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Now that I have been a member of Hubpages for over a year and a half now, I see a perfectly normal social experiment remain fractiously typical. Let me preface this by stating my gratitude for the amazing work put into this website. As a social medium designed to promote all walks of creative life, sans the opportunity to earn a living wage, Hubpages is a fantastic exposé for the global community. Furthermore, I fully acknowledge how self-promotion is a rather dubious task when looking to gain faithful fans.

I wish to discuss with you how Hubpages proves there will never come a day of complete peace and unanimity among men and women. The awesome power of the internet coupled with absolute marketing genius, Hubpages is taking advantage of a global platform to promote ideal hobbies and interest in an all-inclusive manner. Such inclusion of this project has opened the door for nearly all types of opinions and facts to manifest themselves in menu form. Anyone with a love for poetry has access to request input on their latest work from closet professionals and pseudo intellectuals alike. Anyone with a hankering for political fodder just has to ask the wrong question to receive a virtual floodgate of animosity. This brings me to my point about peace.

I cannot speak for the creators of Hubpages, nor can I assume original intent, however, I can critique the before, the now and the after. Before true social media, individuals with their many interests usually had to be members of local groups or world travelers to share mutual interests. Generally these groups had limited reach no matter how rich or influential. Because the breadth of the sharing was typically specialized and intimately discussed in smaller venues, dissent and heated arguments were atypical. The era of Facebook, MySpace and Hubpages has ushered in vastly radical ideas regarding public exposure of very private matters. Many individuals have lowered their inhibitions with strangers, sharing life experiences that would normally be reserved for spouses or therapists. But something hasn’t happened…

Here on Hubpages the only true requirement is the command of the English language…no, scratch that, the only requirement is that one can write something in English and hit “publish.” Yes, that was meant to be sarcastic, but it really isn’t that far from the truth. While it is a low bar to measure for sure, its simple application offers access to some ~565 million internet users worldwide. That is quite an abundance of available opinion. One need not look beyond the forums to witness the ugly side of uninhibited behavior. What a perfect experiment in global collectivism…hobbies, opinions, passions, professionalism and idiosyncrasies abounding, bottled and ready for dissemination. So why the constant divisiveness?

Acting upon wisdom requires an individual own common sense and knowledge. There is an inner dialogue in which the individual runs down scenario’s that may or may not happen based on given options. Need, desire and selflessness battle with maturity, waging war against the psyche for better pecking order. Every individual has been brought up and raised with life experiences that are not exact in every form; every individual is born on a continent different from 7 others, in a society different from thousands of others, to parents different from billions of others. There are no short roads to unity; moreover, there are no programs in existence to overcome chromosomal complexity. The phrase “I beg to differ” is inherited from my genes.

The naïve never stood an ice cubes chance in the Sahara. When we disagree with those whom are members of our community, share our same religion, our same reproductive rights, our love for family, right on down to the same dreams, how does one expect us to find unity and peace among those with a thousand opposites? Case in point, I have written a fairly diverse number of hubs and have gained followers through supposed like mindedness. I have noticed a number of early followers drop me from their list after I have broadened my palette of planks. To take it a step further, some whom I never received an ill word from have given me the cold shoulder. I see them interacting like all is normal within specific topics we share, though I have yet to understand the silent boycott. Others troll around in packs trying to discombobulate newcomers of a different variety, hoping to discourage an evening of the odds per se.

I conclude with these thoughts. To introduce difference of opinion excites the mind and thus promotes dynamic interaction, growth and attainment of what wasn’t formerly known. By way of attaining new knowledge does not mean instant elevation in superiority nor divine right to abuse those with a different outlook. All members of Hubpages represent what we find in every country, every hamlet, home and mind. Our unity ends after classification of the same species. The next time you read a hub for which you grossly detest, try to remember that the member whom wrote it has billions of reasons why their conclusion is different from yours. Thank you Hubpages, you are perfectly normal in my book.

What is your perspective?

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  • There is nothing similiar between Hubpages and the global community
  • I only read this because someone said there would be milk and cookies
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fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 4 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Jason.....I could sit here for the next hour, trying like heck to come up with an intelligent comment that clearly expresses what I'm thinking.

However, you have said it all so well (damned-near perfectly!) that I'm only are correct, I agree and am voting this up ++++.

Believe me, I would have not a single problem dis-agreeing and explaining WHY, were this the case!

Excellent reading, Jason. Thank you.

SubRon7 profile image

SubRon7 4 years ago from eastern North Dakota

Hey Jason, damn good hub. I didn't vote because I didn't really agree with any. I haven't seen much bad behavior, of course maybe I'm naive. The second one, actually I think we "are" a global community, and the third one was just plain funny! I don't have a real comment because I consider this hub "moderate columnist" material, just something I would read and agree or disagree with but silently.

As for raising hackels, I'm considering writing something about property taxes, as ND is in a battle right now for or against.

Again, good hub!

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 4 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

-Hi fpherj48, thank you for the kind compliment, I have the intention of adding more to this hub, it was late last night and I had to hit “publish” as is. I am sorry you couldn’t find something to disagree with…? thanks for following my work and adding to it. Cheers.

-Mr. James, my faithful friend, you honor me with your ever present consistency. I’m taking suggestions on what to add to the pole responses, if you have a phrase you wish me to add that makes more sense, please send it to me, I will add it.

Property taxes…yep, I believe that would create some hairy discussions. By all means, please voice your disagreement with me. Thank you for always finding a way to contribute or let me know you support the effort, thank friend. Now go write up that nasty tax business. Cheers.

SubRon7 profile image

SubRon7 4 years ago from eastern North Dakota

That's just it, Jason, I have to agree with fpherj48; I don't see anything to disagree with; if I did I would say so. The tax hub is already out there. Actually I've been blogging about it all week, but finally decided to share it with my hubber friends. There likely will be two more, and a fourth still in my head. It's a local battle. I would as soon retire my pen on this issue, but when I see an article or letter-to-the-editor that needs addressing then "I" need to address it.

dino 4 years ago

GREAT hub Jason, just kidding on the vote. Im not familiar enough to give a accurate account. I believe your hub has alot of useful data for hubbers, however when I dont respond its normally because I cant relate maybe that may be the case with others and not boycot(just a thought). Thanks Jason God Bless and have a good day.

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 4 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Hi Dean, thank you for the contribution. I understand your point, let me elaborate upon my mention of Boycott. There are a small handful of Vietnam Vets on Hubpages who I am not naming, but they used to converse with me rather heavily in the beginning and then they stopped cold. Worse yet, they stopped following me and clicked unfollow taking me off of the auto notification. One of them I personally emailed with back and forth. I wasn't the only hubber they did this with, I have traded stories among others under very similar circumstances. I never received any indication as to why the shunning. Oh, well, I respect their service and differences of opinion, I just thought they became rather cliquish.

dino 4 years ago

Hi Jason, sorry,see thats what happens when you stick your opinion in areas you dont have all the info on. I think maybe if they knew the great respect you have and the huge support you give to the military both present and past they might know and appreciate a deaper you. But then again that would be the problem for some of them. Any way thanks for the clarity. Have a great day and God Bless

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 4 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Hi Dean, no worries, It was worth asking and clarifying further. I know I wish I had the time to comment on all the great hubs of those I follow, I at least try to get around and vote up, it isn't a perfect situation but what is? Thanks for your support and comments. God Bless you too.

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 4 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

I'm positive that the entire point of mass media and what passes as "news" in America is to divide, divide, divide the populace along exciting new, and heretofore un dreamed of levels of divisive complexity!!!!

The brightest persons I know - when I tell them why I will never vote for the obomination in the District of Columbia - they then only pick and tear at my reasoning...assuming I'm a Libertarian.

But whatever, I have not faith and no hope in these *cough* "united" States here in America.

I'm still in my month long forum ban for ...not breaking any rules that I know of. I attacked no HP user - but the guy who won a Nobel Peace Prize while then assuming the authority to execute US citizens without trial or jury...much less a crime.

I'm not sure if I should participate in the forums, boycott the forums - but if I knew exactly what the goal of whoever banned me was, I'd do the exact opposite.

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 4 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Hey Wes, I remember you telling me about that, I had forgotten you were banned from the forum. It is amazing that could happen, given some of the hubbers here and their vitriolic and racists remarks, and you are the one to get punished. You must have a special fan…

I’ve read hubs with rampant F-words throughout paragraphs with no possible direction or point to them and yet they remain posted. Having said that, this isn’t a subject I am talking about here, it is the opposite, I am speaking about the normal human inclination to oppose no matter how broad or “evolved” conversations get. Nor am I taking the time to cap on typical modes of divide and conquer, which will come. Your time is almost up, I am sure you will be back to pissing the masses off in no time…Cheers Wes.

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