What kind of Goals should new Hubbers set, and the difference between realistic and unrealistic goals


On this hub, i will talk about the basic goals that a New Hubber, or any Hubber should set when writing articles. Also i will talk about realistic and unrealistic goals, and how you should match yourself against other Hubbers.

My story as a hubber.

So first let me explain where i come from, and my original goals, and how I am doing so far.

Initially when I joined Hubpages over a year ago i thought i would use it to make a lot of money. Then I put it off for about 11 months and wrote my first hub back in September. I don't know what made me start, but i had the ambition and hopes of making that $50.00 a day that i saw some people talking about on the forums. So initially i set that as my goal, and started writing. I wrote about 11 hubs throughout the month on various topics, and then sat and watched. I got about an average of about 40 views a day for about a month, which to me didn't seem to bad until i realized i was making 4-10 cents a day. So i started to give up.

Come late November, early December I found a new Niche, and that was writing about A video game Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3. I wrote a view guides, and watched my views start to increase. By the end of December of this past year i noticed i was at about 200 views a day, which for me i thought was incredible.

Starting in January i really took the initiative to start writing a lot about Modern Warfare 3 and see if i could increase my views to 500 a day. I hit that mark with flying colors after only a few guides.. So then i kept increasing my goal by 100, and kept hitting it dead on. As i write more hubs i continue to get increasing more views, on other Hubs and the new ones that I am writing.

So my Goal initially was $50.00 a day when is started. After only making about $.40cents my first month i almost gave up. I was fairly annoyed, and figured that i would never be able to earn any income off of this website. But once i started increasing my views i decided iwould set a realistic goal. First it was $.50 cents a day. I figured at $.50 cents a day that would make me $15.00 a month, and would allow me to be happy and get good results. Once i hit my $.50 cents a day mark i doubles it. I decided now i would shoot for $1.00 a day, and at $30.00 a month, or $360.00 a year, that would be worth my time sharing my knowledge.

Now that i have hit my $1.00 a day mark, it is safe for me to move on to my next goal. I am now looking at $2.00 a day. Now I feel that as long as i keep producing fairly decent articles, gaining popularity, and continuing to work on my old Hubs that should not be to hard of a problem either.

So now below is where i will talk about the goals a new hubber, or a hubber should make in order to be happy.

Goals of a New Hubber

As a new hubber your natural thought, and mine was, that I was going to be making $50.00 a day. Well... That is not going to happen right away. Keep in mind that I have put a LOT of effort into my hubs and have spent a lot of time writing hubs, that i have finally made it to my $1.00 a day mark.

A new hubber should go into this with the thought process of maybe shooting for NO MORE than $.50 cents a day to start. This will allow you to have a realistic goal. If your goal is any higher than a dollar a day and you have less than 20 hubs, you are setting an unrealistic goal.

Your only goal as a hubber should be to increase traffic in the beginning. The more traffic the more money. So you should get familiar with Ping sites. You should learn how to use backlinks to increase traffic on your hubs. You should focus on using other sites to promote your hubs like, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. As for me i don't use any of those third party sites, and i do not do much more than Backlinks, and PIng my hubs once in a while. I know i could increase a lot more traffic by using other sites, but for now, i am solely trying to see what i can do with just HUbpages.

Now to be a happy new hubber you want to see income. But a lot of work is involved with making good income from here. Notice that big hubbers have 1,500+ articles written. If you have that many articles written, then yes chances are you will be making very good income from here. But with 50 articles, and less than 50 followers, you are not going to make good incomes. So please also keep that in mind when approaching how to judge your goals.

Overall the more realistic your goals, the happier you will be when you reach them. If you set a $50.00 a day goal, and only make $5.00 a day, then you will not be happy and will not be satisfied. But if you are setting a $.50 cents a day, and keep increasing it over time, when you are making your $5.00 a day, you will be extremely satisfied, and very happy.

So moral of the story. You should not be worried about trying to make as much money as possible. You should focus more on trying to help new hubbers, and increase the general populations knowledge on your special expertise, and over time you will gain a fan base, and people will read your articles. And hopefully you will be able to earn sufficient income to make yourself happy. But keep in mind this is a long battle and will take you a lot of time to reach your goals, so be patient, and do this to have fun.

Amount of Hubs

Something i would also like to mention is the amount of hubs one should attempt to set goals for. If you looked at the forums back in December you would have noticed there were a few categories that listed how many Hubs will you write in 2012. And i saw numbers from 1 a day, to 1 a week, to goals of 100 hubs in the year.

From my point of view, in the past few days i have done a hub a day, just because i had stuff to write about. But my overall goal is 2 per week, so that i can hit 100 in the year. That is a safe realistic goal. If you are trying to write 1000 hubs in a year you will easily run out of things to write, and the quality of your hubs can suffer. Your main goal should be quality over quantity. People are going to want to read hubs that are interesting and make good points of view, over hubs that are fast written, sloppy, and make no sense. So keep in mind that if you write 100 A+ hubs in a year that is better than 1000 D+ hubs in a year, and i think anyone could agree that will help you a lot better in the long run.

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somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

My goals are to write interesting and thought provoking articles designed to stimulate the mind. I have written about 40 Hubs, have about 7,500 viewers, about 100 followers.

Of my 40 hubs 26 are over a 100 viewers two are over a thousand, one has won an award, one is listed on page one of Google search and one has over 2,000 viewers.

Yet I still haven't cleared the fifty dollar mark to start making any money of course I have been writing for only 4 months.

My goal is to write over a 100 in a year and see where I'm at after that, I'm not in it for money or fame just to spread my unique perspective of the world with the sheeple!

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Thats something i forgot the amount of hubs..... Hmm im going to have to make a revision. But id say stick with it.. I am going to hit my 20,000th view tomorrow, and am finally seeing success, i try to write articles that will help fellow gamers, and now trying to branch off and explore my writing talents.

Thank you again for that comment, originally i wanted to write about the amount of hubs, but it skipped my mind.

Joelipoo profile image

Joelipoo 5 years ago from Ohio

Thank you for providing a realistic approach to viewing our writing and goals. I am having fun writing, so it's not a big deal. I wouldn't mind seeing it pay off a little at some point though. Voted up and useful.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

I used to hate writing, but hubpages has allowed me to start having fun while writing.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 5 years ago

John it's funny but our stories are fairly similar. I started on Hub Pages a little under a year ago and wanted to see what if it really worked. I initially used it for backlinking but didn't see much traffic and Adsense income was nill.

Then at the beginning of the year I renewed my conviction and decided to write some more Hubs. Not for the money but because I enjoy writing. I have switched what I write about and this month alone have increased my number of views a day to almost 200. Before I was lucky if I got 40 views a day.

I also signed up for the Hub Adprogram and that has increased my earnings from my Hubs drastically. Ok I am not making a lot of money, nor do I expect to for a while yet, as I am earning approximately 25 cents a day.

I realise I need to focus on what I know and increase the number of quality Hubs I have to earn anywhere near the dollar amounts a day you discuss in your Hub.

Glad to see it's not just me!

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Well just keep with it. Like i said i almost gave up in November. Now i am more than satisfied making $1.00 a day (lol i know a dollar), but it is nice to see income for the hard work. But overall i am pleased with Hubpages, as it is fun, and the community is pretty good as well.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 5 years ago

Yeah can't complain, there's no Boss at Hubpages breathing down your neck etc. It's all on you.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Yah that's honestly my favorite part, being able to participate at my own leisure.

guerrykathy profile image

guerrykathy 5 years ago

Thanks for the informative article-I'm new and it is a bit overwhelming searching through all the info.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Your welcome, it can get overwhelming but you will soon learn, we all went through the same process.. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

guerrykathy 5 years ago

If you don't mind my asking, I do have one question. I have read that it is very easy to have your work stolen on such sites as HubPages. Have you had any experience with this and is therr a way to protect your material once it is published online? thanks

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Well, technically anyone can copy and paste. Now with over 50,000 views my work has never been stolen to date, and i do check through online websites that will crosss reference your info with other sites. But i will say if your work is stolen, google does a good job taking the site down, or info down.

guerrykathy profile image

guerrykathy 4 years ago

Thanks, that is reassuring.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Your welcome, glad it helped.

mom4autism profile image

mom4autism 4 years ago from Northeast U.S.

Thank you for this great article - it really helps put into perspective this whole process. Voted up and shared.

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

It 's interesting to see the first comment from five months ago and realize that now that I have more than doubled my output of Hub articles, that I have more than tripled my number of page views.

With 88 hubs, over 25,500 page views and my first payout of $55.67 I'm now closing in on 100 in less than a year.

Of my 88 articles only 9 are lower than 100 page views while 12 are over 500 (from 500 to 2,500), but the majority (67) are in between.

Hub Forth!

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

@Mom4Autism - Thank you, and Glad you enjoyed. I know when I wrote this a LONG time ago it was solely because of ALL the questions, and forum posts I saw of "How much can I make" and "Am I making enough", so I wanted to share my perspective on my initial thoughts and where I was then. Now I have progressed further, and continue increasing my views each week. Thank you for reading again, and enjoying.

@Somthgblue - It is very nice to see that you are progressing on as a Hubber. I feel some lose track of how they are doing compared to a while back because they did not write down, or have any remembrance of what their account was at when they started. I truly believe now as well the more effort you put in the better things look, and hope that things will continue to move forward for me, and for every hubber who puts that effort in to move forward. I think that while its not easy to make money here, with effort and time it also is not hard. Thank you for commenting again, and I hope you the best of luck.

writing online profile image

writing online 4 years ago from Jakarta

I have started my new hubs but all my articles don't generate traffic . I think I just want to get to be an active hubbers to leave comment and look for followers

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Yah, Whatever works for each hubber.. Just don't get discouraged, all work eventually pays off, and sometimes it is just hard in the beginning.

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