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Is it just me? Or are we seeing a lot more travel ads on HP?

I am beginning to see a lot of ads in my feed. Oh, I am used to seeing a few, maybe one every week or so. But recently, I am seeing two or more almost every day. Invariably this new influx is from India. I don't know why they think I want to go to their gym, or stay at their hotel, or eat at their favorite restaurant. Just a note to these people, I don't read them, I block the person, forever. DON

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M. T. Dremer says

18 months ago
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quicksand says

18 months ago
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Linda F Correa (linfcor) says

18 months ago
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Glenis Rix says

17 months ago
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    Glenis Rix 17 months ago

    P.S. The banner ad that I mentioned above just appeared against my comment box - so clearly ads are tailored to our search history.