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Why are the comments for only one hub not showing up?

After getting an influx of spam comments, I took the advice of other hubbers in the forum and changed my comment settings. I published a hub after that and realized after a day or so neither another hubber's comment nor my reply to is showed up. I could see in the capsule that there were 2 comments. I went into edit mode and changed things. I even went back to the global comment settings and changed them back to "factory settings:" all put to configure per hub. But alas, still no comments showing up, and they were both approved by me.

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Lauryallan says

4 years ago
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    Stephanie Bradberry (StephanieBCrosby) 4 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestion. Of course the obvious happened. After posting the question (and a few days of trying to find out what was wrong previously) the problem corrected itself a few hours after posting this question.