One Hundred Thousand Views: A Robwrite Hub Milestone


Hi all.

So, I've hit that magic milestone of 100,000 views on my hubs. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I thought I'd mark the occasion. So let me thanks a few people first...



Steve Lensman


Alecia Murphy






Greensleeves Hubs





...among many others (apologies for those I don't mention by name, but there are over 260 of you.)

A good chunk of these views come from two hubs...

"When the Native American Indians first met the European Settlers", which has 17,000 views.


"Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier: The Greatest Boxing Rivalry Ever" which has 14,000 views.

I don't get as many comments as most people but as long as I'm getting a lot of views, I'll be happy with that.

Also, while I'm in self-promotion mode, I just wanted to say that my first Graphic Novel was just printed up and will be going on sale soon.

So, that's all I had to say. (Keeping it short and sweet)

Thanks to everyone for reading;


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FloraBreenRobison profile image

FloraBreenRobison 4 years ago

Congratulations, Rob!

What an amazing number. Glad to hear your graphic novel is available. Thanks for including me on your list. I have indeed read your hub on Native Americans and found it similar to what is happening in Canada. I read all your movie hubs, even if I haven't seen the film, because I love movies.

princesswithapen profile image

princesswithapen 4 years ago

Congratulations Rob!

That's a fantastic milestone and with the brilliant hubs that you have, you seem to have set a strong foundation for yourself to hit many more bigger milestones.

Congratulations again and here's to many more views, accolades and milestones. Keep us updated on your novel.


Robwrite profile image

Robwrite 4 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY Author

Hi Flora; Good to hear from you. I didn't realize Canada had a similar situation going on. Doesn't the human race ever learn?

I'll let you know when I put my graphic novel on sale.

Thanks for reading my hubs, Flora. Its appreciated.


Robwrite profile image

Robwrite 4 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY Author

Hi Princess; Thanks for the nice fan mail you sent. I appreciate the kind words.

Thanks for following my hubs,


princesswithapen profile image

princesswithapen 4 years ago

Rob, you are an established personality here at HubPages and deserve the appreciation. Pleasure to follow your hubs. The next milestone that you must target is 1m views. Like I said earlier, with the foundation that you have set for yourself, 1m views is not a long shot if you keep at it. Again, well done on a fantastic milestone!


Marlin 55 profile image

Marlin 55 4 years ago from USA

Rob, congratulations. I can't think of anyone more than you that deserves this milestone. Your reviews have always been great and accurate. And always with some surprise information for me. I know that one-million mark will be here before you know it and a long list of followers and fans. Congratulations again!

Robwrite profile image

Robwrite 4 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY Author

Hi Marlin; Thanks for the kind words and I appreciate your being a regular reader of my hubs. I don't know if I'll ever reach a million views but I would love to be a million-seller novelist.

Great to hear from you and thanks for reading,


Steve Lensman profile image

Steve Lensman 4 years ago from London, England

Wahay! Congrats on reaching 100k views Rob! I'm still a long way off that magic number. Well done amigo.

I know you're a huge movie buff which is your most viewed movie hub? My most viewed currently is Fritz Lang's Metropolis followed by Tod Browning's Freaks, surprisingly.

Keep up the good work. Voted Up and Awesome!

Robwrite profile image

Robwrite 4 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY Author

Hi Steve; Good to hear from you.

My two most popular films hubs are "The Interpretation of Native American Indians in Hollywood Films" which has 3,500 views, and the other is "The Expendables and the History of Action Films" which has 950 views.

I appreciate your reading and commenting on my hubs. Thanks,


Cogerson profile image

Cogerson 4 years ago from Virginia

Congrats on the 100K, congrats on your two very popular hubs, and a special congrats on your graphic novel that is being published. You should do a hub on that and include a link for your loyal followers to purchase the novel. I look forward to that as well as helping you reach 200K, 500K and 1 million. Good well done, my friend.

Robwrite profile image

Robwrite 4 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY Author

Hi Bruce;

Great to hear from you. I'll let everyone know when my graphic novel is available. I hope people like it. (I originally had it published as a short story and it went over pretty well.)

I always appreciate your rearing my hubs and your comments. Thanks,


epigramman profile image

epigramman 4 years ago

..a heartfelt congratulations Rob - it couldn't happen to a nicer and more talented guy like you - been busy with my music/film group at Facebook - 151 in three weeks and having a lot of fun - the door will always be open to you there - will look for a good post from one of your hubs here to add at the group with a direct link back here

lake erie time 1:18pm

Robwrite profile image

Robwrite 4 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY Author

Hi Colin; Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I just signed up to join your facebook group today so you'll be seeing me there.

Thanks for stopping by and for the good thoughts,


Jools99 profile image

Jools99 4 years ago from North-East UK

Wow Rob, 100,000 views is amazing - I recently hit the giddy heights with 10,000 views and I was dead chuffed with that. Your hubs are always interesting and well written and are a pleasure to read. Well Done on this great achievement! Also congrats on your graphic novel, you work very hard!!

Robwrite profile image

Robwrite 4 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY Author

HI Jools; Thanks. I appreciate your reading my stuff regularly.

Great to hear from you,


Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 4 years ago from Orlando, FL

Congrats on 100K Rob!! Wishing you many, many more views and hubs!!

Robwrite profile image

Robwrite 4 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY Author

Hi Sunshine; Thanks. I appreciate the thoughts.

Good to hear from you,


Greensleeves Hubs profile image

Greensleeves Hubs 4 years ago from Essex, UK

Many many congrats on reaching 100,000 visits Rob (and thanks for giving me a mention too!). I'm about a quarter of the way to that total so a long way to go yet.

Hope the number of comments increases, because I feel nothing boosts the confidence so much as nice comments. I for one should visit pages more and comment more - I think I'm a bit guilty of spending too much time on my own hubs and not enough on supporting others.

But to redress that, I will be making an effort shortly to visit the two hubs you mention which both sound interesting to me.

Hope the graphic novel is successful (what is a graphic novel?), and best wishes for the next 100,000.

All the best. Alun

Robwrite profile image

Robwrite 4 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY Author

Hi Greensleeves; Good to hear from you. Thanks for the good wishes. I hope you enjoy those hubs when you read them.

As for a graphic novel, it's basically an illustrated story.

Thanks for stopping by,


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