Links, RSS Feed, Forums and Comments in a Hub

This hub will explain some of the lesser known features of HubPages: how to use links, RSS feeds, the use of forums, the question and answer section, and how best to use the comments section. Doing well on HubPages is more than just writing a great article (although writing a great article helps), but there are other tools too that will move a good looking hub to a great looking hub...

Links and RSS Feed

To add a link you can use the link capsule, to add an RSS feed you can use the RSS capsule. You can choose an article to put in the links capsule and it always stays there, but when you put an RSS feed the article that is displayed changes every time the RSS changes. RSS feeds are usually used to follow people’s blogs, but you can also follow someone’s writing on HubPages. You can put your own RSS feed in your own articles and it will always show your last article. To put the RSS feed in your hub, go to your profile, copy the link location into the RSS feed capsule. See the following video for more details.

Forums, Answers and HubMob

Have fun exploring HubPages forums. There are sections where you can ask questions about HubPages and there are also fun sections where you can chat with other HubPages users. You are not allowed to advertise your hubs in the forums section (except for HubMob). You are allowed to say you’ve written a hub about something, but you aren’t allowed to provide the link.

Answers are similar to yahoo answers, you can ask a question about anything. The neat thing about answers is if someone else asks a question you can answer by writing a hub.

Be aware answers and forums are just people’s opinions, you may not get the right answers when you ask a question.

The only time you can share a URL in a forum is when you write a HubMob. The HubMob team post a new topic every Monday and it’s a good way of writing and being seen by other hubbers, and also it’s really good if you have writer’s block. The topics are usually very wide and I usually manage to write at least one every week. There is no limit to the number of HubMobs you can write. There are HubMob rules you must follow, which at first seem complicated, but really they are very easy to follow.

Forums, Answers and HubMob


When you get a comment on your article you have the option to approve or deny the comment. When you see the comment, hover over the person’s name and make sure it is a link to a HubPages profile page and not something else. If it is, you can approve it, but if it links to a different webpage, reject the comment as they are promoting their webpage and not your hub.


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