How To Increase Your Author Hubscore

Now that you are a hubber it is time to figure out how to increase your scores. This can be a complicated thing to understand and in some ways harder to change, but you have the power if you are willing to put work into it. You can get closer and closer to a perfect author Hubscore.

Perfect Author Hubscore

The perfect Author Hubscore is 100. I wanted to make a note that this is something not many people can get to or maintain for long periods of time. As I write this there are two authors with 100. I have seen both of these and a few others fluctuate between 98-100. While you should aim for a high Hubscore and feel proud as you get there, you shouldn't feel bad if you aren't 100 or aren't there every day!

How the Author Score is Accumulated

Your author score is based on a huge number of factors. Some of them are easy for you to change and grow, others are a little harder. While this list is just the published list and there may be other factors, knowing these things can help you with increasing your score.

  • Participation. Part of your author score is based on participation which includes all of the following activities: reading and commenting on other hubs, forum activity, flagging content violations, and rating hubs (thumbs up or thumbs down).

  • Your Hubs. Part of your author score is determined from the number of hubs you have, your hubscores, and traffic that you get from those hubs. It is also important to note that how recently you last published also has an effect on your Author score.

  • Your Fans. Your fans also help increase your author score.


You have complete control over your participation in Hubpages. You can read others work, leave comments, participate in the forum, flag anything that is against the rules (when you come across it), and rate hubs. This can easily be done as you prepare to write or finish up writing at Hubpages. Some really easy ways to participate are:

  1. Reading other content. When you decide to answer a request, read the other hubs first. You can comment, rate, and make sure that your content is different. You can also search for similar topics when you have original ideas. Read them, comment, rate, and make sure your content is different.

  2. Forum Activity-If you have a question on Hubpages, ask it in the forum instead of requesting a hub. You can also ask others to review your work and to give you suggestions on improving it.

  3. Flagging-While I don't suggest that you go searching for content that isn't allowed on Hubpages, if you do come acrossed it, then let the administrators know. Not only are you participating this way, but you are also making Hubpages a better place for everyone.

Getting Fans

Your fans can help to make your author score higher. You get fans by writing good content. Often times writing on a wide range of topics can help increase the number of fans you have because they are interested in different things. Write your best and you will get fans.

Your Hubs

No one sets out to get a bad hubscore or to make a bad hub. But with a little extra work you can aim at improving your Author score through your hubs.

  1. Write your best. Make sure that each hub you write is your best. Include a lot of detail about the topic and get in depth with it. While a lot of factors go into your hubscores, this will help you make your best hubs.

  2. Write a lot of hubs. Quality is important, but so is quantity. You aren't going to get the highest of author scores with a few hubs. The more you write, the better your score will get.
  3. Promote your hubs. You can bookmark your hubs and you can also leave links to your hubs where you go including your blogs, your profiles, and other places that aren't spam (be careful to not spam any particular site).

  4. Don't be over promotional of other sites. Hubpages doesn't like you to be overly promotional of other sites. Sure they want you to share your knowledge, but they don't want you to spend all your time here spamming. If you do, you will be penalized which can hurt your author score.

  5. Make sure you write often. You will want to keep writing to get and keep a good author score.

Hubscore Calculation

Because your hubscores are a huge part of your author score it is a good idea to know how your hubscore is calculated.

  • Traffic. One part of your hubscore comes from your traffic. You want a lot of traffic, but you also want a lot of traffic from more then just Hubpages. The percentage of non-hubpage traffic is important!
  • Your hub. Your hub is evaluated on length and uniqueness. You want a piece that is long enough to be indepth. A few sentences is a bad hub. You also want the content within it to be different then other things found on Hubpages and on the web. Hubpages does this so you aren't just copying Wikipedia or another site and making your hub that way.

  • Votes. You will have some people who will vote either thumbs up or thumbs down on your hub. This will effect the hubscore of that article.

  • Author Hubscore. Carefully entwined is the Hubscore for your hubs and your Author Hubscore. Work on getting both of these up can actually help the other!

All That Leaves Me Confused.

It may seem like a lot of information. You can walk away and know that you can improve your author hubscore by participating in Hubpages and writing a lot of high quailty hubs. It also helps to promote your work here on Hubpages (both on Hubpages and around the net) and also making sure you follow all the rules.

Writing Good Hubs

I have said it a million times. No one sits down hoping to write or create something that isn't good. You don't sit down hoping to create a bad hub, I don't either. But sometimes it happens. Everything you come up with isn't going to be a winner. That is just the way life works out. Here are a few tips for writing good hubs.

  • Write what you know. If you stick with things you know or things that you have learned in the past, your hub or article will flow better. If you want to do something you don't know, make sure you do your research and that what you have to say is unique to the Internet.

  • Take your time. Creating hubs takes a little longer then other articles. After all you have the power to piece it together for easy reading.

  • Prepare your readers to skim it. You are on the Internet. A good portion of your readers will skim through and read only the parts that interest them the most. They are in a hurry. Keep paragraphs short, add bullets and numbered lists. Make sure your sections have a title.
  • Make earning money a secondary part of it all. If you are so busy concentrating on how to make money, you will miss out on the people.
  • Use the tools that Hubpages provides. There are a lot of ways to break up a hub and make it easy to read. Use all the tools to your readers benefits!
  • Proof read and spell check. Does your hub sound good and make sense? Is it easy to read? Does it have a lot of errors? Well, find out before you share it with the world!

Other Quick Tips

  1. Don't get stuck on the numbers. Numbers are important, but if you are stuck on them it will be hard to get past them. Remember that not everything you come up with will be a winner!

  2. Write on a wide range of things. Some things will do better here or there, but most important is to write a wide range of things so that you are getting fans, having fun, and that you have something to say.

  3. Be willing to give everything you have. To really do well, you have to give it your all. That takes a lot of work and willingness.

You Can Do It!

You can improve your Author Hubscore. I know you can. I also know that I can. It will take time. Be patient and work hard. You will succeed if you have the right attitude. I know you can!!

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An excellent hub and now I just have to pay attention on my hubs in detail and participate as much as I can to get that score right such a helpful hub.

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bestweddingspeech 3 years ago from Sydney

I'm not sure how much the number of hubs influence the author score. I saw hubbers with 2 hubs and over 80 score, while others have over 50 hubs and under 80 score. So I guess, the number of hubs don't help, if they don't get any traffic at all

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burnook 3 years ago

Great! now i know what to do to increase my score i am new to hubpages and im excited to reach my goals.

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DJRebelstar 4 years ago from England

Thank you for this hub. I wondered what the number was. I started yesterday on '25' now after publishing two hubs it keeps dropping all the time. Now it is '17'. In one day. I've been on hubs, voted on them etc and keeps on dropping.. Seems daft this!

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Wow... rated 190 times useful. Indeed a useful resource

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Great just some coll facts I was looking in boosting my hubscore, I have to add your account age, it definitely worked for me I had an old account which quickly gave me a good score with a few hubs

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mattyza 4 years ago from South Africa

The tips you've provided in this hub are really useful and informative... thank you.

I feel it's so important to emphasise that the monetary aspect of HubPages should be a secondary to writing good content... which, in turn, would lead to earnings anyhow.

Thanks for re-enforcing that ideal. :)

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I increase my traffic, I am getting followers, I write as often as I can and I read and comment on other hubs. No matter what I do I can't break the 90s! I hover around 84-86 all the time! This hub has encouraged me to keep trying and keep writing! Thanks for the info!

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Thanks for writing this, and from all the comments you have helped a lot of people. I have been so busy writing for the last eight months that I have not paid any attention to numbers--but now I am trying to learn everything from numbers on my hubpage to traffic.



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@Ting Tong...I just wanted to reassure you a bit. It is far too soon to start worrying about it. Just keep participating and writing and it will eventually creep on up there.

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I am so glad you posted this. It's confusing at times and I tend to get stuck on the numbers. Great point about the skimming. I never thought about that and I tend to make long paragraph. This was very helpful

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aidenofthetower 5 years ago Author

@javrsmith I am not sure when updates take place, but I have seen my number move up and down throughout the day. It doesn't do it often and it definitely isn't right away...Also I don't know if there is a delay. Today's work may not change anything until tomorrow at noon...I just don't know.

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aidenofthetower 6 years ago Author


This is definitely my most active hub. It probably helps keep my score up even when I am off doing other things since it gets lots of comments. The HubScore is very complicated and it can be difficult for people even when they have been around awhile.

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Great breakdown, very informative. I wonder what the weight is of each factor... Is one more important than the others. I guess only HubPages knows.

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Annette R. Smith 6 years ago from Grand Island, Florida

Thank you, aidenofthetower. I'm a new hubber, and your hub on the hubscore answered a lot of my questions. Good work!

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gerard71powell 6 years ago from Glasbury, UK

Very nice article, hopefully I'll be able to get my score up fairly quickly. Thanks!

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Jon Rubin 6 years ago

Good tips. Thanks.

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Patkay 6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

Thanks, with your tips i believe i will make it.

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Thanks for the great tips.

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hubba-hubba 6 years ago from Cleveland, OH

The first hub I read as a new member! Thanks so much for the information, heres to a high hub score!

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prairieprincess 6 years ago from Canada

Thanks for the encouragement and the information!

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lillm 6 years ago from Berkeley, CA

Thank for explaining this so clearly. There's so much to learn!

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realtorcards 6 years ago

Thanks! Very helpful info.

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skok1234 6 years ago

Great advices. I'm really looking forward to improving my hub score :)

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yndra 6 years ago from Indonesia

thanks. I've learned a lot here. I will definitely do what you suggested. Basically, I just need to stay active on HubPages and create more good content. Thanks again

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NP.QUEEN 6 years ago from Dubai

Thank you for the great and useful information. This will become a great help to the newcomers of hubpage writers.

Iwill try to follow these steps to increase my traffic.

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WannaB Writer 6 years ago from Templeton, CA

You've written what I've been wondering about.

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tomcasey 6 years ago

Thank you for the information you've shared to everyone, it is very detailed on how to dedicately write on Hubpages. :)

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sockyee 6 years ago from Singapore, Malaysia

Thanks. You deserve a thumbs up. I just joined few hours ago and your hub explanation really helps a lot to avoid confusions.

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Lisa M Smith 6 years ago from Coupeville, WA

Great Hub! Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together in an easy to read format. I applaud you!

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homeopathicacne 6 years ago from US, New York i know what to to. great

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omcj1234 6 years ago

Great advice. I just got a curiously low score and I was wondering why.

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Granny's House 6 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

Great tips. A lot of good information here. Willrate up!

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For a new hubber like myself, this information can only help me. Thanks for sharing such good information.

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qualifydisability 6 years ago from Irvine, CA

Good introduction, but it's a bummer to hear that commenting in the forums is one of the factors that's considered. I'm already involved in enough messageboards/forums as it is. Do you know the relative weight given to these different factors? I'm assuming writing is the most important.

alqx profile image

alqx 6 years ago from Singapore

Hey I just created an account today, wrote a hub but left it unpublished. I invited a few friends to be a fan of me (only 10), but somehow my hubscore dropped below 30 for no apparent reason. Why?

manicmusicfan profile image

manicmusicfan 6 years ago

Some really good info here. Being new to hubpages, all of my links are currently nofollow (and i have a author hubscore of 20 at this time).

My content is worthy, and i'm making sure to bring things to the community, so hopefully my furthered participation will allow me to get the do-follow links that I need :).

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Rob McKelvie 6 years ago from USA and UK

Very useful information for a newbie like me. Thanks!

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alexgw 6 years ago

Nice thanks. I too want to improve my hubscore

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opensourcevarsity 6 years ago from Mumbai / India

I really like your writing style in which you presented your advice. I read and understood all of it. I enjoyed reading through this hub and I will return from time to time for a re-read.

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ToolboxUK 6 years ago

Thanks, I'll start commenting on others hubs now!

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mathewday 6 years ago from Dirty South

Thanks so much, I found this Hub very useful since I just started with Hubpages. I will use this hub as a reference until I get my score up! :)

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Americannj 6 years ago

Do I understand correctly that a comment in the forum has a greater impact on your hubscore than a comment on a hub?

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CMCastro 6 years ago from Baltimore,MD USA

Seeing my Hubscores always makes me Happy! :o)

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Mr Wine 6 years ago from Great Wine Country

A great resource point here. I actually came here from another Hub promoting this Hub. Doing a search on Google also gave this Hub as the first result - amazing.

I am new to Hubpages myself, so hope that I can implement what I read here for myself.

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I have learnt a great deal from this hub, thank you very much for the information

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carlgerber 6 years ago from Santa Fe

This is something that everyone is curious about. Its fun to see one's score rise. Kind of like watching your webpage rise in the SERPS. profile image 6 years ago

Thanks for clarifying this information for me.

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Scot Manaher 6 years ago

Thanks for the great tips this will definitely be of use seeings how I am new to hubpages!

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thanks for the advice that was great!

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Since I've recently started hubbing, I was still unclear on this issue. You've really cleared things up for me, and for that I say thanks.

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AuthorSteve 6 years ago from Hawaii

That is a great hub. I´m going to implement the information that you have shared here. I´m a very new member to hubpages, so it was really helpful to get an overview.

Thank you.

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Great hub,and got the point just what I nedded

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if only all informational articles were this well written, thanks for sharing your knowledge so eloquently.

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Just started hubpages and had no idea what to do to increase my hubscore. thanks for the info!

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tsinfield 6 years ago from Australia

I have only just started with Hubpages and actually found this page through Google. Gave me a good overview of what I need to do to make sure I am an author worth reading.

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andygrant 6 years ago

Very nice tips to increase hubscore. These tips are really helpful for newbies.

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billydeakin 6 years ago

Good stuff! I've been wondering what causes the difference in scores on my hubs, now I know what to do to get those scores up ;)

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xKumo 6 years ago

Thanks for this hub! I'm new to hubpages, and I was a little confused as to why my score dropped below 30 and started climbing back up and then dropping again. Now I know what areas to improve from here.

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cbDrummer05 6 years ago

Great hub, great advice. I will definately start taking your advice, i need to inrease my hubscore :D



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Clear, concise and helpful. Thank you

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This is just what I have been looking for thanks!

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dutch84 6 years ago

I always wondered why my hubscore was so low when I have 136 hubs and over 500 fans. I guess it's cuz of my participation. Until recently I hardly comment on hubs or the forums. Now I have been doing these things and have seen my hubscore slowly creeping back up! This is a great hub. Thanks for sharing this info!

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freddyjones2009 6 years ago

Thanks for the great advice. Time for me to work on my Author Hubscore.

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Hopefully this fixes my hub score!

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Thanks! I'll take this info seriously as you have a high author score so you probably know what you're talking about! =)

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Great hub, some very insightful information :D

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content 6 years ago

I am going to try some of your suggestions and see what that does to my author score. Thanks. If it doesn't work, I'm outta here!

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Bigdaddy2000 6 years ago

Great hub. I found it to be very useful. This hub taught me alot on how to increase my hub score. I now realize that participating more in forums and rating other people's hub pages does help boost my hub score. Thank you for the valuable information.

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jasonp1982 6 years ago from Tucson Arizona

Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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Annk65 6 years ago

My hub score just dropped pretty low. Hmmmm. Well I will play with your suggestions. Thank you.

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plussizepixie 6 years ago

Very easy to follow tips - thanx!

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Great modeling of a concise easy to read article. Thanks.

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top notch article. Restates information you can find elsewhere, but in an intelligent and concise manner. Thankyou.

Pakistani Girl 6 years ago

thanks for sharing info about hubscore

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Andy Cowan 6 years ago from Shizuoka, Japan

I have seen you on Infobarrel but this is the first Hub of your I have read. The author score is something that seems kind of arbitrary. Nice to read some concrete examples of how to improve it.

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angela_michelle 6 years ago from United States

Thank you, I was looking all over for this information. I appreciate the help!

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billiedaisyallen 6 years ago

Great in-depth hub, I hope I am able to increase my author score!

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MessageInABox 6 years ago

Your post answered my silent questions (and then some). I am new here and I am wondering about the numbers. Thank you for clearing it all out.

I have yet to learn the ropes and your post is a great way to start it. Have a nice day!

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lilmisssunshine23 6 years ago from Upstate NY

Thanks. I'm new here, so I needed to learn what it was all about. This helps.

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I came over here from the Answers section, how cool. This is a very informative hub. Although I do most of these things, I did learn something. Very well written aidenofthetower.

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I've been searching for an explanation like this for a while now. I guess you've said it well, thanks.

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AdsenseGuru 6 years ago


That truly is a wonderful article regarding the hub author score.Got a lot of help and knowledge through it.thanks a lot since it clarifies a lot of my questions.

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Excellent hub....Thnxxxxx for sharing the tips.........

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tweetter 6 years ago

Hello. this is by far the most informative, easy reading, interesting, simple hub I have read on hub scores. I came to find your bracelet hub. I decided to stop here first. I do not think it was a mistake. I thank you for your hard work and sharing your gift with others. I am honored to meet you. You are a giver. I love that in you already. Blessings and Hugs. Please do stop in to visit me. + +

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illinoisdoorguy 6 years ago from Chicago

Thanks for the great tips!

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utahwebdesign 6 years ago from Salt Lake City

I've had a hub forever and never really even knew there was a community. Thanks, I'll do my part to be active and make this place better.

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De Greek 6 years ago from UK

As a renowned Ignoramus, I find information like this extremely useful. I have a question for you though. You appear to be following only one person. Does this help with your ratings? :-)

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weightlossprogram 6 years ago


Thanks for the great information. I found it very useful.

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jazzalicious 6 years ago

I'm new here and would just like to say that this was a very informative Hub. It'll take a lot of work, but hopefully I'll get to be a top author one day.

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MJ's HubNotes 6 years ago

Great info. I'm a new hubber and I've been voraciously reading some awsome hubs and wasn't leaving comments for the authors. I didn't realize how leaving comments can be mutually beneficial. Thanks

Ali707 profile image

Ali707 7 years ago from San Francisco

Great article...Thank you!!

Unchained Grace profile image

Unchained Grace 7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

You will notice that above, I had a AuthorScore of 85. I employed what you mentioned and now it's up to 90. I want 100, so I have a bit to go yet. I've also noticed the higher AuthorScores get upfront billing on the HubPages HomePage which should help for pageviews, exposure, etc.

Thanks again!

bwlprogram profile image

bwlprogram 7 years ago

Just the information that I need. Thank you so much for providing it.

Also, I've heard that if we manage to increase our hubscore, we can actually change our link from NoDoFollow to DoFollow.

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skye2day 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

Hello. this is by far the most informative, easy reading, interesting, simple hub I have read on hub scores. I came to find your bracelet hub. I decided to stop here first. I do not think it was a mistake. I thank you for your hard work and sharing your gift with others. I am honored to meet you. You are a giver. I love that in you already. Blessings and Hugs. Please do stop in to visit me. + + +

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Kevin Hemminger 7 years ago from Philippines

Thank you so much for the information! I was looking for a good resource for raising the hubpage author score and your page was a valuable resource!

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Nick Stevens 7 years ago from Manchester, NH

Great information, you have covered every possible detail. Thanks for the hub.

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royalarbor 7 years ago

Thanks! Similar to a commentor above, I joined yesterday and have seen my author score slide. Good to have this effective summary on what affects the score and how to be able to put it right.

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Canklefish 7 years ago from East Coast

This is the most definitive post about increasing a hub score that I've been able to find.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to reading many of your hubs...

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Thankx, a very good tip. I actually started hubbing and i did not know how to write a good scoring hub

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Jacob Darkley 7 years ago from California, USA

Great article. Thanks for the information.

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classicalgeek 7 years ago

Thank you--I just started yesterday and have published one hub with a score today of 52, and my author score is 22. I have promoted it in several places with backlinks so I hope now that my author score will go up!

Unchained Grace profile image

Unchained Grace 7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

After three months up here, I have an author score of 85 but that's just today. I actually enjoy bouncing around and reading other Hubs because I always learn something new! That's the fun part! I feel very grateful whe someone leaves a comment, fanmail and even becomes a follower. This shows me somebody somewhere likes what I'm writing. I cannot believe how many pots of coffee I've killed in the process, but that's a Hub in itself, maybe.

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MatzWhat 7 years ago from UK

good hub! Loads of thing here i change to get better, thank you

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Kenya L. 7 years ago from US

Enjoyed your article. The bold print, numbering, and bullet points make the article "easy on the eyes" of the reader and also presents a better layout. The highlighted boxes to the right of the article are a nice touch and allow the reader to get a quick glance at the topic presented. Definitely points I can use in future hubs - good article.

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very detailed information that I was looking for. Thanks alot.

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TheSituation 7 years ago

Great article! I really needed some advice on how to improve my score. I guess it is a good thing that I am still really new so I do not need to worry that much about the score.

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Thanx for the information. Everyone should try and share more knowledge and the score will keep coming

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awesome hacks! it really sounds great, i was wondering why my profile score is so low, but got the idea, really cool

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Nice tips - you are the highest author that I have seen to date!

Thank you for making a road map to follow.

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Get Free Visitors 7 years ago


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boutlife 7 years ago

Great info! Thank you. I must say that many people focus on the hubscore to much. Getting the best hubscore doesn't win you any prize and it doesn't mean you are a good writer either. If you just focus on writing good hubs and reading some from other people to you will eventually get the hubscore you want.

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grammargirlchelle 7 years ago from Oldbury, Western Australia

thanx for this hub. I was confused I must admit to the number scoring thing. But have read through this and now understand it fully.

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xriotdotbiz 7 years ago

Thank you for the help. My rank fell below 75 and am seeking how to get it back up, so I will get started with what I just read. Thanks again.

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an activist goose 7 years ago

You and SimeyC are fantastic advisors for us newbies!!!! Many thanks for sharing.

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Great article! I really didnt understand how that was calculated and this hub broke it down in plain english and made it easy to understand it . Thanks =)

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thank you for this great article. I'm working on getting my score up!

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mlozinski 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Awesome article, I was wondering how the two different scores work. I'm not going to worry about it too much, I really like the Hubpages community.

Home Remedies 7 years ago

Very good guide, thanks, I will start by participating here! I have also given you a thumbs up.

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kraji 7 years ago from Slovenia

Nice written!

Now it's more clear :)

BEAUTYBABE profile image


I understand things a lot better now. I have just started with hubbing, and some of my scores are lower than others. I just can't work out what to do to make them better. You have given me something to think about now, thanks so much for that. BB

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gary777g 7 years ago from Springdale, AR

Now I know everything.

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Blogging Erika 7 years ago

Awesome article, thanks!

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Thank you very much. I have wondered why the score fluctuated from time to time. You have given us all some very useful information!

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now I understand where the scores come from. Thanx!

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Thank you for the information. I have been so confused about it since I started. This was put together in a very readable format

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Excellent content in a very concise and ordered manner. Thanks a lot for this :)

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Sporty Storms 7 years ago from New York

I'm fairly new here and am still trying to find myself around. Since I joined hub pages I couldn't get an explanation as to what was an author score even was. Thanks very much for informing me

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akirchner 7 years ago from Central Oregon

Great tips - I do find the HELP parts of the site overwhelming but figuring out the intricate workings will just take time. As in life, everything has to be treated with the tincture of time though!

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realtorcards 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing! This is very helpful!!

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Great tips, thanks for sharing, I only started today, my score is only 10 :). Will work on it.

Bookmarked for future reference :P

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redchic78 7 years ago from

Thank you. I am new and my score is 19!!! Yikes, but I made note of all your advice and will use it. Thanks again - Heather :)

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Write at Home 7 years ago

Thank you for the informative hub (from a newbie!)

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Great hub! It's nice to know all the factors behind the author score.

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this was useful and an easy read :)

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Thank you so much for this guide to increasing hubscore - so useful for newbies like me for whom everything is so new and daunting.


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JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur


Interesting hub but unknown part of hub score is still a mistry. I had everything you mentioned for last week but the author's score came down by 4 points!

i do not know why?


Jyoti Kothari

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gazook 7 years ago

Thanks for the article. Great info for a new hubber like me :)

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This is great info. Thank you for helping clear up what all of the various numbers mean!

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Great article. It cleared a lot of things up for me. Thanks!

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Very clear and to the point - thanks!

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Thanks for taking the time out to help others. this was very interesting and I read it all the way through. Even though it was long it was full of great tips. Thanks and God Bless.

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jack keeth 7 years ago from Arkansas

Very good hub and it actually follows what you wrote. Web surfers are skimmers and using sub-titles is an important aspect of keeping people interested in the article. Thanks for taking the time to create this hub.

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Rebecca E. 7 years ago from Canada

Thanks for all the useful and valueable tips, I'll start right away!

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Rebecca E. 7 years ago from Canada

I also wanted to mention that your skills as a writer are very impressive, and I can learn a lot from you!

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JonSterling 7 years ago from Houston Texas - United States

Thank You for this great hub - There is a lot more to keeping a high hub score than most think - Good Read!

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khmohsin 7 years ago from London,UK

Nice article and very helpful also.

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homedesign 7 years ago

I like the way you keep it simple - write great hubs, write more hubs and participate. That's it in a nutshell! I've got to get back to work :)

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Thanks! This is the second hub I've read on this and now I think I understand.

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Hi, I'm new to hubpages and this is just the information that I needed. Your page is very concise and specific on how to rank up. Thank you.

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Thank you

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Fivestar 7 years ago

good advice, thanks, quality being the operative word here, sounds like a bit of quantity helps too

Bibowen profile image

Bibowen 7 years ago

Picked up a couple of tips from your article. Thanks.

JessicaR1211 profile image

JessicaR1211 7 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

Thanks for the advice!

Super Hub Star profile image

Super Hub Star 7 years ago

I'm new to Hub pages and this information has been very helpful - many thanks!

DubsEqualOpp profile image

DubsEqualOpp 7 years ago from KY

Wonderful Bit Of Information. This helped answer my questions, and was a pleaseure to read. Way to go. Thanks

Jordan Heffron profile image

Jordan Heffron 7 years ago from San Francisco, California

Very helpful as a hubpage newbie, thank you for providing such great advice. Time to get my score up a little bit! haha

Volatto profile image

Volatto 7 years ago

Hi, that was a great article that solved my questions. Recently my hubscore dropped and didn't know what needed to be done. Take care!

traceye profile image

traceye 7 years ago from Australia

Great article, good job.

doups3 profile image

doups3 7 years ago from Utah

Thanks thanks.

frogdropping profile image

frogdropping 7 years ago

Interesting and articulate, thanks

hawkes profile image

hawkes 7 years ago

Helpful tips, thanks!

mattressguru profile image

mattressguru 7 years ago from TO, ON, CA

This is just what i was looking to find out!

edu.amado profile image

edu.amado 7 years ago from Houston, TX

Great tips!

Thank you!

T.L.Eaves profile image

T.L.Eaves 7 years ago

Great tips! Thanks!

MsCookM profile image

MsCookM 7 years ago

Some great information and advice - I will try and put what you have said into practice and get my Author Score heading upwards.


profile image

Kaloey 7 years ago

Thank you for the useful comments. I'm new, only about seven hours old, and your article helped answer a few of the many questions I have.

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orionsky60403 8 years ago

A very informative article. I'm going to take your tips and give it a try. Thanks for the advice!

purenoni profile image

purenoni 8 years ago from Hawaii

Thanks for the great article!

leeroper profile image

leeroper 8 years ago from UK

Thanks for the advice, it is good to clearly read exactly how hubpages views the activitys of its community members. Also some good ideas on how to get started within the hubpages community.

Webofusion profile image

Webofusion 8 years ago

Cool! I was completely unaware of certain facts. Thanks.

profile image

iamnick 8 years ago from Whereever the wind blows... :p

Thanks for the help!

gojira profile image

gojira 8 years ago from Manchester, UK

Great hub, that was really useful and full of stuff i had not considered before

Thank you

mdvaldosta profile image

mdvaldosta 8 years ago from Valdosta, GA

Very helpful, getting to know the system!

profile image

Blinds Info 8 years ago from Hyde

Very good guide, thanks, I will start by participating here! I have also given you a thumbs up.

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zeppb 8 years ago

Very nice advice. It was very informative.

ufgcom profile image

ufgcom 8 years ago from Florida

Thanks for the great info! I was curious to how hub scores where calculated and this has helped me understand.

RGraf profile image

RGraf 8 years ago from Wisconsin

Thank you for the advice. Always great for us newbies!

Sascha H profile image

Sascha H 8 years ago from The Netherlands

Yes, this is the kind of information I'm looking for. Thanks!

Jeremy Thompson profile image

Jeremy Thompson 8 years ago from North Carolina

Very informative and to the point. Great Hub!

profile image

Pauline Hess 8 years ago

This was great help to a newbie! Thanks!

profile image

looroo 8 years ago

very nice, I am new to hubpages and this helped me out a bunch :)

Home 'n Biz Blend profile image

Home 'n Biz Blend 8 years ago from Yarrawonga Park

I'm pretty new to this so I really appreciate your hints here. Your highlighted points and numbered and bulleted points demonstrate how you "practice what you preach". Makes it easy to read. Such a simple thing but until recently I didn't know how to format like this. But since reading copywriting stuff, I see how these simple techniques make your work so much more "scannable" and readable. Thanks.

Ana Louis profile image

Ana Louis 8 years ago from Louisiana

Thank you for the wonderful information, advise, and encouragement.

Benson Yeung profile image

Benson Yeung 8 years ago from Hong Kong

thank you. now you can expect me to get to a much higher score.

AlwaysLearning profile image

AlwaysLearning 8 years ago from London

Thank you - this is so useful for beginners!

einron profile image

einron 8 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Very informative and easy to digest. Thanks. I am sure I can benefir from it. profile image 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA USA

It sounds like you need to have PhD in abstract mathematics to be able to calculate a Hubscore. Thanks for breaking it down.

guidebaba profile image

guidebaba 8 years ago from India

Great Info. Thanks.

danieltetreault profile image

danieltetreault 8 years ago from Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada

One word to describe this Hub...Comprehensive. Thanks for the depth and specificity of your Hub. Sincerely, Daniel Tetreault.

cipon profile image

cipon 8 years ago from Malaysia

This tips is good for a novice like me.Thanks.

dwolters profile image

dwolters 8 years ago from Portland, OR

Thank you for writing this. It does clarify a few things! ;)

Del Solu profile image

Del Solu 8 years ago

Very informative. thanks for sharing :)

GSHampton profile image

GSHampton 8 years ago from Southern Indiana

Very informative for a newbie like me, thanks!

Didim 8 years ago

Hey Thanks Aiden

I had been wondering the significance of the score and why it was changing - in my case going down!! (Now I know I have to pull my finger out!)

Julie A. Johnson profile image

Julie A. Johnson 8 years ago from Duluth, MN

Some very helpful tips. Thanks.

Latisha1 profile image

Latisha1 8 years ago from Euclid, Ohio

Thank you for this information.

amy jane profile image

amy jane 8 years ago from Connecticut

Very thorough information. I am sure this will clear up some confusion that newcomers often have. :)

RyanRE profile image

RyanRE 8 years ago from Bellingham, WA

Great tips here. As a new member of Hubpages, this information comes in pretty handy.

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JohnBee 8 years ago

Loved this article, thanks!

MasonsMom profile image

MasonsMom 8 years ago from U.S.A.

Great info, tips & advice!

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