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Quality Hubs Are Better Than Many Hubs

Updated on November 11, 2021
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Writer, blogger, greenskeeper, musician, golfer, history buff, truth seeker and lover, Christian married man from Oregon.

Me and HubPages

By no means am I an expert hubber, but I do have 28 featured hubs and around 5,000 views to draw some experience from. I started seriously writing for HubPages about three months ago although I've been here for about 6 months.

During this time, I've written hubs on mainly four different topics, these are: lawn care, writing online, golf, and Christianity/sociology. I also write on three blogs; mostly, I've just been experimenting with my hubs to find out what works. So, what did I find out?


What Hubs Worked For Me

What I found out is my lawn care and golf hubs have created the majority of my traffic. Some of the writing online hubs also have done well, but they're focused website reviews.

The hubs that have done the worst are the sociological/spiritual ones. I've only written two of these because these are what I use for my blogs mostly. These two though, have received the worst hub scores and traffic of my hubs in general. I'm not blaming Hubpages for suppressing them either, the subjects and slant simply aren't as popular as others.

As for lawn care and golf, HubPages is exclusively where I write on these subjects for now. The three top earners for me are these hubs:

- "SRM -225 Gas Powered String Trimmer Review"

- "How to Golf Better and Break 90"

- "Making money on ChatAbout"

What I'm seeing is specific review-type topics get the most traffic on a consistent basis. Although I haven't hit one out of the park as of yet, the SRM-225 review shows up on the first page of Google and gets me at least 10 views per day.

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Quality Over Quantity

What this tells me is if I take the time to generate a quality hub that is focused on a product or topic, in a review format, then I will have the best chance to get the most traffic. If I only write one of these quality hubs a week, this would be better than writing 10 hubs that are more generalized and opinionated.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not compromising here to make more money; for me, I have better-suited places to write my Christian and social commentary articles. I'd rather write those articles there and stick to what works here on HubPages to ensure more success.

This idea of quality over quantity is new to me, although I figured it would be true. Subconsciously, I always equated the amount of hubs I created would be the determining factor in gaining more traffic. This isn't true though, as I've found, so I'm adjusting my strategy here on HubPages.

I do want to say, I've found HubPages to be a fair place to put views that are not popular in mainstream America. That is, they've allowed me to write some fairly hard-hitting articles which are still featured. I can't say the same for other places.

Main Tips in Creating a Quality Hub

  • Specific subject and topic
  • Take the time and effort needed to create a complete well written hub
  • Gain the right perspective about Quality over Quantity
  • Write about the subjects you already are interested in
  • Follow the tips and guidelines suggested by Hubpages tutorials
  • Write reviews and informative hubs about specific topics.

Let's Look at The Numbers

Let me illustrate this concept of quality over quantity by using the stats I've received over the last month on my hubs.

The top three hubs I stated above, accounted for 670 views out of a total 1,142 views on all 28 of my featured hubs. That means that the other 25 hubs I've written accounted for only 472 views over the last month. That means those top three hubs accounted for 59% of the views I received over the last month's time.

I could also break it down to calculate the hubs that were focused on lawn care, golf, and website reviews. This would show that about half of my hubs account for about 90% of my views. Interesting when we look at it like this huh?

Honestly, most of the time I write a hub I feel rushed to get it done quickly. It's hard for me to patiently create my hub and enjoy the process because my perspective is to be quick and fast to create more quantity -- for me and most writers, this is the wrong approach.

Maybe you don't like to hear this because it takes work to create a quality hub. It always put me off a bit when I read some more experienced hubber explaining how it's all about quality. Their hubs were always so amazing and full of rich content, it was hard to imagine myself putting in so much work for one hub. Even now, although I know they're right, it's hard to train myself to take the time needed to create a better hub, rather than just zip around and press publish. The numbers don't lie though.


Gaining the Right Perspective

Recently, I wrote an article in my blog called: "Earning a Bachelors at HubPages." In the article, I looked at what could happen if we wrote one quality hub per day for four years. The results were astounding, even if a bit on the optimistic side. You should check out my findings in the article, which is below in the links section.

HubPages is a great opportunity for us to make some money, get quality backlinks, and have a quality community and audience to write for and with. Overall, HubPages is the best article writing website online today. I want to become a success here and make $50-$200 every month without fail. Since I do have three blogs I won't be prolific here, but with this new perspective, I could be successful with writing only quality hubs.

We have to be smart about what we're going to write about. Everyone has their own unique interests that they like to write about. What I'm suggesting is to streamline these interests and focus on specific topics about these interests, then write a quality hub about it. Maybe every hub doesn't become a great earner, but hopefully, it does become a decent earner. If we can eliminate the hubs that get 5-30 views a month or total all time, this will help beef up our earnings and give us the chance to write that great hub that gets 1,000 views a month.

The right perspective is for us to take our time writing our hubs and do everything we can to get them to be the top earners we want. If needed, save a hub as a draft and finish it later; essentially, it's better to make that one quality hub once a week than 10 hubs that are unfinished looking and poorly written.

I can just imagine if all 28 of my hubs were as good as my top earner! That would mean I would get over 10,000 views per month! That would mean I would be making my $50 payout every month plus whatever affiliate money I made, not a bad egg in the basket.


I wanted to share this new perspective I've gained about my efforts here at HubPages. This has given me new life to write hubs here and enjoy the process more as well.

Specifically for myself, I'm going to start writing more about lawn care, golf, and website reviews. Within those subjects, I'm going to try and filter my article topics down to the most specific areas of discussion. I may still write the occasional generalized article to simply talk to my audience like this article, but mostly I'm going to avoid generalized sloppy writing that doesn't take much time and effort.

Basically, the point here is: we get what we give here at HubPages and with writing/life in general. We all would like to get more traffic, but how determined are we to get it? Thanks for coming by, I hope this motivates you to try and create quality hubs rather than many hubs.

Some tips to create a quality hub.

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