Building a Basic Hub Video Tutorial – Making Money on Hubpages Part 1

Hubpages is a wonderful place to express creativity, network with other people who love to write or share their knowledge, and to make money. Most likely you came to Hubpages because you wanted to learn how to make money writing online, or because you wanted a great way to share your writing with the online world. Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place – however, the amazingly flexible writing platform that Hubpages offers can be confusing. If you’ve just arrived and would like some help crafting a basic hub, then this article is for you. Please watch the tutorial video for a demonstration of how to build a basic hub, and please post any comments or questions you have and I will gladly answer them or post additional tutorial articles and videos.

Getting Started

Once you’ve signed up for your Hubpages account, the first thing you want to do is let people know who you are. Fill out your profile, telling a little bit about yourself, your interests, and your writing career or experiences. The photo you upload should reflect the kind of writing that you do. For instance, if you plan to do professional-style writing, it’s best to upload a professional-looking close-up shot of yourself. If you give pet advice, maybe your picture will be of you with a favorite pet. Whatever you do, don’t leave the picture blank; people like to know something about the person they’re reading, and even a picture that’s not of yourself will give them something to go off of.

Basics of Hub-Building

Once you’re ready to create your first hub, log in and click on “start a new hub” in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Choose a descriptive title for your hub, the category that it will go into, and several tags related to the article. It is strongly advised that you do some keyword research prior to writing if you wish to make money off of your article (check out “How to conduct keyword research”) in the links section for more information on that). It is recommended to use no less than five relevant tags, and most writers agree that you should not put more than 15 or 20. Press continue, then continue again on the next page. This will take you to your article page.

You can add different elements to the page, or “capsules,” by mousing over the left hand side of the page. This will cause an “add here” bar to come up with a list of options. Try to include at least three different capsules (i.e. text, photo, and links or a video). Set up your page in a way that’s easy to read and appealing to look at, but be willing to test a few different layouts over time to see what gets the best responses. Click the arrows on the top right-hand corner of each individual capsule to move it up or down the page, or to make it half-sized so that it will show up alongside other capsules. Click “edit” on a capsule to add content to your page, name the capsule, or set ads.

Optimization Options

Once you’ve set up your basic hub and it looks the way you want it to, look at the tabs on the right-hand side of the screen. These include tags, description, groups, and other options that are available for you to enhance your page’s searchability. These are great ways to make it easier both for search engines to find your page, and for readers to navigate other content you’ve created that’s related to this hub. Click “publish now” once you’ve set up everything the way you want, or click “save unpublished” if you’d like to come back later and do more work on it before anyone sees it.

That’s it! Those are the bare basics of building an actual hub. Please check the video tutorial at the top of this page for a demonstration and a few additional tips on building your hub. In future articles, I will be going in-depth on setting your Amazon ads to try to best target the needs and interests of your audience, as well as a strategy I’ve used to optimize the keywords you use within your article for higher-paying and better-targeted AdSense clicks. Again, please post your comments or questions below this article, and happy hubbing!

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Printing Control profile image

Printing Control 5 years ago from Los Angeles, Pasadena, CA

Very informative "how to" for Hubs. You mentioned Wikipedia Media_____ something for images. What was that word please? Also, you mentioned ebay & amazon do you have a method of getting product online, fast? Thanks for your powerful tutorial :-) and your time.

wychic profile image

wychic 5 years ago from Sheridan, Wyoming Author

I'm glad it was helpful :). For the picture, that was Wikimedia Commons, which is at, and is all public domain so the files can legally be used on hubs. There are some pictures on there that require attribution to a specific photographer or artist, but most do not.

As for eBay and Amazon -- do you mean for creating your own product, or for setting product advertisements? For setting advertisements, eBay is pretty cut and dry since the options are so limited -- either you can put a related keyword in, or you can put a specific eBay seller in. For Amazon, my method isn't very fast because I absolutely hate setting them with just a keyword, because then you never know what your ads are going to be later. I like to set mine manually, and I will be posting another video for that in part two because there are a few different ways I like to do that which seem to stay on-target pretty nicely.

Alternatively, if you're referring to getting your own information product online, I do have some methods for creating them and getting them ready for publishing quickly. Mainly, I thoroughly outline and map out the subject I wish to address so it breaks it up into almost article-sized pieces rather than this daunting eBook-sized thing. Rather than write, I use an audio recorder to capture my thoughts on the subject, and then transcribe to text and refine from there. That's just a very basic-level overview on that, I could write a whole 'nother series of articles on the subject (and probably will :P).

I hope this helps, and thank you so much for taking the time to comment and give feedback, I appreciate it very much :).

Printing Control profile image

Printing Control 5 years ago from Los Angeles, Pasadena, CA

Many thanks to you for your reply. I'm an old school printer and entrepreneur 60 with 3 daughters a son and a grandson, very happy..and wife of 40 years this May. I would love to continue to learn from you. I'm having trouble getting product online, not setting product - that sounds like something I'd rather not get into for now. But I'm very interested in following up with you and learning more. I've been at this re-education of mine for almost a year and a half and feel ready to get it going. I've just completed my 2nd Hub Page as of today. I'm feeling kinda cocky. :-)

wychic profile image

wychic 5 years ago from Sheridan, Wyoming Author

Awesome :D. Now, just to clarify -- are you trying to get like a physical product online, or working on getting digital content (i.e. hubs, eBooks, blogs, etc.) going? I've already promised a few more hubs on the basics of making money on Hubpages, but once I'm done with those I can certainly get more into content creation/promotion :).

Printing Control profile image

Printing Control 5 years ago from Los Angeles, Pasadena, CA

I'm flexible Wychic. But I think I would fit in well with digital content. However, if I find a product that inspires my passion I'm an easy target. Something that I discovered yesterday is that I'm am very passionate about my health, "again" since I have only 40 years to go on earth and I'm very involved on pushing through in my own life with eating right, and exercise. I believe I could use this topic to write to and build from and build exciting and worthy content for people in need. Overweight is a real problem in America and I would love to address myself to that. So, I'm thinking along those lines and dedicating my self to that in my spare time.

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