Wal-Mart's Corrupt Management Structure

Actual Merit And Ability Play A Very Small Role In Most Promotions

As a former manager at Wal-Mart I have seen first hand how poorly stores are run and how getting a promotion is a real challenge no matter how talented you are. It took me years to climb up the ladder and along the way with all the favoritism, unfair practices, incompetence and sexism I witnessed I should have thought twice. My only hope is that this is an isolated incident involving one company and not a system wide epidemic. While some companies have their flaws, no company this size and employing so many should be allowed to run this way. Let's dive into why Wal-Mart's inner workings are nothing more than a disheveled mess.

New Management Structure

Last year Wal-Mart unveiled a new management structure that was supposed to be this revolutionary system that would let assistant managers spend more time with family and reduce their workload. Well not quite, what they did was put all of the assistant managers and co-managers on a 3 days on 3 days off schedule and add in another layer of management. This new layer would take merchandising responsibilities away from the assistant managers and lessen their workload. These new zone managers were still hourly workers and were given little actual power.

This new system went wrong on many levels, first as assistant managers were enjoying their 3 days off they were constantly being undermined and their areas were failing. So when they would return they were so far behind and always trying to work ahead so everything would hold together during their 3 days off that they got little meaningful work done. Add in all the new bureaucracy with several meetings a day and extra meaningless paperwork they were actually more stressed and overworked than before.

The new zone managers had a similar fate, with many stores making their own interpretations on what they were supposed to be doing. In some stores they became what they always said they despised, locked in the office most of the day "in meetings" and when you did see them they were barking out orders carrying around their clipboards. Other stores had them running around trying to do everyone's job and in some instances being used to replace assistant managers.

This new system's dirty secret was that it was mainly devised to clean out their department managers. As some were promoted to zone managers and others just left through natural turnover they weren't being replaced, what this caused was the ones that were left got extra departments to be over. These groupings are unique to each store based on which spots became empty and saw interesting results. Some department groupings included, automotive and health and beauty, toys and sporting goods, and shoes and jewelry to just name a few. So you go from someone knowing an area and having a good knowledge of their products and you double their workload and stick them in an area they couldn't care less about. No raise either and if you refused the extra work, get ready to be demoted.


Now the fun one, promotions are the most unfair thing Wal-Mart does. Early in my time at Wal-Mart I noticed an interesting thing, all the department managers were women. I was determined to become one as it was my next step at the time but I was hitting a wall. Openings were few and far between with many dept. managers being lifers, and with Wal-Mart under pressure for allegedly not promoting women I was in a tough place. When I did finally get promoted I did quite well and started focusing on my next promotion. When faced with trying to get promoted from there, again I was being passed over for women, this time though was worse. Some had easier departments, less ability and sometimes had no place being promoted, I would later find out that they had a quota to fill and no matter how unqualified someone was if they were female they would be promoted, not to say they were all unqualified. I have nothing against women and I'm sure there are plenty of examples where men were favored over women, just not in my personal experience. In one instance I saw someone promoted based on the fact she was pregnant, not on her actual abilities, which she was a very good worker.

After being promoted to assistant manager I saw many of these practices up close. People being promoted just to consolidate more departments, favoritism and the most qualified only being considered when there were no other "smart options". The interview process for these positions was even a joke, they played no role in promotions but were required so we did them anyway. I once interviewed someone for a dept manager job and they gave bad answers and cried through half the interview and even though they weren't the most qualified they got the job to consolidate another department manager job.

Wal-Mart also has rules for promotions, you have to be in your current position 6 months and not have any active discipline on record. Countless times they have bent and broke these rules for their "favorites" and refused to do so for others saying it wasn't even possible. One in particular was someone who was fired from their previous job for stealing, I said no to hiring them but I was overidden and within 3 months of being hired they were a dept manager. From there this "favorite" was promoted again within a couple months yet again breaking all the rules that "aren't possible" to break.  As of now this "favorite" is training to be an assistant manager, all I know is it must be hard to pin that name tag on slime.

The Result

As a result of this, morale at stores is at an all time low, a surprising feat considering it was never high to begin with. Associates passed over and forgotten or overloaded and stressed out, managers unqualified and undertrained, it's no surprise when you go to shop you see associates either working furiously or mindlessly wandering, some have given up while others desperately need their jobs and have to suffer through every indignity as they feel their soul disappearing. As they continue to cut hours to help save money and try to do more with less Wal-Mart will soon hit a breaking point. Having alienated many of their workers, the unqualified ones they promoted will be ill prepared to handle the ones who got screwed over when they ultimately fight back. Wal-Mart won't care though, they view everyone one as expendable and in this economy they could theoretically replace everyone if they had to.

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So True So True 6 years ago

I still work for walmart and this guy is right on the money. Walmart has become a HELL HOLE to work for. The poor Dept Managers that they have left are at their breaking point. They also have a score card in place that the management runs around trying to figure out ways to cheat it.

tle #0766 6 years ago

very true, I work there and refuse to shop there. I don't make much but i will pay alittle extra to shop somewhere else. I tend to go to kmart its not much more expensive and if you go there the store has only like 5 other customers in there lol. idk about you but i like to go where ppl aren't treated like shit. And yes the store has went to crap in the last year i hope they go under.

dpt mngr 6 years ago

This article hits the nail on the head. Though i don't see them going under at any near point in the future, it will hurt them in the long run. The managers they have running these places are no where near qualified to run a store of this magnitude, and the ones that are have either left or will not take a promotion, because they know better!!!

Bruce 6 years ago

very true. i worked there for fourteen years until Sept. I worked in a Super Center and we were running the joint with three assistants. My work didn't get done because your always running aroud putting out fires. CoManagers!! What a joke. All they do is sit in the office all day and stare at the computer. Complete lack of leadership from the store manager down

former dept mgr 6 years ago

This is so very true. More with less, morale at an all time low, everyone stressed out. When will they get it?

It is so unbelievable. Management by fear because everyone fears their job is on the line. It's crazy to work there.

ExStoreMgr 6 years ago

100% accurate. Just quit after 9 years and this is exactly why.

unhappycustomer 6 years ago

Wow!!! I thought it was just me until walmart came up in a conversation at a recent party..Everyone agreed that management was rude and employees seemed really unhappy.

profile image

bjphill 6 years ago

I happen to know a former assistant manager of Walmart. He was the ONLY one in that store that followed the policy on use of profanity. He was the friendliest manager in his store. He cared more for his associates than any other manager did. The associates all respected him more than any other manager in the store. So where is he now? On unimployment, fired because he had one bad night on third shift. Grocery wasn't completely zoned. This stupid store manager failed to take into account that even on paper there wasn't enough time to get everything done. He claimed there were 20 extra hours. He failed to take into account the 16 hours missing due to call ins, the 10 hours taken away from stocking due to stockers having to run register, the 20 hours of back freight needed to be worked, and the 11 hours required for zoning grocery (one hour per zoner). The choices were either get the freight stocked and not zone, or zone and not get the freight worked. Walmart is only hurting themselves by treating people like this.

James Stevens 6 years ago

I too have felt the unfair hand of the demon walmart. I was fired after being injured twice due to manegement incompitence. I missed two days which gave me four points, they called it "misconduct". The state of Illinois disagrees with that for what it's worth. I found out a friend and co-worker was recently fired the same way. They said come back in 31 days and we could hire back in. To hell with that! I just found out when you hire back in your points stay with you. Why hasn't someone gone postal on them? If any company desered it, it's walmart. All I can do is pray for the complete and total collaspe of this most un-american of companies. It must be brought to it's knees and it's leaders held to old time country justice!

Exassistantmgr 6 years ago

Just got terminated less than a week ago for not keeping up my departments to company standards. This was after they took away all of my help and sent them to other departments. All of this on top of dealing with Inventory. All you former associates know how much of a pain THAT is. (We got a .12 by the way...which is amazing!) They kept me onboard just long enough to get through inventory. They made me come in on my days off even though my areas were inventory ready because they wanted me to get other Managers' area ready...yet MY areas were deemed not up to standards. None of my areas were in the top five shrink areas either...and I was the assistant over ELECTRONICS!

DRG Da Real Grinc profile image

DRG Da Real Grinc 6 years ago from All over the USA

Unfortunately most folk want to hear about sale values and not moral values.

Bob Dole 6 years ago

"as sales sink in their stores they act confounded as to why."

Sales have been down ever since they started the new management structure at our store. In the meetings they attribute it to the bad economy and tell us that the other wal-mart stores in our area are down in sales also.

We are losing much more money in the loss of sales than whatever they are saving in payroll by replacing assistant managers with lower paid ZMS's and putting department mangers over HUGE areas. On top of that they roll out ridiculous "routines", "task management", and "score cards", that has very little usefulness.

They are trying to be more efficient and productive with less people but its not working. They need realize their mistake and go back to the old structure before target becomes no 1. and wal-mart is no 2.

Andrea 6 years ago

My husband is a manager for Wal mart. He. Is so overworked it is insane and inhumane. This week for Thanksgiving holiday he will be working 118 hours. I am not exaggerating. I will no longer be shopping there unless absolutely necessary and I will be opening a membership to Costco instead of Sam's. They will not steal anything else from my family again. Hopefully, soon he will be able to leave his modern day indentured servitude for a better position.

Rob 6 years ago

This is so true and so sad. Most people start this job with optimistic view, but the breaking of your spirit is the main objective of management. Never say I love my job, they will focus on you and grind you down.

Damonica 6 years ago

I am a dept manager at a Wal-Mart in PA and it sucks!! We are used as there slaves! They cut everyones hours then we have to do are jobs and everyone else's jobs to. My assent Manager walks away when you try to talk to him. They hardly let you work in your own Department but bitch if your stuff isn't done!! I hate my job and hate going to work!!! Other Dapt. Managers have complained to home office about the way we have been treated and they have ended up getting a bull crap D-Day weeks later.

tle store#2820 6 years ago

this is all going on infront of everyones eyes andnoone really cares cuz they get to save a buck or make more profit. it all comes down to greed

annonymous 6 years ago

I currently work for walmart and seen first hand someone get promoted to a csm just b/c she had cancer.. apparently it was much less stress for that person as a csm. i don't normally rag on this type of thing because it happens everywhere.. but just b/c someone is sick doesn't mean they should be promoted.. and that person is really really bad at their job. Walmart needs to crack down and hire some managers that actually know how to manage... not keep it in the family. We have such a hard time finding employees for my dept b/c there is a crazy background check that needs to be done.. in my city your going to be lucky if you find someone without some sort of criminal background... but yet some of the managers brag about their dui's or when they were a kid they stole all this stuff... like... c'mon! seriously!

and that folks, is what grinds my gears!

Happy New Year!

tina 5 years ago

you are so right i have been with the company 20yrs and i am a zone manager i have been over several depts over the years and our management team is a joke all the zone leaders get to do is frieght price changes and modulars we are still doing dept managers jobs because they are overloade with 2 and 3 depts sales are down and no time to take care of our custemer they are our paycheck but we are so overworked and understaffed that they get little or no help ...and our management team has there favorite zone leaders that does nothing but walk with a clipboard and gets to do her routines while others are sweating stocking shelves and everything elseall we ever hear is your going to be coached if this or that is not done we used to have a good store but know the associates do not care any more,they are stressed so what's the answer to our store .

Jeremey profile image

Jeremey 5 years ago from Arizona

My sister was a regional security manager for just over two years, worked her way up from a cashier/customer service counter person over a four year period, once she hit the 18 an hour mark they found a reason to fire her ( a friendly smack on the ass of a male employee who did not make a complaint) and replaced her with an up and comer at 12 an hour, her replacement happened to be a very good friend of hers. WalMart sucks all the way around, at least now all the competition is joining together to keep them in check, there may be justice after all!

20 yr associate 5 years ago

Walmart is doing the the same things Kmart did years before they hit bottom where are they today.I remember all the rumors when it was happening and Kmart denied it back then. Walmart does not care about people anymore it's all about the bonuses all the way back to Bentonville,Arkansas. Can you say AIG bonuses.

dept manager in md 5 years ago

I am a dept manager of lawn garden seasonal and plants.also end up doing price changes in all other dept and doing the mods.my zms is lazzy and all she do is yell at me that I am not pushing my people hard enough.my stuff is allways done and I tell my people please and thank u and they work hard for me.but I was told I have poor job performance because I don't coach them enough.really . Totally stupid but all the other dept managers said my dept looks the best all I have is one fulltime and three part time people and we handle all them dept and they take me and my people to work frieght.I love what I do but management sucks

annonymous 5 years ago

All these statements are so true. I am a 16 year associate. Dept manager. I run two busy depts and can never get the work done. Love the fact that they introduce new things you should be doing added to your workload that you can not already finish. The statement about the zms's always in meetings is so true. Plus we get getted pulled to other areas to help when we have our work load too. Walmart is killing their people. The stock has not improved at all in how long? There is no growth because people come in and can not get the help. Unless they shop 7-4 is there best bet. Then again there dealing with frazzled workers. No growth? Because there loosing their customers! i am so stressed everyday and our store manager has no personality and a jackass at that. I am stuck being that I have worked for them for so long. I am praying for a miracle.

Ex Wal-Mart Employee 5 years ago

I have been with Wal-Mart Roughley four and a half years now, and have nothing good to say about them. They are Corrupt, Un-Fair, and money hungry communist. The only people they hire at my location are Teenagers or 40+ Year old employees. I work with over 10 people who are ex-cons and more then 20 people who don't speak english. This place is horrible you cant make a living here, and if you can your overworked. I will be starting a website soon about this and will keep everyone informed.

#0473 5 years ago

Ive been working for walmart for 2yrs now. I am used in every deparrment except my own. I and 3 others do 90% of the work in the store. Then they repay us by cutting hours. Im also up to be promoted to a csm, then a manager tells me hes going to speak against it because I wont be able to work the floor as much. thats not my problem. He could do some work but he would rather walk around with a clipboard. Im getting to the point of giving up and not trying but I need the job. But if im offered a job anywhere else im taking it. And what's funny is a girl got employee of the month and was then fired a week later for attendance and not doing her job.

Support Manager O/n 5 years ago

Worked there for 6 years now. Worked my way up the latter there started as cleaner for 3 years. things seemed fine at the the time then i seen new hires starting at the same wage as me but i put in more time then them. Next year i got promoted up to lead floor clear i seen the favoritism for people have seen a lot in this company. Tell u the truth what i have seen behind closed doors there is crazy ...Backstabbing to get to the top , cutting hours to where people cant cant live right, turning a blind eye to lazy people, giving a minimal pay rise of 30 cents regards less of how hard u work . the worst one of all classing people partime and giving them full time hours so the associate cant get benefits for his or her family and how sad is that for people trying to provide for there family. And for the WALMART MANAGERS reading this its the truth and i hope some one from HEAD OFFICES reads this too. To see what people are relly saying about the company . ( Respect for the individual but i never seen it if i try say anything about these topics u will just be ( blacked labeled )... after a year got promoted to support manager learned the ropes in and out . Helped train new assistants on over nights i could go on and on about this and the tings that and had happened to me but your thinking why and the hell do i put up with this . Im a people person that cares i want to make it too store manager to fix the problems one step at a time . I have lived it seen it and i did all this with hard work maybe one day i will make it there to fix the pit falls of this company .

christie 5 years ago

I've work for walmart for over a year..and I have never seen anything like how a place is ran..it is horrible! when they call u in..then they want to know why u r over ur schedule hrs..never enough help and u r the only one working for 5 hrs at a time...in the deli where u have to slice meat...work the hotcase...and keep stock on the shift...and managers never around to help whatsoever..they will walk by and see ppl lined up and they put their blinders on and don't even offer to help..and now we r having trouble with our ass manager who does not know anything about scheduling so they r gaps where there r no one schedule..and we text ppl to see if they can work cause our ass is never around...i guess when there is not an opener at 6 in the morning..maybe they will start paying attention...cause lot of us will not answer our phones..we have had it1 walmart is like politics..its who u know...not what u know...at this time I would not to b a part of a management team where Im at..I believe in hard work and helping our employees not sitting in the office and calling a deli worker to bring me some maynaise for my sandwich..and yes this has happen..I have very little respect for our management team..they haven't earned it..to get respect u have to earn it!

steve 5 years ago

I have worked for walmart for eight years and i really do care about my coworkers,customers,and the company.Unfortunantly everything that is being said in this blog is totally true.In our store the women in management are doing most of the work while the men do hardly anything at all.Our men zone managers are lazy while the women are team players.My Manager jumps me for leaving the counter long enough to take a customer to the product they are looking for instead of giving directions to something that is just three or four hours away.If allf we have more then one person at the Automotive counter one of us is being pulled to work in another location even when there are long lines of people waiting to pay for their oil changes.My lazy zone manager will walk by seeing long lines and give instructions then walk off leaving everyone waiting in line.Some of our assistant managers will pull other assistants help knowing they are on their three days off.Then when the assistant comes back they have to scramble and work much harder then they should have to because their work wasn't done because of the other assistants taking their help so they can remain fat and lazy.They have been cutting our hours down to thirty four hours a week which used to be just every January but now its lasting almost the entire year.One of our zone managers was forced into the zone position so they could add his department to another poor department manager.Our department managers are getting so much work added to them without any increase in pay.Associates on lower pay grades are being pulled to cashier because wal mart will not hire enough cashiers.Then the poor department manager is stuck trying to maintain two or even three departments with no help.These stupid score cards they talk about do no good because they just send Home office false data.Im at a wage where i cant go anywhere yet i cant advance because it means three times more work with a tiny pay increase that just woudnt be worth it.Please Home office,bring back the Walmart i used to know that knew the customer is truly our paycheck because eventually someone will bring back Sams philosophy into a different company which will bring us down to the middle of the pack instead of on top.

Me 5 years ago

As I former Walmart Manager this is so true. They simply promote based on nothing. Walmart would make a cashier a manager over shoes or an area they know nothing about and their life would be hell because they know nothing of the job and no time to learn it. I know Walmart will never go out of business but its fine to see the company go downhill.

Former WM Associate 5 years ago

I worked my way up to assistant from cashier...as a manager I had quite a workload. I heard that WM took away many of the responsibilities like scheduling, time and attendance and payroll, well most of the HR stuff from assistants. I thought, what a great idea. It would certainly lighten the workload, so they could concentrate on their areas. What happened? Was this not true? I left the company just prior to them making all the changes...

Wife of assistant mgr 5 years ago

I have worked for Wal-mart for almost 10 years, my husband has been an assistant for over 5 years, and I must say that whoever wrote this blog hit the nail on the head.

First of all, the new management structure-coming back to a mess is something my husband always complains about. He's gone for 3 days but when he comes back he comes back to a mess, and the whole "buddy system" doesn't work because the assistant who is in charge of looking after another assistant's areas, has their own to worry about. Not to mention the long hours which he finds draining. Really when you think of it, the old way they were schdeduled was more family friendly. They worked 7-5 3 days and then 12-10 for 2, which really isn't worse than what the average full-time worker deals with. If they needed off certain days every week, they could get it in many cases. With the new management structure, there is no flexibility. They have to work rotating days no exceptions. They can't request days off-if there is an important family event such as a wedding they better hope it's on their day off based on rotation, if not they have to rely on their "buddy" to work that day for them.

Second, it is so true about most DM's being women and that promotions are a joke. In the 10 years I have worked at Wal-mart I have seen very few male DM's, and when they do get a posistion it's almost always departments that are stereotypically considered male areas of interest(electronics, sporting goods and auto, hardware, etc.), whereas women have a much easier time getting into those departments. As for getting promoted from assistant to co-manager, nowadays it is much easier for women to get the posistion than it is for white males. My husband is considered a "promotable" manager, and has been lied to many times that he would be the next to get promoted, yet every time he gets an interview he gets told he needs to work on his interview skills. How you get promoted(from assistant to co at least)all depends on politics and how well you interview-how good you are or what you've accomplished plays no part in how they promote someone. The interesting thing about this is that for every store he has signed up for, the person who got the posistion was a woman. Personally I think they just use the "bad" interview excuse because they don't want to say outright that they want female co-managers. If you are male you have to rely on being the market manager's favorite to get a posision. They would also rather promote a shady low-life. I have worked at 2 stores, the first one I worked at we had an assistant get into an argument with a pregnant department manager, as he walked away(and there were witnessess who heard him and he admitted later that he said this)he mumbled "I'm going to kill your effing baby". His punishment? They transferred him to another store. He then got promoted to co and is now a store manager! How does that happen? Yet somoeone like my husband, who has shown such dedication to his job and treats people fairly, struggles just to make it to the second interview for co. He has had it and is now looking for other jobs. Honestly, he is better off and any other decent manager is better off not working at Wal-mart. 98% of Wal-mart managers would never cut it as a manager at any other company. The poor decision making on their part as far as promotions go with backfire on them eventually and Wal-mart will get to the point where it will be in big trouble. It couldn't happen to a more deserving company.

Ridiculous WalMart 5 years ago

I am the only full time employee in frozen department, but with this new management structure (which they told us would simplify everything) I am now under 9 managers:

dept. manager, grocery manager(didn't use to be under that), zone manager, 3 3rd shift assisstant managers, two 3rd shift support managers, and the store manager.

Had a co-manager for a while-some 22 year old female transferred in as co-manager but after 4 months was transferred out. And the people they hired recently are beyond belief. Kids were hired who play around all night, making our jobs harder, but management comes to us. The other night I had 15 pallets come in and they expected me to get it all done before I left or else I would have to stay over. and NO overtime allowed, not even a minute or that will be a coaching offense.

Coached 5 years ago

I am a dept mnger of garden center seasonal and plants . My management doesn't have a clue ! We just got our new store manager and were all feeling a lil more expendable now. I got lagitamitly sick and was out a week , the next week they did my annual review and trashed me ( a zms and assistant who haven't been my managers more than 8 weeks do my yearly) aswel as this I get coached for the first time in 2 yrs twice in one week.

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hotchacha 5 years ago

The Walmart I worked at had a woman go from overnight support manager to Co-manager in less than one year. It doesn't hurt that she has been super close with the manager she works "under" now. He was often seen at her son's baseball games when she was still an hourly associate, then when he became a store manager there was no stopping her advancements. Walmart has two sets of rules: the ones they publish and the ones they follow. Best day of my life was when I could walk out of there and start my own business. Will not shop there if they are giving it away.

daddys baby 5 years ago

everything that has been said is soooo true. WOW i just don't see how home office don't see this. I have worked for walmart 16years, and i never thought this company would end up like this.I was the department manager over intemates, but when they started that zms mess, i became manager over GET THIS NOW ,23,27,28,29,30,31,34,35,36, and 76 by myself with NOOOO DAY HELP, i never had a verbal, coaching r anything, but everyday here they come with y this anit done,y this not done, over, and over, and over.I don't know how much more of this i can take, completley STRESSED OUT, its to the point i tell them im not quiting so u might as well start the write up process for i can get my unemployment, give me my profit sharing and im gone. i know i will never ger another job making what i make now which is pretty good, but if i could find 1 that i can make at least 15hr im so out of there, i use to loveee my job cause i knew what i had to do, but now when i walk n there its like where do i start, this is soo sad for a trillion dollar company to treat its associates this bad smh!!!!

Jessica 5 years ago

Right on the nail! Glad that im not the only one who has seen this. everything you mentioned i first hand experienced. I lost my job at walmart this year and they came up with the most pathetic excuse just to get rid of me. I was a department manager and i was fired right after the zone managers were put in place. wish more people would understand what this company is really all about and how they treat people. And another thing THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY! They paint a good picture thought.

Overworked and underpaid 5 years ago

Wow, this is all true!!! I have read all of these posts and what I found was that Wal-Mart is the bomb. Well not technically a great thing but in reality a huge disaster. I think as an employee of two years there are many things that I have seen that blow my mind. I have seen Managers move up and get transferred because they were the best of them all. I feel underminded and stupid to work there. I have many different college degrees and still a bottom feeder of the totem pole. I fell that Walmart will never be the same and I am sure that Sam Walton is really rolling in his grave now!! I think that when people work at Walmart they really need to work for another place because they will drag you to hell and back for the time that you spend working there. How the heck are we supposed to live on little hours and little pay when I am more than likely the best Customer Service Associate they have seen in 20 years well give or take. But I get compliments EVERYDAY I WORK, so why is it so hard for them to give a person a raise, well at least more than 30-40 cents every year. What the heck!!! I think that one day Walmart will get its own back, per say doing what K-Mart did file for bankruptcy. So I will never shop there as long as I don't work there, in that case I better look for another job HUH!!!??

Sam 5 years ago

As a result of this, morale at stores is at an all time low, a surprising feat

All of this is engineered and done deliberately. They want the environment like this so that people will have no energy and confidence to do anything about the immense corruption. It is disgusting. Avoid this workplace.. Don't let it put burden into your life.. ever.

julie 5 years ago

Why does walmart alwalys wants u to have open avilb. Sign your life away.and if u after cut your hours back u catch hell.they treat u bad

Walmartsucks 5 years ago


AWalMartDroneNoMore 5 years ago

After accepting a job at my local WalMart, after a few months of being there, I will definitely implore any and all who are thinking about taking on a job from them...DON'T!

WalMart does have a way of draining the very ambition, soul, drive and intelligence from any person who is disillusioned enough to believe they can possibly climb the ladder to betterment through this company. Yes, WalMart does have a very corrupt management system!

WAL*SLAVE 5 years ago

I've found support for my feelings! But the sad part is that I "need" this job which makes it very difficult to show up every day. When I first started there 2 years ago, it drove me absolutely nuts, but now I have gotten used to the system, or I have just developed a mental block for the way management operates!

David 5 years ago

Well I used to work for them 24 Years over night. It was sort of and up hill battle when I first started but there for a short while it got better. Then It all went to hell If you were black you were promoted even if you had no clue as to what you were doing. Then comes along this new Taskmanagement sytem that is suppose to make it better for the customer, Ha what a joke. They would over task you then when you asked for help their answer was the taskmager says that you only needed 2hrs for that job.

Well the night I got fire finished my department all except the zone the Co Manger sent me to shoes to put up fright, I was close to being done had about 3/4 of a palett left but time was running out I asked the assistent manager if she could send send someone to zone for me her answer was that was a give you should have already done that. Well it angered me after all the times they sent me to help others that were not through so I over reacted and cursed her the *** out big mistake she was black, but she was breaking the rules to by riding in one of those electric carts all the time.

So yes Wal-Mart has go way down sense I started with them in 1987.

terminated 5 years ago

I worked for walmart for 13 years years. I was very dedicated, worked my way up the ladder from new store set up to assistant manager with in 7your years. After 13 years new store manager comes in. Him what do you think was next? Within 8 mos of her being there she starts to eliminate the assistants that wasn't part of the team she chose. I never in my whole 13 years ever been coached or even in trouble for nothing. With in 4 months I was coached and out the door alone with 3 other assistants and 2you more transferred out to other stores. Her excuse for firing me like I worked to much. Well if we didn't cut hours, send associates home early. I just might not had to work so hard. Way to go walmart. Save money hire cheeper help. Live better knowing your taking care of the dedicated ones first.

Jeff 5 years ago

Is there anyway to fight back. It is the same way at the distribution centers

me 5 years ago

quite complaining n go UNION nation wide.........just sign union cards,,,,,or band tagether n create a union type organization.......or deal with it........ive worked for wally for almost 7 years

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whooeee 5 years ago

a union would have no effect on

Walmart, and they wouldn't do any good for the associates, either. If they can't live on what Walmart is paying them, how will they live with the even less they will have after paying union dues? Meat cutters got a union in, and walmart promptly did away with the position. The best that associates can hope for is to keep the position long enough to pay the bills until a better job comes along. I worked at walmart for ten years and every so often there would be union talk in the air. The people that were pro union usually had a family member in a union some where else. And thought that the union sweet talk would actually fly at the world's largest retailer. Walmart would close a store before they would let it become union. I've seen that happen.I think that people come to sites like this TO deal with it, or that dreadful walmartblows claptrap. But a union will not ever ever take root in the walmart culture. ever.

Angry 5 years ago

This is how my experience has went. I have been there for a little over a year. I work in the deli and produce. I bust my ass and often have to stay over in the deli to clean way past my closing shift. They will schedule other girls til 10 and me til 11 and those girls will leave me with so much!! I have ended up being there til 2am some nights. They don't want you to work over but your ass gets rode if shit ain't clean. I have brought this to the attention of several managers since the month of June. Nothing gets done about it. I got my yearly eval two months late and didn't even get a raise because I don't clean good enough and my attendance. To hell with that! I stay over and clean up after everybody! I have had two excused medical leaves, one I was in the hospital! So yeah that's terrible attendance huh? The deli women have ganged up on me along with the dept mgr and I believe they're treating me so terribly and talking low about me to get me to quit. And get this, the two deli favorites are sisters! I thought family weren't allowed in the same dept? This is just the start of my problems. They want me to quit! Well I'm going to be a pain in the ass while looking for a new job and waiting to get fired! Fuck you WalMart you piece of shit company! You won't win over me.

Jacoby 5 years ago

A little clarity may be in order and I have decided that I will be the one to administer it. Say NO to unions!!! That will collapse the system. Understand what you are: rented. That's right--your rented out. You have rented your body and skills by the hour. As a human rental, don't complain.

Jacoby the Guru 5 years ago

It's Jacoby again. Remember how I said that you guys were rentals by the hour? Well, let me expand this a bit. I am your guru and here to help. The reason why you are "rentals" is because of an economic dependency that has occurred. You are all "wage slaves" sadly. Haven't you seen the light? The average person in American society makes $35k/yr. The one-percenters make that in a single day. Your all slaves--wage slaves that is. Go ahead, quit Walmart. It will do no good because wherever you go it is the same--wage slavery.

A little history lesson is in order. No need to applause. Thanks anyways. In the beginning of America times were tough--people starved, and even a little cannibalism took place in some regions. What saved the day? Tobacco! It was the savior of the farmers. Production eventually exploded and the new country became stronger. New farm hands were needed as so they toiled. Britain need more money for their wars and tobacco had to be strong. Eventually, those in debt were made to work off their debt on the tobacco farms. This led to an economic dependency. These indentured servants would walk off the job but due to landowner lawsuits, the indentured returned. If they bailed too many times, they were "sentenced" to more time on the tobacco farm. There was light at the end of the tunnel though. Often, once the debt was paid off, the debtor was given a parcel of land. As the years went on the dependency became severe and "sentencing" became harsher and harsher. Finally, a free black man had a farm and had his own indentured servants. Like the white man, he too had problems keeping his workers on the farm. Then one day a black indentured servant worked on another free black man's land. He fled and was captured and sentenced to life on the farm. That man was the first black slave. This occurred not because he was inferior. This occurred because of an economic dependency on tobacco. A few hundred years later it is called "wage slavery" only no one seems to realize it. Your slaves folks--all of you! Slaves! Only now your corporation is economically dependent on China.

We're all stuck in this together now--white, black (African-American if you prefer), yellow, red, brown and so on. The rich get richer because we're all just slaves with a kinder term: rentals. The only reason it is not too obvious is because the government printed money on paper. This kept us out of some scary scenarios. It won't matter anyways as we're heading for world war 3. Then we will be forced to work in the war machine.

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hotchacha 5 years ago

As soon as I hear that one percent class warfare crap, my eyes roll and I discount the person speaking. I am not defending Walmart itself, but I have seen associates who worked for the company for 30+ years and bought into the stock options retire with six figures. They started as stockers, or cashiers and were able to retire well. This isn't about the 1% or any of that class warfare crap. This is about people who are able and willing to work hard, put off their wants and plan for the future. Class envy doesn't help. That is probably why envy is one of the deadly sins.

Jacoby the Stooge? 5 years ago

hotchacha, envy seeks to destroy the good and leave the bad intact. Are you accusing me of leaving the bad intact? Money is portable power. All I am saying is that the one-percent should not have the power that they have in relation to the ninety-nine percent. The strange laws of money tweak portable power in such a way that an unnatural amount of power is beheld. Sure, you have seen a few work their way up to the one-percent but statistically they are outliers. They fall on the extreme end of the bell-curve. There are plenty of broke workers breaking their backs and they are legion. So don't poke me in the eyes, grab me by the nose, and slap me about the face like I am one of the Stooges!

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hotchacha 5 years ago

jacoby, while I "enjoy" your dissertations on envy, I start to laugh when I read the substance of your thoughts. I am glad to see that you are putting that thesaurus to work. Well done. But the bottom line is this: unions will not take a foot hold, or even a toe hold in Walmart. The majority of the people that work there know that it is a bridge to a better job, not a career. They will work there until something better comes a long, they stopped being emotionally vested in the company long ago.Walmart would close a store that unionized, I've seen them do it. Then where would those associates be? The union can only try to get concessions from Walmart, they cannot succeed. Then the associate(if they still have that job) will be forced to live on less money as no union works for free. How else would the leaders show up in those huge chauffeur driven cars? The envy that seems to drive you to the use of larger words than are necessary is human nature. If I am eating a diet of bolgna, I cannot help but wish I could be one of those enjoying filet mignon. My choices are then A) complain to the government that it isn't fair, and hope that they redistribute the filets even though I haven't earned one yet. so that we both end up with ham salad, or B) bust my butt, work hard and earn my own filet. I prefer "B" and I think that the majority of non-lazy people do also. There will always be people with more than you, even in communism and socialism there are those on the inside who receive better rations than the average. Your complaint, rant, whine, seems to be that you are not one of the ones who have more. I missed the part where life is fair. You should grow up and realize that also. No one owes you anything except the chance. Four years ago I was homeless and living in my car. I worked four jobs and saved every nickel, doing without many things that others would consider necessities and in reality they aren't. I still live sparsely, choosing real needs over wants. I now own my own business, and I have rental properties. That happened because I work very hard (80+ hours a week)and don't have the luxury of living in a tent and holding a placard demanding what I have not earned. As for the tail end when you devolved into the stooges reference, I still have no idea what that means. I do not disagree that there are plenty of broke workers, but I also know that if I can work hard and succeed, so can they. I tell my sons that you can either go through life on your feet or on your knees, and the view is much better on your feet. You should stand up and try it. It's so much better that being consumed with envy. nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

Jacoby bin Nobi 5 years ago

Wow, hotchacha...your paragraph was taller than any of my paragraphs and seemed to overlord me! Your words grabbed me into a headlock and gave me a noogie. I thought your union ideas were noteworthy. They are something to think about. Your hard work in also noted. However, in the end, we are all just another brick in the wall.

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hotchacha 5 years ago

Wow, jacoby. You chose to comment on the length of my answer? If I could have found smaller words, or less of them, I surely would have. These seemed the best toward making my point, though. Actually, it wasn't that much hard work, my 10th grade typing class still serves me well. But if it gave you something to think about, it was well the minute it took to type it in.Nice reference to Pink Floyd and the stooges. Don't think I've even seen those two referenced in the same point. Good luck at Walmart, I'm thankful everyday that I made it out alive. I would enjoy continuing this conversation outside of this venue, let me know if you are interested.

Jacoby 5 years ago

Peace be with you hotchacha....?

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hotchacha 5 years ago

And also you, Jacoby. Let me know if you want to continue the conversation outside of this confine.

hithimup 5 years ago

I have worked for the company and some of the concerns are true. All of you running around like crazy, they have a structure, follow it. It's all about knowing what the vision is. If your team has no clue what the vision or goal is then you tend to be disfunctional. Don't blame the company company for your inability to do your job. It's called have a plan, execute it, delegate and follow up.If you have your Merchandise Supervisor put down the Telezon/Gemni then maybe the could get the job done. Have to agree on the promotions no consistenc, shouldn't be an interview process. Glad to be in a store where we work as a team, know what the vision is and everyone know there role. Shame on your management staff for not sharing the vision. Lack of vision no mission accomplished. Our Team Rock!!!

DannyJ 5 years ago

Yes I am an assitant and have been for six years with Walmart. And yes everytime things get stressful, I start to get negative feelings, just like thinking about all these post, there all negative unhappy people. However, looking at the men and women on the side of the road with (need work sign to feed my family), I instantly feel very blessed to have a job, and with knowing that almost all the other career paths I could have taken no longer exist, because they since then closed due to lack of business. I also remind myself that I am getting sufficient pay to work very hard everyday. Its also important to remind myself that I choose a path that did not include a college degree, (what else did you think you were owed in life). People try for once to look inside your self and remember its what you make of it. And no im not one of those managers that stand around and delegate all day, because I started off as an hourly associate, so I know what its like. Just happy to be employed at this time, and I don't feel like a slave, because im getting someone elses pay to work for them.

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hotchacha 5 years ago

I believe that everyone who is posting is happy that they have a job. It is comical that when walmart, inc has no decent response, they fall back on their gameplan: 1) blame the negativity of the person with the problem ie: you need to work on your attitude, you need to be happy about the meager wages we allow you to have. You have to rely on foodstamps to feed your family? well, at least you get a discount on some of the things you purchase here.

2)just be happy that you HAVE a job, no matter how crappy that it is, we can always change that.

Joe 5 years ago

The Walmart Pharmacy in Cresent City, CA is by far the worst pharmacy I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with. My wife has to use them because of the Humana Insurance she has. They pharmacy and even the store manager will NOT give us the phone number of who their director is. I want to complain to that level, because they just won't quit lying to us. They say that the prescriptions are ready and I get there and I still have to wait around for them to even fill them sometimes or they tell me I have to come back because they only have 1/2 of the order, when they did not tell me that when I was on the phone checking to see if it was ready. All I want is the phone number of the next level up.

However, after reading all the complaints I now believe that the problem is deeper and that I will never get to that level and not only that, but that Walmart simply could care less about a lone voice in the night. Someday they may have a bigger problem when someone goes WALMART on them like employess of the Post Office go postal. Does anyone have a phone of the person who is overall in control of the pharmacies?

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hotchacha 5 years ago

Joe, call 1.800.walmart and go through the options until you are able to leave a message for the higher levels of management. They will most likely blow smoke up your butt at first but stand firm. Demand something for your time because more than anything this company hates giving things away to please a disgruntled customer, Make sure that you tell the higher ups that you were not able to get their number from the store- it should be posted prominently. Good luck, please let me know if you get what you need

Matt 4 years ago

Wow! I thought i just had it bad. I started about 6 months ago. My goal was to move up as fast as i could so i was a "Yes" man. My first four months i was stolen by three three different departments, i was asked to promote to merchandise supervisor of infants, i said yes and have spent two months in hell. The night crew is short 8 stockers plus two more are quitting very soon. Every morning i come into work and i have three pallets and some rocket karts to work and bin because they did not have enough people to work it the night before. After spending hours on that crap i have no time to finish my price changes, mods, and all the other crap that is expected of me. Then i get talked to about how im not finishing my work, i explained i can do my job but not the job of an over night stocker too. They say, im still new i will get it down. I will fail, it is not possible for me to complete everything. They also wont schedule my associate during my shift because they say they need her in the late afternoon, so almost every shift i am alone. FML. Glad to know im not the only one.

Louis 4 years ago

Everything I read here only supports what I am experiencing as a Merchandise Supervisor at Walmart. I have over 26 years experience in retail management and am new to the company. I've worked for nearly every major retailer in the US from the east coast to the west coast. Never seen anything like the management structure in pace at Walmart. Any current Walmart Associates can do their part to protect basic human rights and dignity at the workplace by posting this link to their walmart profile page. You could be fired, but perhaps some good may come of it.

screwkick 4 years ago

I work at Walmart as a merchandiser. All I hear in the associate lounge is conversation about how bad Walmart sucks and how the managers are idiots.

Had to get out 4 years ago

Wal-Mart is the worst place I ever worked in Retail. They treat their employees like idiots. They have no respect for their employees or their customers. I worked for them as a Store Manager and our store and associates worked very hard. We were treated with no respect and our Market Manager needs a class on how to be a leader.

WalMartSucks 4 years ago

I am a Union man and I stopped shopping at WalMart years ago because I didn't like the way they treated their employees. It's funny how people are led to believe unions are the cause of all our problems. Maybe the problem is with greedy corporations who are never satisfied with how much they have.

llamplady 4 years ago

get rid of zms some walk around all day and do nothing but bark orders and sit in the back printing paperwork that means absolutely nothing to me my zms is a waste of payroll--she hasn't helped in my department in three years. take their position away and put them in departments working or use her payroll to hire a new associate who is willing to work unlike her

Laughingtothebank 4 years ago

I have been working at Walmart for 50 days now. Let me tell you this has been a real eye opener. As the most Conservative Republican you will probably find, I have always been against unions, not because I think they are evil, but because I have always had the privelage of working for good decent companies, (Ex,.Staples). In only 50 short days, I will honestly say, this entire company needs a Union. Not one store at a time, but across the entire nation. Task management is a joke, in order to meet your so called quota, you have 38.4 seconds per box, that includes opening, placing product, and breaking your box down.

If you are a good hard worker, expect to get a bad review, so that your supervisor locks you under them for 6 months, at a time.

Upper management blames associates for problems, when in fact, upper management is the problem.

Our Store is 8 months old, and currently I doubt it will see it's second year anniversary without a complete overhaul.

Here is some advice for you managers that may read this. The best company I have ever worked for was Staples. The management all up and down the line was supportive, encouraging, well trained, promoted from within, and never had a chip on their shoulders. We worked our behinds off for our company, not because we was being barked at, but because we knew we were appreciated. I knew that Staples would support a decision I made, If I unknowingly misrepresented a product or service. Yes I did make a few mistakes, and each time Staples supported ME, and instead of a punishment, I was trained the appropriate way to handle the situation. I was always given the tools to do my job. In turn I produced 30-40k in added sales each and every month. To this day, 5 years after leaving Staples, I still speak nothing but high praises for the place. So now finally my advice is, Lead by example, send praise where it is due, and let your associates do their job the right way. Productivity goes up without micromanagement.

Wolfman45acp@yahoo.com 4 years ago

Damn straight!!!! This is an accurate analysis of Wmart. I have been working at Wmart for about 7 months. I retired 7 years ago and taught high school for 3 1/2 of those years. I failed to complete my teacher certification, I tried twice, because I couldn't take the damn commie leninists in the schools of education!!! I then worked as a teaching assistant, what a damn joke for the next 3 years and finally wrote up my letter of resignation and took it to the VP and 2 wks later I was outta there!!! Anyway I was looking for another job to earn a few extra bucks so I thought, WMART, must be a good place to work and with my experience, I worked for 31 1/2 years for another corporation and was a field office supervisor in 5 different states for 28 of those years. Well hell that didn't matter a bit. The dumbass managers never want to hear any suggestions. They are rude one and all. From the co-managers, assistant managers, ZMS types, all of them. They are the lowest scum on earth. Poorly educated, not very bright (if they were top shelf they would have been sucked up by a real corporation). They have NO interpersonal skills, yell and try to intimidate instead of acting rationally. We are always having meetings where one of the assistants, co-managers or the much overrated store manager is telling us that the reason for the problems in the store is that we are not doing our jobs correctly. Well, that is partly true but there is nepotism up the wazoo in the store I'm at. I have tried to offer suggestions at the meetings but to no avail. I have been told "I don't want to hear it, this is MY meeting", or "I don't want to hear any excuses", or "I will make sure you are fired from Wmart", or "just shutup and listen, I don't want you always making comments", etc. This is surreal, the place is a nightmare and the managers are the dumbest of the dumb. They are incompetent fools. I work as an unloader and am able to keep up with the young guys and gals, I actually like the work and those with whom I work but the managers are horrible, irrascible and horribly incompetent. I have tried to tell them that the way they relate to the worker bees is not the way to get productivity out of us. In fact, the morale is rock bottom because to the fools who are our supervisors. I supervised employees for 28 years and NEVER did I treat any of my subordinates the way these donkeys treat their subordinates. By the way I almost forgot; micromanagement in an understatement; there are a few micromanagers who are constantly in your face and on your back and they are dumb as stumps. If these asses would just backoff the entire store would be better and our tasks would get done sooner. I'm sure there are no blue chippers at Wmart. The blue chip management types are working for a real company not Wmart. I can't stress enough how incompetent these fools are and they are so stupid they don't know they are incompetent. I have a graduate degree in chemistry but find that the only people at wmart who care about that are the young folks I work with as I try to inform them of a variety of topics. I have had managers give me a lecture on the chemicals, dept 13, and the importance of being careful, watching out for leaks and spills and the hazards. Not one of the brain dead managers wants to hear a damn word I have to say. They are so hung up on their positions at "Wmart"??? Give me a break. As I mentioned there is nepotism here: cousins, and other relatives of the damn store manager. Oh well, inventory is coming up and my hope is that there will be so much "shrinkage" that the store manager's ass will be relocated along with a demotion. It's late and I'm getting tired. I could go on for hours about the tomfoolery I see every day at wmart!!!!! One other thing; the managers and dept managers display a level of arrogance I have never seen before except perhaps with professional athletes and politicians. They are enamored with their miniscule power and don't even know how foolish they look to other assocaites and the customers.

laughingtothebank 4 years ago

I hear ya wolfman, I had one of my managers try to school me on wireless routers after I helped a customer. She said I was wrong in my advice and should have pushed the wireless B+G instead of the Wireles-N, because it was more stable. (She Knew because she had one at home) But I guess her personal experience out weighed my 6 years at Cisco as Lead Service Tech. The very same lady, also tried to tell a customer that HDMI isn't important for a television, as long as the TV had a S-video input. Luckily I caught the customer before he purchased her suggestion.

But as the old saying goes about the blind leading the blind, Walmart will lose out to its competitors in the long run. I am sure our tax money will bail them out in the distant future.

laughingtothebank 4 years ago

I see things like this all the time. Dumbass managers and employees in over their heads giving customers wrong advice. with that experience at Cisco you should be the damn store manager, I'm sure you have a lot more G2 than the current managers. Think you are correct, wmart will lose out in the long run, at least I hope they do. All the guys I work with go to Best Buy to purchase their electronics!!!!!

LetsKillWalmart 4 years ago

So lets all do something about this then?! We all hate Walmart we all want to put them to an end, or at least completely rehaul the obviously corrupt corporate structure. I worked for Walmart for 17 months and got fired for "stealing time" when I was doing the same exact thing as numerous other employees that didn't get shit done to them! I swear I wish for nothing more then to completely unemploy every manager involved with screwing me over.

treasurefinder16 4 years ago

Hello - I would so love to be in contact with this manager. I have a lot to speak with him/her about. I am a current 23 year associate - I am involved in an Organization that is actively trying to get WM back on track. Things have gotten so horrible and associates are beginning to shed the fear of speaking out. Please please contact me through treasurefinder16@gmail.com

currently employeed #0591 4 years ago

Where do I even begin. The above story written is not fictional story. It is truly a horrible place to work. Management belittles, degrades, snide remarks,plain out tells you what a crappy job you do, its like working in Hell. I have an ASM state how they are going to get rid of this or that person simply because they have a problem with that associate. In fact, for medical reasons they were going to be written up even though they have an intermiditian loa. Then later in this shift was told what a horrible stocker they were. Exactly where is the 3 basic beliefs in this store? A pregnate woman has papers from the doctor stating what she is allowed to lift due to high risk pregnancy (by the way she miscarried a couple times before due to their ignorance) that she is the DM and she is to do her job, or an associate put on a D-Day for call ins and leaving shift early due to seizures. Another cart associate told to clean up puke of a customer by an ASM within the store and the cart associate explains he cannot handle his own childs vomit. The ASM makes a remark "Then maybe your child should be taken away, and you do not deserve your child." You are belittled in front of staff and customers. People hate coming to work if they say they don't then they are either lying or there the ones that get away with everything. People are fired left and right for attendance issues but others who have worse attendace issues there times mysteriously disappears. How do I know. I am in a position I can tell you. It simply amazes me how not only this store but other stores continue with their ASM behavior. There were two ASM eating at a restaurant debating who does a better job of getting out of work than doing work, and laying it all on another ASM. If associates approach them they pretend to be so busy on the computer, which hello its the web site for purchasing Wal-Mart products. They text on their phones all shift, disappear from the store, happily humping niave associates inside and outside the store, go to the golf course while on clock, purchase vehicles while on the clock, take naps while on duty,oh my so, so much more that it is insane. I say make Management clock in and out and use the 800 call in number like the associates do and you will see when they are late, call in. Investigate the stores because Wal-Mart is wasting money in management while the little person suffers. I mean come on 12 hours of paper work, unlikely. I seen certain ASM roll up there sleeves to help their department out and be told no you are not suppose to do that, why not. Unfortunate she is a new ASM and quickly learned you do not do those things. Why? Because you show up the other lazy ASM and make them look bad. There idea of work is passing it along to their ZMS, DM, or an associate. My goodness they would allow a truck for the night suffer because they cannot remove theirselves from their office to find people to work the truck or roll up there sleeves and work on the line themselves.

laughingtothebank 4 years ago

@treasurefinder16, good luck getting people to contact you, most of us still employed there do have a fear of losing our jobs by becoming proactive. When you look at how a company this size handles things, by throwing away good employees who only want to build it further you will understand why we have that fear.

Now I feel I must give my store a little credit where it is due. We had a Supervisor go on Vacation, and had an Assistant Store Manager cover her shift for a week. It was the most pleasant work experience I have had at the store since starting. This man literally came around to everyone individually, worked side by side, and offered us guidance on better efficiency. He also took our suggestions and implemented them immediately. Our shift which usually had 78-80% task efficiency, rose on his third day to 170%. This is a man that made me want to work for him. I not only felt appreciated, but the work became easier even though our trucks were the largest since opening. So Kudos to the most competent Manager in the store.

Now as far as starting a movement, I have always shopped locally owned stores, and will always continue to do so. Many people don't realize there are still small locally owned businesses, that offer a better selection of high quality products. For instance, my local hardware store sells nails and screws by the pound for under 2 bucks, while that same screw or nail, is sold at Lowes for 9 bucks a pound. The deals have always been there, all these national retailers offer, is a wide variety of nonspecialized products, under one roof.

Support your local businesses, because when they disappear, major retailers will raise the prices of goods and services as they will have no competition or incentive to keep prices low.

thomas 4 years ago

i have worked at wallmart for 3 years. ive seen first hand how management works, on a daily basis. just got promoted to csm not too long ago and its very stressful. its hard to do my job when upper management wont or doesn't even know how to do theirs. Returns are the most difficult thing for me to deal. When i try to follow policies, upper management over rides me everytime. but they are in the wrong! i don't understand what my job is for if they will not let me do it! Home OFfice needs to do something about this!

laughingtothebank 4 years ago

Today was the last straw for me. After completing 7 hrs of assigned tasks, in 5 and a half hours, I was told I wasn't doing enough. Mind you I did my own assigned tasks as well as the picks which was assigned to another person, in the amount of time of my tasks alone. As well as disposing of the boxes, and returning the overstock to the binners for 5 departments. So now, I no longer have the slightest respect for Walmart or its mindless managers. With my two week notice turned in just an hour ago, I give warning to anyone thinking of applying there, no matter what you do, how good of a person you are, and how good your work ethic is, You will not be treated with any amount of respect. You will always be expendable so that clueless, so called leaders can continue being employed at your expense. Good luck to those staying at walmart, you have my utmost sympathies. I pray you find a way out.

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hotchacha 4 years ago

@ Thomas, you have my sympathies. I worked for Walmart for 10 years, two of those as a CSM.It doesn't matter if you follow the rules on returns, there is always a whiny customer who will have management over rule you. My bestadvice is that if it is something illegal-returning baby formula-or something the store doesn't even carry(had a co manager override me and return cut carpet that the store didn't even sell)-how about that Ron Jr.?- just do the best you can and when it is something that is clearly against policy have management use their numbers in the system to c.y.a

Ihate walmart 4 years ago

I don't think all of these posts are correct. Some associates and myself just turned in a manager for stealing and they saw it on camera. Since he is great friends with the dm they are bringing him back on a second chance. Im going looking for a new job immediately!!!!

Ihate walmart 4 years ago

It was supposed say i think these posts are correct sorry about that

Melissa Williams 4 years ago

I currently work for Walmart. In my opinion, they are all about the big guys at the top getting richer. Screw us, the ones that bust our asses, and put up with so much.....yeah......I could go on and on, but I don't need to......just read the blog.

yup 4 years ago

(I've been waiting for webpage like this to finally resurface.) How do I really feel; after 6 years of unloading trucks and going on my seventh? I'm sarcastic to the nth degree, I just sigh or laugh when a newer associate gets angry or mental. I listen to music with philosophical insights (Dethklok, aka Metalocalypse) and I know what all the managers think they know or pretend to know. I work around the managers who need an attitude adjustment, and I talk to the managers who will talk to me. But I've learned the one thing that keeps employed is this, at the end of the day just shut up and do your job.

GasLeak 4 years ago

I've worked for Walmart for 7 years now. I have seen a steady and rapid decline. Task Management is a serious joke. I am in Massachusetts and we have to price everything on top of it, which is not factored into the time according to our managers, yet we are still held to this time or told to just sign in and out of it to keep the score well. In the past year my coworkers have been reduced by HALF. The same workload still comes in, and hours are cut. They expect you to do the same amount with less people and same work. Doesn't help that some of your coworkers are the laziest pieces of slime you'd ever meet in your life, meanwhile there are homeless looking for jobs.

The backroom program is so asinine. It creates more OUTS on the floor because no one knows what the hell they're doing back there. Day and night shift do NOT communicate, things aren't properly scanned in or out. It is such a mess, such a joke. Used to be great, used to love working my butt off and getting it done. Now I have to do the same thing, work my butt off -- don't mind that, but hate all the other BS that's included. Morale??? What is that?

former department manager 4 years ago

This is the god honest truth. They hit everything on the nose with a nail. Its a shame how walmart treat their employees. Got fire for an assistant manger nit knowing her job and not taking full responsibility and took advantage of her position and I was fired and she was a liar. Walmart in norwalk ct on connecticut ave. What a shame.

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momaoak 4 years ago from Greenwood, AR

I worked for Walmart for 7 years and am glad that I escaped after college. My mother has been there for 25 years, and she has seen all of this. She was a department manager forever and loved it. Then she was given more areas to manage as people left, or as they were let go. She now has 3 departments to manage and hates it. When I had my son whe took vacation and came to stay with me. At her next evaluation she was told she would not get the top rating because the girl who was supposed to cover while she was gone did a bad job. She didn't hire this person, has no control over what she does, can't coach or write her up, but she is penalized for what she does. The manager who did this evaluation is no longer there-they seem to have a rotating door. She hates her job, but who would hire her after all this time? I worked for a company 3 years and made more an hour than she did after 20 years. Walmart is an evil empire.

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tiltshift 4 years ago from Merryland

Very interesting insight. Im in the management level of a dept store and have seen and heard of a fair share of unjustifiable promotions within many larger corporations. I'm not in the US nor from walmart though but the situation is pretty similar.

Silver Dragon 4 years ago

This article is 100% correct. I was a dept manager until they gave me multiple depts and no raise. i became so stressed and even more stressed because of the overly stressed attitude of the zone supervisors. i stepped down and became a sales associate in electronics and by the time of my next evaluation my raise brought me right back to what i was making as a dept manager just without the stress and depression. they have def become an absolute shit company that treats people like they are nothing but dirt under their feet. They will soon see a rapid decline and end up a dying whale just like Kmart. I hope Sam Walton gets up out of his grave and smacks the shit out of his greedy elitist minded children.

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hotchacha 4 years ago

@silver dragon- I doubt that his children have any day to day role in the company, and I doubt if you would have refused the money had sam walton been your father

Concerned 4 years ago

It seems to me that all the changes walmart has done from home office have been negative in every way. It's sooo sad to hear sooo many people suffering and unhappy in a company with sooo much potential,it seems this company needs a better structure than what it is now.I think with the new management system now the company is not running any better but worse. We need more little people(workers)and better bonuses incentives for better morale(encouragement)the little people are the backbone and they are very valuable in making this company grow like never before...with all the negative things about walmart im surprised this company is still standing..but for how long with the way it is going now..SOME ONE IN CHARGE OF THIS COMPANY PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR LITTLE PEOPLE THAT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!WE WORK GROUND ZERO AND SEE WHAT IS HAPPINING..THANK YOU

germanmom 4 years ago

They are so right. My hubby works for them, and I've seen my poor hubby go from happy go lucky and eager to get the day started to, now, after a year of being in their management system, being so stressed out he's a totally different person and we ( our family) try to be understanding and listen., and tiptoe around his stress. He comes home with stories about his people he's supervising, who are so worried over their jobs and being run ragged and managed in a very chaotic and lose-lose fashion. Like running through a gauntlet everyday. God Bless the Wal Mart worker because they're really in hell. I used to shop there, but now I go to Aldi's. I hope God will have a Wal-Mart accountability day for causing so many people such hell, when it doesn't have to be this way.

Kk 4 years ago

Work for wmart over 4yrs. I hate it mainly because of the work load and cut hrs. I can barly get my job done in 8 hrs them they cut hrs during holidays!!! I'm exhausted all the time! I don't mind hard work but, I feel bad when I can't get done and I work myself 2 death and it's not appreciated at all.

Rene 4 years ago

I am currently a CSM and in August I will be there for 7 yrs. I see first how poorly the operations run there. I was wondering what are the benefits for being there this long? I have been stuck between leaving immediately and staying? Where do I go from here?

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hotchacha 4 years ago

Rene- start researching jobs in your area. Dust off your resume and see what is in the area. Having been a csm myself, you have a lot of skill at defusing situations and providing customer service. That can translate into all sorts of opportunities. Walmart will be where Kmart was ten years ago- especially now that it is just another faceless corporation without a soul. Good luck.

cindy 4 years ago

I am a cashier for 2 years and will not make it til. I'm one of the furiously working while others slack off even while a manager is watching. There's so much favoritism its not funny. Forget getting your breaks on time! You're so busy covering for the slackers that you're lucky if you get a break at all! I got a coaching for telling a customer the line beside me was open. That cashier had her light on but want to wait on the customer. Afterwards she came over to me and yelled at me causing a giant scene. Since she was one of the favorites, I was told I should have told a csm (who do their jobs either) and that I was the one who created the situation. The other cashier even said I swore at her, which I didn't, just to get me fired. If I find another job soon, I'm quitting just to keep my sanity!!

Stress 4 years ago

Looks like we all have faced many of the same things!! Many of those situation happens in all corperation .. I think the workers, hourly workers should be talked to about what's happening all over , walmart stores!! We do need something to be done!!

trying to get out 4 years ago

Im stuck between a hard place and a rock...im an asm and the only one working in my household so i have to suck it up for now. Recently, I've been trying to hire new hourly supervisors and the questions that am being asked by my fellow male mgrs are, "is she pretty?" or "would you really like to promote someone who doesn't take care of themselves?"...as a woman, Im offended but whose going to believe me....I need to find a job quick....

Eric 4 years ago

Wal mart does what they want to do. They will continue to do it. They have a "Team" Lawyers working full time for them. They also have a great name "WAL" because thats what you run into if you try to get them to do the right thing. They all all machines with no human values. Exactly what they want. They are now run by computer from the top down. This computer is built for turnover. Its all about bottom line!!

William 4 years ago

My wife told me of a bread man who had a good weekend of bread sales. He told the manager of the store of his good weekend and the so called manager instead of saying good job hes said "what do you want? a cookie?"

This is a prime example of what wal mart has lined lined up for its management staff. A response like that comes from a very ignorant individual.

junior 4 years ago

all you guys are envious, losers, and don't know a thing!!! have a good day

bj and bear 4 years ago

I work for walmart in maint. and boy do the o/n managers really load up the jobs on us.Not only do we have to strip wax scub, buff the floors - and the general cleaning..but we have to stock,get shopping carts, walk around the store at night and pick up trash in the dark because our manager is too damm cheap to fix anything like the lights in the parking lot.The cart pushers carts are broke so they have to push the carts in by hand in 100 degeree weather. Last night my manger gave me a whole list of work to do because the market manager and his friends were visiting in the morning.

He then asked me who in maint. was here and I said just me and Rosa an old lady.

Well he was surprised and asked where was everyone -I said loa, va, or just day off.

Managers don't know a damm thing about building maint. or what is all involved. We went from winning cleanest store in the district to almost a ghetto store, due to this new manager.This new "task" system does not allow us to wax places like grocery, because it would mess up the stockers time. Thus we only put 1-2 coats of thin wax which only lasts a couple of days.

And they hired a waxing crew to bring up the floors but treat them the same way.At one time the Johnson wax reps came to look at our floors and asked how we kept them so shiny. Now they look dull.We only buff them 1-2 times a week.Management sucks and there is a special place in Hell for them.

HP 4 years ago

Last week our overnight manager told an old lady stocker that she needed to work faster and gave her 12 more pallets to do with no help.

She got so upset she started crying uncontrolably to the point she started throwing up all over the floor in HaB.

Some man he is scaring an old lady into crying and making her sick. This type of idiot is a first class coward and asshole.

ta 4 years ago

the only thing that holds you back:

is the way you think!

got it?

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hotchacha 4 years ago

ta: if you really believe the tripe you typed

than you really have swallowed the walmart koolaid!

got it?

ta 4 years ago

been in gro retail for 41 yrs. retired from albertsons.

the message is:

they don't give a shit about u,

and u shouldn't give a shit about them.

go do ur job and laugh the day away.

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hotchacha 4 years ago

ta: 41 years at any place that isn't Walmart doesn't mean anything.

Walmart is an environment unlike any other.

My message is: you can go through life on your feet or your knees

the view is much better on your feet.

Laughter is usually from people with no idea what is going on.

James 4 years ago

Worked in the Wal-mart deli for a couple months. fyi I worked full time in a deli for 6 months a few years ago so I know how it should run. I had a lot of respect for walmart before that. Of course I came into the deli with a manager that was 18... 18..... A woman of course. All 3 store managers were women. My managers problem with me. I worked hard and focused on tasks I was familiar with and focused on customers because I am an amazing with customers. Also 3-4 of 5 shifts were closing so I didn't do stuff like cooking. So I bide my time and do what I need to and wait till my schedual puts me in days more because the 1 day a week I could cook won't let me learn a rhythm. She finally drags me back for coaching cause she is an idiot that can't even keep us stocked with bags and paper towels. And I let he have it. The Assistant manager there(woman) makes excused for her terrible lack of leadership and terrible performance at providing us with sufficent stock and not communicating with us when the facility is out of stock. As a dedicated clerk I get upset when I can't serve my customers. 2 weeks later I was let go for trying some of the product we feed the customers. Even though 2 of 3 deli clerks will eat stuff we have to throw away or even keep drinks back there. I got in trouble for prophanity that was common and I wasn't comfortable with but every did. As I came back from coaching. The whole deli was back there with our manage and she was talking about bestiality. The corruption of walmart is rediculous. If you might work there. or know someone starting there. If they aren't a women. Tell them they have no hope. Just do your job and don't piss off any women that work there. Cashiering is the best job if you must work there. I never got bothered and got high high praise when I was cashiering. Don't forget to report everything. Especially if you see someone above you doing something. That way they can't touch you because of retaliation.

corporateconfused profile image

corporateconfused 4 years ago

Just so you all know. "The Home Office" is fully aware and treats their own employees the same way (ahem, personal experience). They just pay them more so that they won't talk about it (however you couldn't pay me a trillion to keep my mouth shut). I advise you to find a new job somewhere else and if given a chance to vote on policies that limit Walmart's power please take the opportunity. The number of people treated poorly by that company far outweigh their current personnel and allies. Remember, Walmart is not legally obligated to follow their own policies...and therefore they won't. In order to stop them, enforcable laws must be put into place. Currently they just use those policies to justify firing you...how convenient :) Suing the company costs thousands, as Walmart will spend all their money and resources to throw wrenches in the justice system and will keep appealing until practically all you end up with is a Walmart gift card for $20. Just have faith that if there is any good left in this world, they will be brought down eventually.

josh 4 years ago

Wow did you work at my walmart?

Lucy 4 years ago

WOW!!!! I thought my store was bad.The lies,cover ups,protecting certain ones who know too much or became real friendly with a manager,I mean real friendly.

Foy 4 years ago

Been at Walmart for almost four years. The first 9 months as an o/n stocker and the last 3 years as inventory supervisor 4-1. It's not a super store but it's changed so much 3 store managers have told me they want to promote me to asst mngr but so far only talk. I've had at times one or two unloaders with 1000-2000 piece trucks to unload, sort break packs, trailer list electronics, epc, down stack pallets, pull pallets, pick anywhere from 300-600 picks, and run them. Many times working until 2-3am and then being told not to get overtime. Now they give me 35 hour weeks and my unloaders keep quitting. I tried to speak with the store manager about the promotion and she said she needs associates who go above and beyond what they are supposed to do. I feel as if I've been black listed and will never move forward they might try to target me like an unloader that I was told to watch to see if he slipped up in any way so he could be fired.

tired 4 years ago

Ive worked at walmart for almost a year. I was trained for sporting goods and hardware. After I was trained in those departments they "cross trained" me to do tle, fabrics, shoes, toys, site to store and electronics. So now I always work until 10 and everyone else leaves at 8 except electronics and I cover everything else.

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hotchacha 4 years ago

@ tired- get used to it. They will not appreciate you, just use you up. I was able to run a cash register and the front end. I could also mix paint, cut keys, sell licenses, write on cakes and cut fabric. On any given night, I would be expected to run the freight in chemicals on o/n and or any of the other things as well.

Bbk 4 years ago

Its the absolute truth, all of the responsibility for everything that needs to be done falls on the department managers and no one else is held accountable for anything. You have more bosses than employees underneath you and they keep increasing workload without giving out any more hours. Some of the ideas and processes are actually good but your not given the resources to do them cause you're always putting out fires. You are setup for failure and even the people who work their ass off for this horrid company are eventually coached and then either fired or most just end up quitting cause their soul is more valuable than their paycheck even in in this economy.

Get back 4 years ago

I've been working at walmart too, and I've been thinking of ways to get back at them. Black Friday is the key, but striking is way too timid. Ultimately, you can ruin the entire system without lifting a finger. If you work at Wal-mart, get yourself a couple coffee cups and fill them with water. Put the cups in the freezer and freeze them. Go into the bathroom and remove the ice cubes from the cup. Then go into their computer room and place the ice cubes on top of the computers. (may have to sneak the cubes in your coat pockets) When the computers start frying, you'll be long gone and a hundred other people will have been in and out of that office on the cameras.

OR.... call bomb threats in on the stores.

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realornotreal85 4 years ago

I was searching for articles like this. My husband and our family was just relocated to another state. He has only been an assistant manager for less than a month. The store is ran so poorly. He had to go in on his day off to train another assistant manager on how they could do their job better... and they have been there a lot longer than him! On top of that, our marriage is on the rocks due to the fact that he is working 18 hours a day! There are only 24 hours in a day so he that means he gets 6 hours of sleep! He is living and breathing wal-mart. His store manager also informed him that he would not be getting a day off until he said so. He gets NO time with his wife and kids. Oh and if he quits he has to pay wal-mart back for the whole move around, $50,000! I am hating wal-mart so much right now that I have been shopping at Fred Meyers! I will not give any of my $ to such a scumbag company!

stacy 4 years ago

i was fired from wally world in march 17,2012. i was abent 3 days ,so i guess they where right to fire me . I was written up and coached for bs ,this chick who has been with walmart forever , thinks she is a store manager ugly inside and out !! she has so much pull she is over the unloaders and ics so how the hell is she over dot.com/site to store the dept i worked she didn't like me i hated her,she run to office on me ,i went to office on her but in the end she got me fired and the day i was fired, she was allowed to to come in the office lol .i have complianed and showed them how she has singled me out ! from store manager to home office ,i really don't find fault with the home office because, this so called store manager and there minons lie to home office .so if you get hired at walmart and your not a favorite or screwing managers try stay under the radar!!!!

Joe C. 4 years ago

this company is so f'd up, the writer here hit the nail right on the head...I hope this company is brought to their knees by higher taxes by Obama, f'n republican supporting company...I don't care if it turns us into a socialist nation, this company deserves everything it gets!

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Lybrah 4 years ago

There's a documentary about Walmart that I am sure you have seen. If not, go see it. It is the reason I never shop at Walmart.

Michael J. 4 years ago

Wow, unbelievable how many of you 'associates' bad mouth Wal-Mart. It's like any other company. Quit and work somewhere else and you'll find out real fast. I just got promoted to Support Manager. I'm a male and four people including myself applied for the position. The other three were females. One was a CSM, one was a department manager and one was a Zone Manager. I have no previous management experience and I was hired over the three of them. I don't talk with many members of management on a regular basis thus favoritism is out of the question. I don't know, maybe it's just the store I work in, but that just goes to show that these issues you guys are talking about aren't happening in every store. Our store manager is very polite and thanks us for our work.

Michael J. 4 years ago

Oh and I wanted to do a follow up comment. I was a frozen associate and there was an older woman who worked in grocery. She was a sweet, kind-hearted woman but she was very slow at her job. They could have easily coached her to the point of termination, but instead, they moved her to a department with less traffic so she could work at her own pace. She doesn't have friends that are managers. Honestly, she's nothing to Wal-Mart, yet they cared enough to move her to another department rather than fire her. Yeah, Wal-Mart is incredibly cruel!

Dept. Mgr. Felix 3 years ago

Totally agree about your assessment of the current management structure. I'm a department manager, and I watched when they started getting rid of other department managers left and right. They picked the most preposterous excuses to demote people, just so they could start consolidating the departments together. They created the ZMS position at the same time, so I had at one time assumed that their role was to help shoulder the burden. That certainly doesn't seem to have been the case at all.

My current ZMS is completely incompetent. He only got the job because he was the least unqualified person out of the three people they interviewed. (That's right, I didn't say "most qualified"; I said "least unqualified.") He's supposedly my direct supervisor, and yet he's constantly coming to me asking me how to do modular resets, price changes, etc. I bring concerns to him since he's my supervisor, but then he doesn't do anything about it and I get in trouble for not bringing it to a manager's attention.

Until very recently I was running four departments at once. If I divided my time evenly, that left me with less than two hours a day to manage a department. Walmart would never dream of hiring somebody if they could only work two hours a day in their department, and yet that's essentially what I was doing. I've been in the department manager position for many years and I know I'm capable of doing a better job than most other people, but it was impossible for me to ever reach the level of excellence I know I'm capable of. There was just too much to do in any given day.

I've been moved to a different area now, so guess whose job it is to train the two other department managers who will be taking my place. (Yes, I was doing the work of two people, apparently.) You'd think that their supervisors would be in charge of their training, but it seems to have fallen to me—in addition to learning my new department. I want them to have a fair shake at doing a good job. What's really obnoxious is when my new supervisor gets upset at me for spending the time to train them. You'd think she would be happy that I'm willing to do it.

Mano'man 3 years ago

This new management structure was put in place for one thing only, to raise the turnover rate to the max. When no one can hold on to a job anymore, of course the bottom line will look good, during a recession!

Walmart's corporate executives don't care that they're losing experienced halfway decent paid workers and bringing in new guys at the bare minimum federal wage who won't care about their jobs at pay levels that low. Walmart's corporate executives also don't care that shelves are empty in stores because their logistics management wants to fire associates over poor score cards because a task management time limit wasn't enough time for an overnight stocker to finish his work.

Walmart's corporate executives also don't care about the very very strict road hours Walmart truck drivers are given to get deliveries to their stores. And Corporate Office acts surprised that some stores are not getting their deliveries on time anymore or at all because their truck drivers are allowed no more hours!!

I used to be a truck unloader who stepped down to a cart pusher and I have no intention of going up any ladder anytime soon. Sure the pay is bad, but since I still live with my parents, who cares, its not like I'm going anywhere soon. My real reasoning is this. Management has gone bad... very bad, like a bad storm closing in. I want to lay low until this act of absolute corrupted absolute power abuse blows over.

No name 3 years ago

I have toys, books, electronics, wireless, and photo lab...yea. I understand overworked. Haven't had a toy associate in over a yr. I'm always in toys. What does my evaluation say? I'm in toys too much!! Um,,, hello?!

Wade 3 years ago

This article was really well written and the writer certainly told the truth. Normally when I see articles like this about Walmart, it's from a disgruntled person. I have been at Walmart for almost 5 years. I started as a cart pusher and was promoted through the years up to Personnel Manager. I fought really hard to see that my associates got the training they needed to excel but the Management was only concerned about the IMS program and the new Task Management system. I constantly tried to work with Management so that they followed attendance and other labor relations policies, but I was never able to reach them, so I left that position and now work as a Stocker. I miss management, but there is no more stress. There is no opportunity for development unless a Manager likes an associate. Walmart is a fun company to work for, but after I reach my 5 year anniversary I will leave the company. I really hope the company stops being greedy and starts treating their store level management teams better and give them the staffing needed to have clean and well stocked stores. The company has some great benefits, but unfortunately associates have to seek to find them.

northerner 3 years ago

the fat ugly new store manager who was put in our store this passed January seems to hate everyone equally. A 5-year cashier was fired for calling out sick 4 days in a six month period. A girl in softlines was fired for wearing her jacket because the store was cold. A six year associate in softlines was coached for wearing a costume to work on Halloween instead of following dress code. An 8-year associate in toys was fired last week for complaining about her job. One overnighter was fired two nights ago for unknown reasons. Three overnighters were fired last night for not working fast enough. Another cashier was fired recently for calling out sick. My best friend from unloading was blackmailed by the ugly overnight support manager over a scratch on the floor; 4th coaching this year, but snapped his back trying to throw a truck 1 month ago, and only still has his job due to injury on workman's comp. His doctor says he'll be on injury for at least 8 months to a year. This is his one personal victory over the overnight support manager and store manager who both hate him. Everyone here I mentioned are/were full timers. Makes me worry. She's not hiring anyone but temp workers.

Something no website mentions is how to survive a store manager who is termination-happy. I've always wanted to know, what does it take to satisfy this rare breed of manager? They know what they're doing and they know they are the cause of lower sales and fewer customers.

from New Hampshire 3 years ago

Walmart has gone public saying their associates voluntarily come in to work on Thanksgiving Day. That is a lie. We've all been told that if we don't show up for work on Thanksgiving we are fired.

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Discovercreate 3 years ago

I hate walmart they way they promote is crazy!!! Only favorites and they do nothing to get promoted. I work very hard and I always came in with goals on how I can perform better and really build a great team I was a cashier I performed very well Ipm's were among the highest in the store if not the highest on my best days 34-36 per minute on my bad day 28 26 depends on how busy the store was and I worked that hard to make sure my customers were happy and they always were even calling the store and saying I should be a csm manager. we had some of the ghettoist csm's cussing customers out having their favorites walk around hanging out.. So when the position went up I applied got interviewed and passed over of course by a managers favorite only there for 3mo of course she already trained at the service desk 1 week coming in me never trained at service desk but quick to put me outside to gather carts to keep their ghetto rude trashy ass customers happy and I did sweating n all anyways she got the position and I already been there a yr. &3 mo. Any ways this store is loaded with woman managers 22 to 8 males and personally I think walmart is biased of african american males even a person like me cant say much of what I do(idk if store mgrs look etc read this but I do own my own company and the job was really to invest to grow my company bigger if walmart continues like this management will likely be dummer the stores are already poorly run overall walmart will lose alot of great business minded people.

april 2 years ago

Wal-Mart needs to get a union. That's the only way all this carp is going to stop. Why do you think they fight so hard to keep it out.

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hotchacha 2 years ago

April- you could not be more wrong. I am no fan of w-mart-but I am less a fan of unions. Why would you pay them what little you make so that w-mart can say no to them? The meat cutters union wedged into w-mart and the company just did away with the position, didn't they? There is a reason that unions are dying. Trying to resuscitate themselves with w-mart dues won't work.

Anon 2 years ago

Stores have been a mess ever since the new management structure and cutting of department manager positions. I have been a department manager for a little over a month and I think I'll be stepping down soon. It is no wonder why when you go in the stores the departments are a mess. The comment from Dept. Mgr Felix is so true with what's going on with department managers. When you have 3-4 departments, you cannot possibly get everything done. Departments are falling apart because department managers can no longer concentrate on one department.

I also am in charge of four departments. I was thrown into the position with no real training. I am all over the place and can't focus on one department. I have a lot of stuff that has to get done but it's an impossible amount of workload...having to do counts, price changes, scanning outs, mod resets, etc for four departments. To make matters worse while giving us a bigger workload they have cut associate hours as well and I often don't have an associate in my department until after I leave, so communication is difficult and it's hard to get quality work done when you only work 4 hours.

I would highly advise against applying for a department manager position. It isn't worth the stress and getting a huge amount of responsibility for a mere extra $1 an hour. Like I said I plan on stepping down if things don't approve. The store manager can make the same salary as a doctor, yet they can't afford to have a department manager in every department? What a bunch of BS.

BH 2 years ago

I was being trained as a cashier and literally thrown to the wolves when they wanted cashier trained workers to come and cashier. I had no one assisting me at all! They also put me in the garden to cashier and it is humid in there! I had 2 bottles of water and had to pee very badly. I put in an action code and waited and was holding myself to keep from having an accident. My manager says I wander around too much and that is because I page for a CSM and they come too late! I try to please the customers and get a CSM and it drives me crazy!

Mark Thomas 2 years ago

i worked for walmart all i can say union baby git r done

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hotchacha 2 years ago

Mark Thomas- the only thing that would 'git done' would be the store. Walmart would close it down and move people to other stores or let them go. They've done it before. Unionization will only help union coffers. They're pretty low right now with right to work laws all over the place. Unions are a past tense idea. They're a dinosaur and no longer viable.

Over Wal-mart the dictators 2 years ago

I am still an Assistant at Wal-mart and I got my last coaching a week ago because I wouldn't coach my department managers for productivity. They can't do it all alone and I will "NOT" bow down to upper managements level. My store manager said and I quote ''It's either going to be them or you....so think hard about your decision"....yeah well guess what A**hole I did! I may lose my job and live in a box.....but I "WILL NOT" lose my integrity. You've got to stand for something...or you'll fall for anything....never compromise what's right...ever!

anonymous 2 years ago

I am a dept manager of four depts. I work freight everyday because we are so short handed on o/n. I usually don't get finished with freight until almost two everyday, but I am still expected to get all my price changes, freight, 2o'clock until 3o'clock zone of all my depts done and now they have added a program called FIT to our new list. This Fit involves redoing a counter or as in my case two counters a day. We have to pull everything off the counter, clean it, scan EVERY label, make sure it has location labels, make sure the number of facings are correct (with no deleted or nrpl merchandise on counter), feature tracking on your endcaps completed and all fast track and clip on strips that need to be replaced. Also have to correct on hands if they are wrong and have roll back flags up for Every item on roll back. The problem is we Never have any of the supplies we need to get this done.

Anonymous 2 years ago

I agree 1000 percent and more. Employees call it Wal-Mart High too much sleeping around to get a promotion.The Store is #4383 Dearborn MI.

Johnb673 2 years ago

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elf number 378 2 years ago

WalMart is and has been changing and restructuring and our co manager are unloading trucks and are working 3 - day 12 hour shifts. The asst managers are working their dept. Also in some areas. And I've noticed the zone managers working break books and freight while they are delegating and managing a quarter of the store. And I've noticed zone managers doing more asst. Manager tasks (they are blending). Front end CSS are working and doing zs jobs.. Bottom line is who you are rubbing elbows with. Personally its really bad for the individuals that stand out of the norm clicks. People that stand for a purpose with integrity and great morals are getting wiggled into a corner. Wal-Mart has turned its back on the good people and focused on its $$ and lost respect for the individual completely. Gossip and slandering to build against another and to climb a ladder is ruthless and they are blinded by this foolishness. Sad sad sad, Sam is rolling in his grave over this I bet..

john 23 months ago

Are support managers over zone managers?

asst manager 23 months ago

Support managers are almost like zms/dm. You can get promoted to asst manager without any experience in Walmart if you have experience elsewhere. The problems that I have been seeing is that 18 year zms's becoming asst. managers tend to keep doing what they have always done. Assistant managers have a much different role then a zms/dm. I am currently in charge of over 50% of the store..dpts 5, 7, 11, 12, 14, 16,17, 19, 44, 56, 71, 72, 74, and assist with the back room. I have 3 zms's , 7 dm, and 3 support managers under me. Management is now on a 4 day on 2 day off rotation which is pretty nice. Over worked and under paid, but still a fun job. I have many years of leadership and management training before I started working at Walmart and my associates know that I take care of them as much as I can. I promote off of skills and what I feel an individual can bring to the table. I hate favoritism and I don't stand for it. It will take a while for good leaders to be brought up from within. Some stores have them, others do not.

The Forgotten Cashier 13 months ago

I understand the need to make money but my zone manager has been trying for 3 weeks now to get me fired. Amidst my anxiety attacks and copious medications. I know I'm immensely stressed out. We've changed supervisors 3 times in 6 months. None qualified. Moral is low and cashiers are garbage. Tried to bring it up to a manager. Only response was, "i can always hire more cashiers."

walmart canada 9 months ago

it is no different in canada, ive been working at a Canadian Walmart for the past 3 1/2 years..i had a verbal coaching for reacting to a dm;s rudeness..she ran to the office and I was coached...second coaching was for forgetting to do my ensure check..which was a new implement in our store and many forgot to do it...now my D-day...was set up by my DM and Swas Mgr..so a pt could get my position which is ft. seems they like her better..was not asked my side of the story at...my livelihood was decided for me and seems everyone else knew about it before I did. DO NOT work for Walmart...it is EVIL as they say

10 yrs in 6 days ago

This is all true and even worse now.looking for a new job.sick of being treated like crap.most of my managers can't even spell let alone run a store.they are cutting hours just so they can boost their bounus here too.makes me sick....it all falls on the store manager on if the store is good.most are really bad.i have worked at 3 and this will be my last.

Kyle Atwood profile image

Kyle Atwood 25 hours ago

This is a fantastic article and I couldn't put better words in its place. I've worked with the company for two years and management seems to be getting worse and worse with favoritism and the failure to uphold the belief that workers can move up through the ranks for simply being a good worker.

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