Top 12 Tips to Negotiating Salary in Interview

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1. Be prepared. Research company & salary range before interview.

2. Know your absolute bottom line. Know your minimum salary.

3. Market yourself. Emphasize reasons you should get offer.

4. Never discuss salary until you have a job offer.

5. Get the employer to disclose salary before you do.

6. When questioned about desired salary, name a pay range.

7. Do not disclose past salary. If you do, you lose your edge.

8. Remember value of perks with salary negotiation.

9. Make your salary discussion a friendly experience.

10. Don't say yes to an offer right away. Ask for 24 hours.

11. Get it in writing, once you have accepted a job offer & salary.

12. Declining an offer. If you decline offer, leave on best of terms.

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mallu profile image

mallu 9 years ago

g8t info

lalit choudhary 6 years ago

very nice sir, I needed this types of help for interview good point,

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