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Why am I suddenly being flagged as too promotional?

Revising old Hubs and adding some new links following the Amazon prompt on the popup window. Not too many -- maybe a half dozen in a 1,500-word Hub. Now when I go to say I'm "done editing" I'm getting a warning that it contains too many affiliate links and may be flagged as too promotional and removed by a moderator. My Hubs are substantive and not sales forms so I'm not sure what's what or what this is about.

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Kevin Galarneau (kgala0405) says

4 years ago
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TaxNerd says

4 years ago
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    Faith T. (webdesignerfaith) 4 years ago

    I don't understand why you can promote amazon/ebay products here but if you promote something else it's marked as "commercial" lol, it doesn't make sense to me.