After they flew over the GM plant...."

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