How to Prepare for Google Adsense Payments

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Approaching the Google Thresholds

As you approach the appropriate thresholds in the Google Adsense program, some very important steps need to be followed in order to begin receiving payments. This discussion will be for U.S. members, but if you reside in a different country check the Google threshold chart with thresholds for other monetary units.


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Public Domain image.

U.S. $10 Verification Threshold

For U.S. citizens, as you approach the $10 verification threshold, your account will show a box alerting you that your payments are on hold and action is required. It will include links to the various sites you will need to visit to verify your account so you may be paid.


5 Very Important Steps

Step 1 – Check Your Address

This is extremely important. The PIN described in Step 4 and your checks (if you choose that option for payment) will be sent to the address in your account. Also payments by check or Western Union will be made out to the name entered in your account, so check to see if your name is correct. If your address needs to be changed: sign into your account, go to the My Account tab, click on the Payee Information link, edit the information, then make sure to Save Settings. If your name or country of residence needs to be changed, follow the appropriate links and instructions.

Step 2 – Provide Your Tax Information

Go to the My Account tab, click on Tax Information page. They will ask a few questions to get you to the appropriate IRS form. For most U.S. users it will be a W-9 form. You will need to check the appropriate entity choice, i.e. Individual/Sole Proprietor, Corporation, Partnership, LLC or other. Next, you need to type in your address. Enter your TIN (Tax Identification Number). For individuals, this will be your Social Security Number. Check the instructions for other entity TIN’s. Answer the questions about backup withholding. ‘Sign’ the form by typing in your name. Click on Submit Information. By clicking this button, the date and time of submission as well as your computer’s IP address will be recorded.

Step 3 - Select Your Payment Method

For your options, go to the Account Settings page and click the Payment Information link. Your choices may include: Standard Delivery check, Secured Express Delivery check ($30 processing fee with this option), adding your bank account for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), and some may have Western Union Quick Cash available.

Select your choice. If you choose Add a Bank Account you will be required to add:

Account Nickname – a name you create to differentiate this account from others
Your bank’s routing number – the first number on the bottom left-hand corner of your bank checks
Your account number – the second set of numbers on the bottom of your bank checks
Your account type – checking, savings, etc

After submitting this information, the bank account will need to be verified. Google will deposit a small amount into your account within 10 days after submission. If you go to the My Account tab and click on Payment History, there will be a link in the Required Action box called ‘Please select or verify a form of payment’. You need to choose your EFT account and hit Continue. The next page contains a summary of your banking information and if there is a date from Google for a deposit, go to your bank account, retrieve the amount they deposited, come back to this Google page and enter the amount of the deposit. Then submit. Your bank account will be verified.

Front of postcard from Google. Author photo.
Front of postcard from Google. Author photo.
Inside of postcard from Google. Author photo.
Inside of postcard from Google. Author photo.

Step 4 – Enter Your PIN and Phone Verification Number

When your Google earnings are approaching the verification threshold of $10, Google will leave a message on your account alerting you that a PIN (Personal Identification Number) will be coming via US mail on a postcard. Again, make sure your address is correct – it is critical to receive this postcard! It should arrive in your mail box in 2 to 3 weeks. You will have 6 months to enter and verify your PIN but after 4 months, the paid ads on your site will be replaced by unpaid Public Service ads. If you still haven’t verified it after 6 months, your account will be disabled and your unpaid earnings will be returned to the advertisers. So, enter this number as soon as you receive it! If you don’t receive it in the mail, you may request a replacement PIN, but you may only do this twice. To enter the PIN go to the My Account page, click on Payment History and then click on the link in the Required Action box for entering your PIN. Add the number but be careful – you may only try entering it 3 times and then it is no longer a valid number.

You may be required to verify your phone number. Follow the Required Action link on your Payment History page. If the phone number shown is your correct number, click the button to have Google call you with a code. The call will come right away. Carefully write down the numbers in the code. Then enter them on the screen and submit it.

Step 5 – Reach the Payment Threshold

For U.S. members this is $100. The month you reach this number, and if you have completed the above four steps satisfactorily, your payment will come at the end of the next month.

Example: You reach the threshold in February. At the end of February, Google checks to see who is eligible for a payment. Within a few weeks a Payment Issued statement will appear on your Payment History page informing you your payment has been calculated, processed and sent.

Payment will arrive in March but how long will it take? If your payment choice is:

Standard Delivery check: 1-2 weeks
Secured Express Delivery Check: 5-7 days
EFT: 2-4 days
Western Union Quick Cash: available for pickup the following day at your local agent

If you don’t receive payment 60 days after issued, you may request a reissue.


Secure Your Rewards

Do not let your hard work go unrewarded. Make sure you follow all of the steps when you reach the $10 verification threshold. Then get your creative juices flowing to reach the $100 payment threshold.

If you haven’t reached the verification threshold yet, check your Google account on a regular basis to check for messages on your Payment History page. Google Adsense has very clear instructions and links to help you through this important process.


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kj8 profile image

kj8 7 years ago from Australia

Thanks for the info!

Rose Kolowinski profile image

Rose Kolowinski 7 years ago Author

You are welcome, kj8. Thanks for stopping by!

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

I'll bookmark this one. really good information. We have to read this for new Adsense publisher. I think it will help us get the payment from Google. Just follow this step and "alakazam" we get the money. thanks

Rose Kolowinski profile image

Rose Kolowinski 7 years ago Author

I thought I would point this out for the new Hubbers because it can be a little confusing! Thanks for stopping by Prasetio.

fishtiger58 profile image

fishtiger58 7 years ago from Momence, Illinois

I am bookmarking this hub. I didn't know all this and won't remember if I don't save this. Excellent information and just today matter of fact I went over 10 dollars in google adsense. Thanks for an outstanding hub. So very glad I read this.

Rose Kolowinski profile image

Rose Kolowinski 7 years ago Author

Thanks, fishtiger! You should be getting your postcard soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

vox vocis profile image

vox vocis 6 years ago

Great hub! I just wish I found one like this for users in Germany. Although, I do not reside only in Germany! I should check the tax laws, but I'm confused - for which country!?

Rose Kolowinski profile image

Rose Kolowinski 6 years ago Author

That's a dilemma for sure. Google may have some answers for you. It's worth checking. Thanks for reading and commenting, vox vocis.

2uesday profile image

2uesday 6 years ago

Thank you for this as it was useful for me to check that I had completed the necessary stages even though some are not relevant on UK accounts the other steps were.

Rose Kolowinski profile image

Rose Kolowinski 6 years ago Author

Glad this was of some use to you, 2uesday. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

tiptonite profile image

tiptonite 6 years ago from Leicester, England, UK

Great info. Is EFT a safe and secure method? Always a bit nervous of leaving bank details, especially as I am new to this.

Rose Kolowinski profile image

Rose Kolowinski 6 years ago Author

I use it for many of my financial transactions and I have never had a problem with it. It is fast and easy. But if it makes you nervous, there are always other options. Thanks for stopping by tiptonite.

tiptonite profile image

tiptonite 6 years ago from Leicester, England, UK

Ok thanks Rose...will certainly consider it now.

katrinasui profile image

katrinasui 6 years ago

Thank you so much for these great suggestions. Great hub Rose. Keep up the good work.

Rose Kolowinski profile image

Rose Kolowinski 6 years ago Author

Thanks, Katrina. Your comments are very much appreciated.

Rose Kolowinski profile image

Rose Kolowinski 5 years ago Author

Thank you imperalis. Appreciate your time to read and comment.

Amanda B. 4 years ago

Thank you so much for this; I can't tell you how much it helped me! It made the verifying process so easy and smooth. I really appreciate it, thanks again!

Rose Kolowinski profile image

Rose Kolowinski 4 years ago Author

You are very welcome, Amanda B. I am glad my hub was helpful to you.

DB9PR0 4 years ago

Thanks! I finally found out when my issued cheque would come!

Rose Kolowinski profile image

Rose Kolowinski 4 years ago Author

You are welcome, DB9PRO. Thanks for stopping by.

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