Getting Started Writing Online Introduction

Getting Started Writing Online

Oh, if only I knew now what I didn't know back when I was first getting started writing online. What a long, strange trip it has been. I worked with people who broke all the rules. I worked with people who followed all the rules. I've seen more businesses go underwater than the average state IRS office and I have seen some seemingly impossible businesses soar to unexpected heights. I had to get started somewhere, though.

I want to share the things I have learned with people here through Hubpages. I've prepared a video that gives an introduction to the kinds of things we're going to talk about. I mention some pitfalls to avoid and how Google Panda has helped level the playing field for those of us who want to do things the right way and write quality, fresh content. I hope you enjoy. For now, I'm off to work on the first follow up article on getting started writing online. This is gonna be a fun ride. Bring your boots, flashlight, some rope, and forget your cell phone--they don't have signal where we're going.

Intro to Writing for the Web

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