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Why have my views suddenly slumped?

Last month I opted out of the HubPages ad programme, to see what difference it would make to my earnings. Whether the ad programme would perform better than just adsense. I quickly saw a massive reduction, both in traffic and earnings, so opted back in to the ad programme. My hub traffic doesn't seem to have recovered at all. Previously I could expect anywhere from 20-50 views a day. Since I opted out and back in again, I'm lucky to get 2! Has anyone else had any experience of this?

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Sapper says

4 years ago
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Canon Camera Guy says

4 years ago
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    Sapper 4 years ago

    You write about one specific topic only. It's more likely that your changes in traffic are related to algorithm changes than ads.

    All of your hubs are fairly new, they are going to go up and down. But, don't believe me, I really don't care.