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Would you study 160 pages for an exam you may not pass and don't get paid to read?

Let's say you were offered a chance to be a 1099 contractor for a part-time work-at-home job. To qualify for the position, you must pass 3 exams, and you must study the exam materials first which amounts to 160 pages of reading material. The exams have a high fail rate. You do not get paid to study the material. Would you go through with it for $13.50 an hour just in case you do pass the exams and got the job?

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Best Answer junkseller says

2 years ago
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Dr Penny Pincher (drpennypincher) says

2 years ago
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    Efficient Admin 2 years ago

    Thanks drpennypincher. The study material and exams are free. You just have to pass the 3 tests as a web search evaluator and the study material is 160 pages of reading. You only get 1 week to prepare for the exams.