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How do I drop kick my hubs into income producing material?

been on here 3 years and don't make even 70 cents a month with my hubs. there is no cross flow, no regular quota of visitors, If I don't re- edit my hubs every week, I cannot even get 10 hits a week. that's sorry! I have some good quality hubs. MOJ

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Robbie C Wilson says

21 months ago
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    Oscar Jones (Oscarlites) 21 months ago

    yes many of my hubs are occupational related. I do have them interlinked. The big issue is that I do not feel my hubs are on main street internet, USA 2015; and if you aren't interested in making money, this seems to be the place! frustrated!

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Oscar Jones (Oscarlites) says

21 months ago
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  • Robbie C Wilson 21 months ago

    Ah, I look at HubPages purely as a hobby and creative outlet and any money I get is a bonus. If you want to make money, you will need to set up either your own blog or website.