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Google Analytics, Royalty Free Stock Photos, and Links in your HubPages Articles

Updated on July 16, 2013

Applying for Google Analytics

When once you have a Google Adsense account, apply for Google Analytics. Go to the affiliate settings page and apply for Analytics through the link. If you wait to apply your stats won’t show all of your earnings as it only shows your stats from when you have an account. I had my HubPages account for 3 months before I discovered Analytics, so my Analytics account doesn’t cover my first three months with HubPages..

Adding Pictures

You cannot use Google Images to find your pictures, you have to find your pictures where they are free and many pictures on Google Images are not free to use. The site you write on knows if your pictures are copyright or not, and you are in danger of having your articles pulled or even losing your account if you use photos that are not copyright. Make sure your pictures are public domain, or you have the right to use them.

Here is a large list of public domain images on Wikipedia and some of the sites are in categorizes of art, music, history, etc. Whatever site you use, you still have to read the small print to see if you can use the photos, and give credit where required.

You can of course use your own photographs, and frequently you can illustrate with an Amazon product.

There are some sites, such as iStockPhoto where you can buy the rights to use a photo for as little as $1.

Adding Links to Articles

To add a link within a block of text, go into edit mode, edit the capsule, highlight the text you where you want a link. A box will pop up where you can write a URL, or, if you want to link to one of your own hubs you can choose one from the drop down menu.

You can always use the link capsule if you prefer.

If your link is not HubPages, Amazon or eBay, you are allowed a total of 2 links to any one site.

I’ve demonstrated how to do this in the following video.

Adding a Link to a Hub


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      thanks, i try to add links often

    • Sonali Singh profile image

      Sonali Singh 4 years ago

      Nice hub, I got a good idea on sources from where we can get free images to use on our hubs. Thanks for the informative article.

    • equealla profile image

      equealla 7 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      Very helpful information. Thank you.