My First Experience Wtih Hubpages

My first experience with hubpages started today (January 09, 2011). I started the 100 hubs in 30 day challenge. Now I am working on getting my hubberscore above 75. This is going to prove to be quite the task. I am hoping that by time I hit 100 hubpages I am up there. Then the links become do-follow and I get more juice from them.

Right now I have 4 hubpages up and running. Two of the hubpages are about Twitter and one about marketing. The fourth hubpage is all about making money with online surveys. I think that I have forgone having sex with my wife in order to build more hubs. But, that has to change soon. Because I can not have this take over my entire life.

I have decided to put hubpages in the same category as blogging. I feel that I can make a decent amount of extra money with hubpages and then build backlinks to my blog. Which in turn can bring in more income. Have you tried blogging for money? I really do not believe that there is anything more enjoyable than working at home, for yourself. I just need to find a way to make $1500 per month from the Internet and then the outside job will go bye bye.

This is not completely possible with hubpages by themselves, even though I have read about people making thousands a year with this system. I plan on adding other streams of income along with hubpages. Make them all work together and then I will reach my goal. Just not sure when I will reach it. Lets just try to get to $100 per month by April 2011, this is only hubpage income. This gives me 3 months to complete this goal.

After all, nothing is gained without having a goal set. Some people believe that you need to make goals that will take forever to reach. This way you never stop moving forward. Even though I believe in this strategy I think that you need a short term goal also. This will keep you motivated when you reach it. Because you have crossed a milestone. That is what the 100 hubpages is going to be for me, a milestone. And hopefully it will open up a whole new outlook on making money online. I believe that since this is my 5th hubpage I will easily reach the 100 hubpage goal in less than one month.   


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