One or Two HubPages accounts? Seeing Double


To split or not to split, that is the question

I’d thought about it before, about creating two subdomains for the two different types of hubs I write. It’s not because I’m a Gemini, although come to think of it, maybe it is indirectly.

On one hand, I write hubs on cooking, decorating, travel and my country of adoption: France. It’s fun, and part of the reason I signed up was to have some fun with writing. On the other hand, I’ve got hubs on nature and environment-related topics, which are to some degree an extension of the scientific vulgarization I do as an off-line writer and translator. I want to be sure my clients can easily find the latter, and I didn't feel that was the case.

Can't please everyone

In addition, soon after I started writing hubs it occurred to me that some of the vegetarians who read my nature hubs might be offended (no doubt rightly so) to find a lamb-stuffed breadloaf recipe alongside the video of wild alpine ibex that won me the 2012 hubbie award for most awesome hub. Similarly, folks who would otherwise enjoy my recipes might not find an article on sexual selection in peacocks (forthcoming) to their “taste.” I got to thinking it might be a good idea to separate topics by niches or at least families of niches.

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Potential dilemmas

I can already see how having two accounts could create dilemmas. For instance, would I put a hub about why I avoid eating tuna under the food/decorating account or the nature/environment account? And where does my recently plagiarized hub on the St. Tropez Butterfly Museum fit in?

For a while, the complexity of splitting up hubs was dissuasion enough to keep me from doing it. Besides, I like having all that variety in one place, and I see other hub authors who do a wonderful job of combining food and nature topics.

Adult Male "Phidippus mystaceus"
Adult Male "Phidippus mystaceus" | Source

The new HubPages profile

Then came the new HubPages profile design. It’s cute as a bug (or rather a spider, my favorite being jumping spiders, no joke, see right). But it only lists the most recent hubs and therefore doesn’t give an accurate overview of the variety of hubs an author writes.

For instance, during the HubPages cookbook contest (really fun, you should try it next time), all I wrote for a whole month was recipe hubs. If I’d had the new profile page at the time, all anyone who visited it would have seen were recipes. Plus, I have a whole bunch more waiting to go. That’s fine and dandy if someone discovers my profile page because they like a recipe and wanted to look for more. But what about someone who landed there from my hub on the reintroduction of European vultures?

Granted, the new profile page has the nifty featured hub slideshow. I could, for instance, feature 2 recipes, 2 nature & 2 travel hubs. But on Internet all decisions to look further are made at first glance. Will people have time to guess that the “Show” button actually means “By Category?” Will clients?

I did have a reassuring conversation with Relache during her stay in Paris. She took a philosophic approach to the profile change, not surprising for someone who dabbles in alchemy, the art of reaching for perfection in all things. In her matter of fact way, she said she figured the team at HubPages knew what they were doing, and since there wasn’t much we could do about it anyway, we might as well roll with it or split. So split is what I decided to do, though not in the sense she meant it.

What would you do in my shoes?

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Doing the splits: Letitialicious

At last I decided to create a second HubPages account: Letitialicious. As you may have guessed, Letitialicious focuses on recipes and decorating, my hobbies. I may gradually transfer all of my recipe and decorating hubs over to it. LetitiaFT will continue to reflect my professional interests, i.e. natural history. The idea is to split travel and France up between the two with, for instance, the Monaco Aquarium remaining under LetitiaFT and a hub on where to buy gifts in Paris (forthcoming) under Letitialicious. Another possibility would be to simply put recipes on Letitialicious, and all the rest on LetitiaFT.


I need to decide for sure before it’s too late to turn back. Plus, I have a plethora of recipes waiting to go and I don’t want to publish them before I’ve made that decision. Double plus, it’s holding me back on my 30 hub challenge!

So I’d love to hear from people who have more than one account, or simply an opinion about splitting up hubs. Especially, I’d like to know why.

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LetitiaFT profile image

LetitiaFT 4 years ago from Paris via California Author

Hi AMFredenburg, I've wavered back and forth over the months since I created my second account and published this, but I've just decided to go full forward with it and see what happens. Some of my most popular hubs, Deep Dark Chocolate Cake and Provence Style 1 really belong on the other account I created, but already rank high with Google and the latter was copied by a Russian site so that now, if I tried to move it, Google would think I'M the one who copied it! If you want to build two sites, it's best to do it from the start. Only thing is, it takes a long time to build a following, and building a following for two sites takes, well, twice as long...

AMFredenburg profile image

AMFredenburg 4 years ago from Southwestern New Hampshire

I'm way too new to consider this right now, but I think it's a good idea, for all the reasons you mention. It makes perfect sense to have more than one writing persona.

LetitiaFT profile image

LetitiaFT 4 years ago from Paris via California Author

Hi Prairie Princess. I think a lot of people wonder about it. I tried for a long time to find out more about it, asking questions, scouring the forums and other hubs because I know a lot of people do have multiple hubs. It seems it's a very hush hush matter. I'll be happy to share my experience once it's grown. For the moment I can say it's slow going. P.S. Thanks for your support, here and on Letitialicious!

prairieprincess profile image

prairieprincess 4 years ago from Canada

Very interesting! I have thought about doing that, too, and I can definitely see the advantages of having a more specialized profile. Maybe you could write sometime and let us know how it works out. Great hub!

LetitiaFT profile image

LetitiaFT 4 years ago from Paris via California Author

I'm moving forward with Letitialicious and just published a few recipes there over the last couple of days. We'll see how it goes. No doubt I'll do a hub about it once I've been doing it for a while.

Claudia Tello profile image

Claudia Tello 4 years ago from Mexico

I do understand your points. All the best with the split and the new Letitialicious! I would love to read your thoughts and experience with the split once you´ve done it and worked that way for a while!

LetitiaFT profile image

LetitiaFT 4 years ago from Paris via California Author

Thanks Vespawoolf. I have a very wise, successful friend who told me once the key to her success was to decide quickly and to change her mind slowly. I know she's right.

PS I'm glad you too have a thing for jumping spiders and other assorted creepy crawlers!

vespawoolf profile image

vespawoolf 4 years ago from Peru, South America

I think splitting was a great idea, and that your other account should be dedicated to recipes and decorating. But who am I to say, really? I only have one account. I laughed out loud at your fear that a vegetarian might be offended by the lamb-stuffed breadloaf recipe alongside the video of a wild alpine ibex! BTW, I also think the jumping spider is cute. As a child, I pored over books about insects and still find them fascinating to this day. So I look forward to your upcoming hubs in both accounts. And I'll be especially happy to have more of your delightful French recipes!

LetitiaFT profile image

LetitiaFT 4 years ago from Paris via California Author

I'm not quite sure what you mean, Routledge, but I'd like to understand, because I mean to start a blog on less commercial topics once I've learned more about online writing here at hubpages.

P.S. your profile pic is irresistable.

LetitiaFT profile image

LetitiaFT 4 years ago from Paris via California Author

I didn't know that Routledge. Thanks for clarifying. It makes sense. But is that something Google might change, leaving us high and dry with multiple subjects on one subdomain? They do work in mysterious ways.

There is also the problem of reader perception. With my example, I publish a ton of recipes, but they're the potatoes, not the meat of what I write. However with the new profile page, with the exception of the featured hubs carrousel, you can't see the meat for the potatoes. There's no way to give more weight to the weightier topics. Does that make sense?

LetitiaFT profile image

LetitiaFT 4 years ago from Paris via California Author

Hi Claudia! It's great to see you again. The new HubPages profile does allow you to feature hubs, which is terrific. It looks really spiffy. However the listing below is presented only in order, and when you do a whole lot of hubs about a subject, in my case it was cooking (and I've got more to come) it looks like that's all I do. Even if someone sees that you do other work, it's hard for them to locate more of similar work.

As for managing from one account, it's not possible, unfortunately, and is one of the very reasons I'm waivering. To transfer hubs, you have to track down copies out there in cyberspace and get rid of them, then delete your hubs, then wait for HubPages and more importantly Google to recognize they've been deleted, then post them again on your preferred subdomain.

Routledge profile image

Routledge 4 years ago

The reason for blogs being niche is that you do not post enough content to get highly ranked. Hub Pages takes care of that.

LetitiaFT profile image

LetitiaFT 4 years ago from Paris via California Author

Hi aa lite. You know, I'm still undecided as to how to proceed. Routledge's comment is reassuring on the google front, presuming we reach 50 hubs on a subject, but like you I feel funny about it still.

Routledge profile image

Routledge 4 years ago

It works on the basis that, if you have 50 articles about ice fishing and 50 on water skiing.

Google sees a good website with 50 related articles on ice fishing that are linked to each other and to other websites about the topic with higher ranks. It recognizes you as a valid source of info on that topic.

It also sees you as a source for water skiing. It doesn't, however, look and go...This person cannot know about both Ice fishing and water skiing. Therefore they will rank lower.

One account is good!

Claudia Tello profile image

Claudia Tello 4 years ago from Mexico

Very interesting points Letitia. Although I can´t really say what is my opinion at this stage, I have read your hub with interest as I have pretty much the same indecisions in my mind.

On the other hand, I thought the new Hubpages profile page lets you chose the hubs that are going to be displayed in the profile.... (as opposed to the most recent ones). I haven´t even made that change! I would also consider if the split lets you manage everything from the same account (make things easier) and if the hubs are really transferable from one profile to another (I´m not so sure on those issues either). Guess I´ll follow your hub to see what others have to say as well.

aa lite profile image

aa lite 4 years ago from London

I guess you've decided to split, since I see you have an alt (as extra characters in the online gaming world are called).

It's probably a good decision, not only for the people side of things, but also Google. I have always heard people say that having hubs on a variety of topics doesn't seem to hurt subdomains, and I think it is true, but it always made me uneasy. With blogs you are always advised to focus on a niche.

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