Increase Site Traffic For Free

Increase Site Traffic For Free

Hello and welcome to this hub on how to : Increase Site Traffic For Free .This hub is a continuation of : Fifty ways to get traffic

Here we will discuss about how to increase traffic to your website for free.Lets first list out the things we are going to see in detail :

  • Bookmarking sites
  • Social networking sites
  • Article marketing
  • Blog commenting
  • Guest posts

1.Bookmarking sites :

Submit one or two web pages to social bookmarking sites like digg, stumble , mixx etc.There are a lot of such sites.Create free account in these sites ans submit the links.

2.Social networking site :

Social networking sites like facebook, myspace etc. can be used to bring in some traffic.Share your website address in these social networking sites.You will notice an increase in traffic very soon.You can also create groups dedicated to your website and create some popularity for your web site.

3.Article marketing :

You can create some articles related to your web site theme(niche) and submit to article directories.They are free to join.So create an account in some article directories and submit articles in them.

Article directories help you gain some decent traffic within very short time.

You can check out this hub which has a list of article directories :

List of article directories

4.Blog commenting : You can post comments in high traffic blogs related to your niche for quick popularity for your web site.

You can also use this add-on (FireFox) called Easy comment

This plug-in will save you time by filling the name , web address and email fields for comment form.

5.Guest post : Create some good articles and send them to bloggers accepting guest posts.

So far we discussed about 5 different methods to increase site traffic for free.

Please do leave me a comment.

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franciaonline profile image

franciaonline 6 years ago from Philippines

Very useful information! Thanks.

creativeMind profile image

creativeMind 6 years ago from Cochin Author


thank you for the comment

onceuponatime66 profile image

onceuponatime66 6 years ago from USA IL

I like your list and I will do as you have written so that I can increase traffic for free to my site.

katyzzz profile image

katyzzz 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

I hope it works, it can be a hard path to follow

htodd profile image

htodd 5 years ago from United States

Thanks for pointing out ,traffic is very important in the success for any business

ajayshah2005 profile image

ajayshah2005 5 years ago from Mid Asia

I am going to try it.Hope, it will work for me.

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